Did you know of all the languages you can access Facebook in? There are quite a few! Changing your language on Facebook may seem like an amusing idea for some of you as it offers something different and unique. For others it may be an urgent need if they have moved to a new region and need to access Facebook in a language that they understand.

Whatever the reason may be, in this article we will discuss with you a procedural approach of changing your language on Facebook.

How to change language on Facebook:

1.    Open Facebook and log in with your user ID and password:

Open Facebook and log in with your user ID and password

To change language on your Facebook account, you must first log in with your User ID and account password.

2. Go to settings and privacy > language:

Once you have logged in, click the drop-down option at the very right, go to “Settings and Privacy”, then click “Language” located at the very bottom.

Go to settings and privacy

3.    Tap “Edit” located next to Facebook language:

After you have clicked “Language”, you will be taken to the “Language and Region Settings” page. Click the “Edit” button which will enable you to change your language on Facebook. There are more than 100 languages on Facebook. These include languages like Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French and Chinese and even some eccentric options like Pirate English or upside-down English.

Tap “Edit” located next to Facebook language

4.    Change your Facebook language accordingly:

Choose a language from the languages that appear after you have clicked the “Edit” button. Remember the language you choose will be the language all your posts and notifications will be translated into so choose wisely.

5.    Click “save changes”:

To confirm your chosen language, click “Save Changes”.

Click “save changes”

An alternative way to change language on Facebook (via newsfeed):

1.    Go to your newsfeed:

Your newsfeed is the main page where all the posts from your friends appear.

2.    Scroll down to find the language options box on the very bottom right of the feed:

On your newsfeed, scroll down until you see a box on the right side of the screen.

3.    Select one of the desired languages from the box then click “Change Language”:

There are several languages listed on the box that appears on your screen. Click the language you want to choose then select “Change Language” in the pop-up box that appears. To view all the supportive languages, click the “+” button on the right of that box. A whole language list will be displayed in front of you, giving you more choices to select from. From this list, you can choose the language you want your newsfeed to appear in, then click “Translate Facebook”. Your Facebook will be immediately translated into the chosen language.

Please take note that this newsfeed option of changing language on your Facebook account is only available with the classic Facebook. This will expire in September 2020, so benefit from this option as much as you can for now.

How to change Facebook language on your mobile device:

1.    Log in to your Facebook account and click the menu button located on the top right corner:

Log in to your Facebook account from your cell-phone either through the web browser or from the Facebook application if you have it installed. There is a ‘menu’ button located on the top right corner of your Facebook screen. This button is in the shape of an arrow pointing downwards.

How to change Facebook language on your mobile device

2.    Go to settings, then select language and region:

Once you have selected the menu button, a screen will be displayed in front of you with several options on the left pane. In these options, you will find an option known as “Language and Region”. Click on that button.

3.    Select the “Edit” button and pick a language:

Just as is discussed in the first method, click the “edit” button and a drop-down menu will appear. Several languages will be displayed and you can select one of your choices. Click ‘Save Changes’ once you have chosen your language. Changes will be made according to your selection.

Key Takeaways

There are a few important points to note if you wish to update your language settings on Facebook. These key takeaways are listed as follows:

·        Changing language settings on one device does not affect settings on other devices

Changing language settings on one device won’t alter the settings on another device. For instance, if you change your language settings on your cell-phone, the language settings on your tablet or computer won’t be altered. You will have to make those changes in other devices again (if you wish to).

·        Facebook language change will not affect language used on device otherwise

A change in Facebook language would not affect the language you use on your cellphone, tablet or computer.


Now that you have learnt how to change your language on Facebook, it can be very easy for you to change it the next time and enjoy this “unique” feature. This is especially beneficial and meaningful if you are a multilingual person interested in improving your language skills and using different mediums in that language. People who are bilingual and can perhaps speak English apart from their own language can use Facebook in English language and switch to pirate or upside-down English (uʍop ǝpᴉsd∩) for fun.

There are many more benefits of changing your language on Facebook. If you ever learn a new language, this simple and useful guide is everything you need to know to master your language skills on Facebook. Good luck with changing to your favorite language!