Ways to Attract More Fans
6 Proven Ways to Attract More Fans on Social Media 5

For any business, social media is an essential part of the marketing strategy. It helps the business in gaining more fans, customers, and brand awareness. Numerous strategies are used by social media marketers to engage more fans and attract new likes and followers. Currently social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin are crowded with hundreds of businesses which are battling to secure a high engagement count.

It can be very overwhelming, especially for new businesses to stand out amongst the crowd. The content and management has to be picture perfect to engage the fans no matter which platform it is. More than 3 billion people are online daily on any one of the social media platforms at a single point in time. This is a great opportunity for all the businesses to use the right, scientifically proven methods to attract, convert, and retain new users every day.

Here, we explain 6 proven ways which will help you gain more likes and followers on social media platforms. Be it Facebook, Instagram or any other platform, these strategies apply to all and are equally beneficial provided that you implement them correctly.

1.    Inspire via visual content

Social media platforms are all about creativity. Create a unique look for your page. Making the visuals distinctive will help create a long lasting image in fans’ minds. Associate your page with a color, icon, symbol or tagline so it is easier for people to recall your identity.

As for Instagram, users these days are digging a consistent layout pattern on their feeds. A clear theme with similar colors accessorized with carefully chosen fonts and HD photography attracts many people towards the content you create.

Inspire via visual content
6 Proven Ways to Attract More Fans on Social Media 6

Furthermore, it is proven that videography is more influential than static images. Making short and catchy videos related to their products and services has been peoples’ favorite type of content recently. Just stay relevant and convey the message clearly without any puffery and misleading claims to ensure your credibility.

2.    Give people what they want

Who doesn’t love coupons, discounts, and buy 1 get 1 offers? No one! Use this strategy to increase engagement and exposure on social media. Create strategic partnerships and collaborations with complimenting or similar businesses and pages and come up with exciting offers. Design a giveaway contest and ask your fans to get their friends to like and share your page in exchange for an exciting giveaway prize.

Other than discount and giveaway options, you can also cross promote. Communicate with other pages for a shout out exchange. This tactic works wonders for small and growing businesses, although it might not be of very much importance to established brands. Successful brands have stronger competition and rivalry and they do not tend to collaborate with competitors.

One more way to use in strategy is to lay down a common ground. For example, collaborate for a mutual cause or join hands for charity and social work. Engage in community service. People love some good social work. This does not only make your brand look empathetic but also gets the buzz going about the good work you do. Depending upon the nature of your business, this strategy can be altered in many ways for gaining more followers and increasing reach on social media channels.

3.    Manage SEO

It is essential to get your knowledge upgraded about Search Engine Optimization. You must have heard this word a lot lately as this concept has gained a lot of popularity and importance. It is a proven technique to increase the organic reach of your page.  Producing the right type of content at the right time is needed to stand out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. Following are some researched and proven ways of implementing SEO to gain more followers:

  • Make your “about” section shine. Do not overuse the keywords. Just lightly and strategically sprinkle them here and there to make your information more visible on the internet. Use long and short tail keywords in captions, headlines, notes, updates and page description sections to increase the concentration in content.
  • Make your URL personal. Whenever you setup an account on any social media site, it automatically generates a URL. Always remember to edit it with your brand’s name and make it more identifiable. Remove any excess letters, numbers and characters to keep it simple. It works wonders to optimize SEO and increase exposure.
Manage SEO
6 Proven Ways to Attract More Fans on Social Media 7

4.    Market research

Staying updated about current and future trends in social media marketing helps you make wise decisions. As a social media manager, it is a crucial element of your job description to know what your direct and indirect competitors are posting, creating and sharing. What kind of content is being liked by the audience and what current trends are going viral.

In this regard ‘trend jacking’ is a proven way to increase fan following and get people talking about your handle. Make sure that you use this strategy in a positive and constructive manner and avoid any negative and sarcastic moves. Even if you are deciding to go down that road, keep the message clear and relevant.

5.    Call-to-Action and hashtags

Make your followers and fans take an action. This requires clear and easy Call-to-Action (CTA) tabs on your main feed. If you don’t do so, you will be unable to drive and navigate the traffic on your social media and digital mediums. Few things are necessary to be kept in mind while adding CTAs on a social media account:

  • Keep the tabs relevant. For example, if you are an author, use “Read Now” or “Get eBook”. Similarly if you have food delivery brand, use “Order Now” or “See Menu”. Align the CTAs with your brand’s identity.
  • Use words which make people act. For example ‘join now’, ‘subscribe and enter a lucky draw’, or ‘learn more’. Add an evoking and exciting touch to CTAs, keep them seamless and properly linked to avoid waste of fans’ time and interest.

Similarly, the use of hashtags is very important to get more fan following. Keep an eye on trending hashtags and the ones which are highly used. Do not use irrelevant hashtags. We recommend using hashtags which relate either directly or indirectly to your business or blog. For example if you are a makeup artist, you may use hashtags related to weddings and costume parties. These would attract potential customers who need to book a makeup artist for an upcoming event. Study and research well and use this option properly. Randomly chosen hashtags will not benefit at all and your content will get lost in the huge ocean.

6.    Use mixed media and interchangeable sites

It is scientifically proven that posts with pictures and videos perform much better than just text. Moreover, the use of right emoticons makes it better. Do not overload your post with a variety of emoticons. Again, we will suggest that you sprinkle them here and there and analyze the engagement.

mixed media
6 Proven Ways to Attract More Fans on Social Media 8

For businesses present on more than one social media platform, always link one account on the other. In the captions, ‘About’ section, and story links, ask people to like and follow your other accounts as well. Also, link your website to your social media account via a Call-to-Action button. Similarly, link your social media handles on your website. Use pop-up coupon like tabs and ask website visitors to like and follow you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. It is not necessary that website customers have found you there. 

Once you grow enough reach and fan following, reach out to influencers and implement affiliate marketing techniques. It will boost your engagement and generate interest among more users.


With the six scientifically backed strategies to increase social media following, we want to give you some extra tips on managing your page efficiently. Firstly, the influence has to be wielded well enough that people are not forced but drawn towards your account. Always create value with every new post. Always study the transitioning social media trends and keep up with your competitors. Secondly, reach out to more people not only through social media but also through affiliate marketing, websites, blogs and sample marketing. Be credible and trustworthy. Avoid using illegal tactics to gain fake followers just for the sake of it.

Keep coordinating with your target audience to stay updated on their ever changing needs and expectations. Doing so can make you become associated with good interactive practices. Always put extra effort and energy in making your page more attractive. And remember, consistency is the key. Do not be active at a pulsing pace. Draw out a smooth and recurring engagement plan and stick to it. This will keep the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action) principle intact and make your followers believe every word you convey through your social media channel.