Not being able to log into Facebook can be irritating. Can’t log into Facebook? Do not worry and keep reading the article. The problem of not being able to log in can be due to various reasons. Once you find out the reasons, you will never face the same difficulty again. Today, we will tell you the causes and solutions for logging into Facebook.

What Are The Reasons why we can't log into Facebook?

As said earlier, there can be various causes. You might have forgotten your login details or your password. In either of the cases, you can’t log into Facebook. However, there is no reason to panic as we are here to help you. Let us list some of the reasons due to which you can’t log into Facebook.

1) Login Details: If you enter the wrong login details, you can’t use your Facebook. It is important to enter the correct details so that Facebook can allow you to access your account. If you have trouble remembering the details, make sure to write them somewhere to use in the future.

2) Incorrect Password: At times, you don’t remember your password and can’t log into Facebook. Not having the correct password can make it difficult to log into Facebook.

3) Hacking: If you can’t log into Facebook even after trying so many times, someone must be trying to hack your account. In this case, you need to change your password immediately to save your account from being hacked.

Can’t log into Facebook
Can't Log Into Facebook: Follow the Steps 4

How to Log Into Facebook?

Now, you have read the reasons that might be responsible for the trouble you are facing while logging into the account. It’s time to understand the whole recovering procedure. It might sound like a big deal but believe me, it is not. There is a simple procedure that can be followed by anyone. Within few minutes, you will be able to log into Facebook.

There are different ways to recover the Facebook account. We will go through them one by one. The different ways are given below:

Check Your Logging Status

Sometimes it happens that you are logged into your account but due to some problem you can’t access it. If you use the account on multiple devices, check all the devices that you used recently. If you are not logged in to your laptop, check your smartphone. Now, if you have an active status on your smartphone, you can change your password from there and recover the account.

Follow the following steps to change your password:

  • First, you need to go to the setting option.
  • Tap on the security and login option that is present on the left corner of the screen.
  • After that, you will see many options over there. Under the login tab, you will see the option to change the password.
  • Click on the edit option button for changing the password.
  • Next, you need to follow the instructions to change your password.
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Once you go through the following steps, you can easily log in to the account.

Can’t log into Facebook
Can't Log Into Facebook: Follow the Steps 5

Use the Account Recovery Option

If you have forgotten your account, the best option is to use the forgotten account option while logging in. Click on the “forgotten account” option. Once you click, you will reach the account recovery screen. There you will have to fill in your Gmail or phone number that might be associated with the account. After that, you will see many accounts. Choose the account that is yours and then enter the password. If you are not able to remember your password, click on “forgot password” and follow the instructions to reset the password.

Hurray! You can easily recover your account now. If you want to regain more likes and comments on your posts, the organic way might be stressful. Try taking help online and become popular on social media.