A step-by-step guide to use Facebook Business Manager
A step-by-step guide to use Facebook Business Manager 14

Are your Facebook Pages and Ad Accounts still managed from your personal account? Although that's perfectly fine if you run your own small business on a one-handed basis, the same is not true if you work with a team. Sharing logins opens the door to security and privacy issues and it can be difficult to manually add and delegate tasks to teammates on a Facebook account.

This makes the use of the Facebook Business Manager essential for companies and businesses alike so that they can easily monitor their Facebook profiles and ad accounts in one location.

If you haven’t started using the Facebook Business Manager because it seems confusing or intimidating, you’re in luck. This post gives you a detailed guide on how to use the Facebook Business Manager and how it can benefit your business. Let’s dive in.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

The Facebook Business Manager, as the name implies, is a tool that allows you to manage several Facebook profiles, business assets and ad accounts in one location, as well as Instagram accounts and product catalogues. It also allows you to offer full or partial access to members of your team depending on their position. That means you can easily assign tasks efficiently between multiple employees.

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For organizations, this means that you can connect several Facebook company pages to your Facebook Business Manager account without linking your personal Facebook accounts or those of your employees as administrators. It also means allowing employees to control your Facebook page for companies, without actually getting over-ownership of your page or assets.

What is Facebook Business Manager
A step-by-step guide to use Facebook Business Manager 15

6 benefits of Facebook Business Manager

Now that you know what business manager Facebook is, you have an idea of why you should use it. But let's discuss the top advantages of the tool:

  1. Separate your profile from your company account. This means you no longer have to worry about privacy concerns or mistakenly uploading something to you Facebook page (or vice versa) that's meant for your Facebook personal profile.
  2. Manage multiple Facebook Ad Accounts and Pages effectively at one location. That means that you have a central location to keep track of your advertising and post results, which makes coordinating your efforts easier.
  3. Share the connection safely with through people. Without giving them control of your company assets you can offer access to companies, associates or vendors. Later in the article we'll teach you how to do this.
  4. Check how much increasing employee access is dependent on their position. This simplifies the task delegation process, and supervises what your employees are doing without sacrificing security.
  5. Revoke rights quickly for people who do not work for you any more. Again, since personal profiles are not connected to the Facebook page of your or your clients, maintaining an up-to-date business manager roster is easy.
  6. For different ad campaigns create specific custom audiences. It is particularly useful for organizations that have to run advertisements for several clients, as well as for businesses that reach various types of audiences.
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6 benefits of Facebook Business Manager
A step-by-step guide to use Facebook Business Manager 16

Who should create a Facebook Business Manager account?

If you run a small home business and maintain your own social media, you don't really need an account with Facebook Business Manager. Even if is a must

  • Your company has a team of people who handle your marketing campaigns and/or your presence on the social media.
  • You partner with vendors who help you run or handle your advertising and/or Facebook page but don't want all of your money to be handed over.
  • You are an agency which manages multiple client Facebook or Instagram pages and/or ad accounts.
  • You need to monitor who has access and permission to your Facebook account, and you don't want to turn over rights to employees or organizations that handle your properties.

Get started with your Facebook Business Manager

You have a good understanding of all of the reasons why your company or organization should start using the Facebook Business Manager from what we've learned so far. Now let's get to the most important part of it – how to use the Facebook Business Manager.

1. Set up your Business Manager account

We assume you are already setting up a Facebook Business Page at this stage. If you haven't, then first do it. Otherwise you need to create an account for the Business Manager.

Go to the Facebook Business Manager page for this, and press "create Account."

Set up your Business Manager account
A step-by-step guide to use Facebook Business Manager 17

Then fill out the form with basic details such as your name, your name and your email address for company. Then press the Next button.

basic details
A step-by-step guide to use Facebook Business Manager 18

You will need to enter more information about your company, such as your physical address, phone number and website, after this. When done, press "Send."

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phone number and website
A step-by-step guide to use Facebook Business Manager 19

You should be getting a confirmation email at this stage. Click "Confirm Now" in that text, and that's it; you now have an account with Facebook Business Manager.

Next, you connect your Business Manager account to all your Facebook and Instagram accounts that you control. You have the option to either "Add Tab" or "Build Tab" on your dashboard.

Link your Facebook Page
A step-by-step guide to use Facebook Business Manager 20

Click on "Add Post" to connect an existing post, and enter the name or URL of the file. If you are a Page admin, Facebook must automatically accept the request for a connection. 

Click on "Add Post" to connect
A step-by-step guide to use Facebook Business Manager 21

For companies who do not own the business assets of their clients, linking a Page allows you to give your clients a letter. See "Pages" under "Accounts" in the Business Settings, then click "Connect." Then select "Request Access to a Tab" then pick the tab to which you need access. 

Business Settings
A step-by-step guide to use Facebook Business Manager 22

You can keep track of all your posts and their respective performance metrics in one place until you have connected the Pages you are managing. This involves metrics such as hitting Facebook and clicking / action, so that you know how well your actions are paying off.

Facebook and clicking
A step-by-step guide to use Facebook Business Manager 23

You will also need to connect the ad account you are running to run ads using Facebook Business Manager. As with Sites, you can automatically connect an ad account you own and are an administrator of. To connect your current ad account, click on "Add Ad Account," and then enter your account ID. You do have the option to build a new ad account, if you don't have one yet.

Link your ad account
A step-by-step guide to use Facebook Business Manager 24

Similar to requesting access to a Website, organizations will likewise request access to a Facebook Ad account. Under "Add Accounts," select "Connect" and "Demand access to an ad account." Enter the ad account ID to which you will need access.

Add Accounts
A step-by-step guide to use Facebook Business Manager 25


Make the most of this guide to learn how to use the business manager on Facebook – right from setting it up to adding other users to your account.