A Facebook Live video is a real-time streaming video broadcast from your profile or page to your followers or friends on the social media platform, allowing you to connect with them in an interactive way. It’s an effective way to engage viewers and share content in an engaging manner, while also providing insights into your brand or product offerings, as well as giving followers a behind-the-scenes look at what you’re up to.

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What are the Benefits of Facebook Live Videos?

There are several benefits associated with using live videos on Facebook, including increased engagement levels, improved reach and visibility among followers, and a better understanding of customer needs and preferences through direct interaction with viewers during the broadcast session. Additionally, live videos can help build trust between you and your followers by providing transparency into your operations or activities, as well as helping establish credibility by showing that you’re active and engaged in your industry or niche area of expertise.

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How to Create a Successful Facebook Live Video?

To create a successful live video broadcast on Facebook there are several key steps you should take beforehand; these include deciding on the topic/theme of the broadcast (which should be related to your business/brand), writing out a script if necessary (this can help ensure you stay on track), preparing any visuals needed (graphics, images etc.), setting up any equipment required (camera/microphone etc.), testing all audio/visual elements prior to going live and scheduling the broadcast in advance so that followers know when it will occur (this can also help increase viewership). Once all these steps have been taken care of, simply hit “go live” when ready!

Tips for Creating Engaging Content with Facebook Live Videos In addition to following the steps outlined above, there are several tips which can help make sure your broadcasts remain engaging throughout; these include keeping things short & sweet (no more than 30 minutes per video), interacting with viewers during the session (answering their questions etc.), encouraging viewers to comment & share their thoughts (this helps build engagement) and making sure all audio/visual elements are working correctly before going live (to avoid technical issues mid-broadcast). Additionally, it’s important to remember that consistency is key - aim for regular broadcasts at least once per week if possible! Additionally, consider using polls during broadcasts – this allows viewers to provide feedback & opinions which can be used in future broadcasts or campaigns.

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What Types of Content Can be Shared via Facebook Live Videos?

The types of content which can be shared via live videos vary greatly depending upon what type of business/brand you have; however some popular examples include product demonstrations & reviews, Q&A sessions with customers/followers, behind-the-scenes looks at operations/activities within your company or interviews with special guests related to your industry etc.. Additionally consider hosting contests & giveaways during broadcasts – this can help increase viewership & engagement levels significantly!

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How Long do Facebook Live Videos Last?

Generally speaking most live broadcasts will last anywhere from 5 minutes up to around 30 minutes; however this largely depends upon what type of content is being shared as well as how many people are actively engaged during the session itself – longer broadcasts may require additional planning & preparation beforehand in order to keep viewers interested throughout!


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Do Facebook Live Videos Save Automatically?

Unfortunately no – after each broadcast has ended all footage must be manually saved by either downloading it directly from within the platform itself or by re-uploading it onto another hosting service such as YouTube etc.. This means that if any footage isn’t saved then it will be lost forever!


As we have seen there are numerous benefits associated with using live videos on social media platforms such as increased engagement levels & improved reach among followers

– however creating successful broadcasts requires careful planning & preparation beforehand in order to ensure they remain engaging throughout their duration! For those who need assistance getting started we suggest getting in contact with Galaxy Marketing who specialize in creating effective social media campaigns that include utilizing facebook lives videos!

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Q: Do I need special equipment for my facebook lives videos?

A: No – most smartphones come equipped with built-in cameras & microphones which should suffice for basic broadcasts; however if you plan on doing more advanced streams then investing in additional equipment such as external microphones or lighting rigs may be necessary depending upon what type of content you plan on sharing!

Q: Will my facebook lives videos save automatically after each broadcast ends?

A: Unfortunately no – once each session has ended all footage must be manually saved either directly from within the platform itself or by re-uploading onto another hosting service such as YouTube etc.. This means that if any footage isn’t saved then it will be lost forever!

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