In this world of social media, no one is actually far. You can any time of the day and at any place can get in touch with your friends and family. Even you can make more friends online on such apps as Facebook. Find different people. Add people through mutuals and start talking. But a common confusion about one question always arises. It is about of course “can you have messenger without Facebook.” Mainly it is the messenger app that allows you to get connected with different people online through Facebook. Talking and chatting freely is what makes this app so special. Usually interacting through chatting is the secondary thing on normal social media apps. You can try it for yourself. But in Facebook or the messenger app, it is the main specialty.

To be honest it is pretty evident to see that it was Facebook that revolutionized the whole online chatting thing. There was hardly any app before Facebook that did the same thing. Also, a lot of apps came after the introduction of it but none is even comparable to Facebook to be fair. The smoothness of the app is incomparable. But the main thing is that with the evolution of the app and introduction of new features things might have gotten a bit confusing as for that matter. Especially with the introduction of the messenger as a separate app connected to Facebook has made a lot of people ask about “can you have messenger without Facebook.”

Can you have messenger without Facebook

Is it possible to use the messenger app without Facebook?

Complications happen when people do not explore things and apps by themselves. Understanding such apps need a bit of exploration from the end of users. But do not worry. Because this tutorial got you covered well with your query. Just read and try to understand. The main reason behind this query is the space such apps use. These apps are heavy and in a 4GB ram or a 2GB ram phone they might lag. Storage issues I think are faced by almost everyone. But do not worry if you use Facebook just for interacting and chatting then you can use the messenger app even without Facebook. Messenger is the main app for chatting. While Facebook is more for other things like posts, stories, games, etc.

Can you have messenger without Facebook

Some people use Facebook only to chat. That is why they can simply just have the messenger app installed on their phone and can delete the Facebook app. Save the space where you can so to say. However, you need to know that you can only use the messenger app without Facebook under one important condition. This condition is of having a Facebook account before. You would see that while logging in to your messenger app. It would ask about your Username and Password. This Username and Password is of your Facebook account. If somehow you do not have a Facebook account then you can not use the two apps separately.

So it is better to install the app or just browse it on the browser. Luckily both ways work. simply make your account on Facebook. Close the tabs or delete the app if you want to. Now put your Username and your Password in the login section. Once you do that you get into the app. Now you are longer in need of having the Facebook app on your phone. Now you can talk to your family and friends without any trouble. Enjoy your time, relax and make new connections.

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