5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business
5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business 46

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular brands of messaging apps used to communicate with clients around the world. Companies share over 20 billion messages with people on Messenger every month.


Messaging is now a popular way to communicate when it comes to customer service with a company. Approximately 64 per cent of people across age groups say they would rather post a business than call or email.

Yet messaging apps aren’t just devices to help. Many businesses have used Facebook Messenger marketing to drive results through the consumer journey — from awareness building to revenue securing.

You will discover different ways of using Facebook’s Messenger app for business in this post.

Why use Facebook Messenger for your marketing purposes?

Messenger marketing is basically targeting the customers through a messaging system such as Facebook Messenger. For two key reasons many customers prefer chatting to calling or emailing: instant assistance and multi-tasking. Besides the sometimes immediate chat help, many prefer live chat, even if they have to wait, they can multitask.

A recent study showed that chatbots answered 80 per cent of customer questions without human involvement. Chatbots provide an opportunity for businesses to cut their costs, especially in customer service.

However, the main problem with chatbots, 47.5 percent of U.S. Internet users believe, is that they have so many unhelpful answers. Because small business owners depend on positive feedback, hesitating to delegate the prospecting activities to a robot makes sense.

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The good news is that if you keep an eye on the user experience (UX) and the travel of your customer, you can effectively incorporate Facebook Messenger into your marketing.

Your guidance on branding will represent the experience your users want to have when they chat with your website. Offer an upbeat, optimistic, and inclusive tone to your Messengers. Evite too much sarcasm or irony as sometimes this form of humor does not translate well online. And when you’re going to close your connection, make sure to provide a sign-off to avoid leaving someone waiting.

Let’s now look at five ways in which your company can use the Facebook Messenger app effectively.

1. Answer FAQs of customers in Messenger via Automated Responses

I recommend that you set up automatic Facebook Messenger responses so that visitors to your page can get important information about your company at their most convenient moment. This functionality is offered by Facebook, and you don’t have to pay for an external app or membership to access it.

Think about the experience of your potential customers and what kind of details they ask when they call or visit your storefront, like:

  • Working hours
  • Services which you give
  • Company location 
  • Added regularly (FAQs) 
  • Warranty
  • Customer service
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Be proactive when developing automated responses. The aim is to attract the customers, catch their attention and develop trust as quickly as possible in your company. Make it easy for others to know and encourage them to take action about your services or products.

Open your Facebook business page to set up automatic replies, and press the top tab of the Inbox. Then press Automated Responses, in the left navigation.

Answer FAQs of customers in Messenger via Automated Responses
5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business 47

You can configure a range of automated responses as you can see, including a remote message, contact information, location, FAQs, and more.

Once you set up automatic responses, let people know they don’t talk to you; they get automated messages instead. Your responses are meant to be short so make sure you share relevant details. Don’t send several messages only when you can answer with one.

Consider the best UX practices too:

  • Keep the contact point quick.
  • Make sure your information is up-to-date, and suit your website.
  • Double-check your links to ensure they’re working.

To build a more personalized experience where you switch between automated responses and your live conversation, you can schedule some automated responses to run for certain hours.

build a more personalized experience
5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business 48

Need to have your proofread! To send a test message to your mobile device, press Preview as Message to double-check it before pressing Save and publish.

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2. Send reminders and follow-up messages from your page to customers who book appointments

Facebook helps you to customize your profile so that prospects and customers can book appointments without leaving the website. This is a good choice for advisory selling, where a salesperson spends time with the client to understand the problem they are trying to solve and suggests a solution that directly solves the issue.

For example, if you run a med spa, the ideal purchaser’s journey would be to see your company, consider the services you are providing and book an appointment to speak to the doctors. Adding a Book Now button to your page will make it easy to make an appointment for the buyers.

When setting up this feature, Facebook Messenger integrates with your appointments and allows you to send automated follow-up messages the day before their appointment to people making appointments and automated reminders. The establishment of automated appointment responses has the added benefit of keeping users connected with your website.

Click on the blue call-to-action (CTA) button below the cover photo of your website to set up the rendezvous function for your post. Click Book With You and then Book Now when the Add a Button to Your Page window appears.

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call-to-action (CTA)
5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business 49

Tap Appointments on Facebook on the next page, so you can manage your appointments via Facebook.

Click Start Setup after you click Next to proceed, and select the days and times on your calendar that you want to regularly offer appointments.

Click Start Setup
5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business 50

If you’re done, the next screen helps you to change your preferences for items like approval of appointments and advance notice.

You’re taken to a screen after you make your choices, where you have the option to list your services. If this is not what you want to do, then press Skip.

Press Add a Service to add a service, and then fill in your service information including name, price, description and length. Select Done when you have finished adding services.

Now go to your Inbox segment on Automated Responses and toggle on Reminders and Follow-Up Messages.

segment on Automated Responses
5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business 51

3. Start a Facebook conversation with people signing up for your Facebook event

If you’re using Facebook events to market your business, you can toggle on a feature that lets participants chat with you through Messenger about their reservation. Facebook will automatically open a Messenger thread with your user when they book a spot at your case.

To trigger this function, simply select the checkbox Allow Guests to Message [Your Page] About Your Booking when setting up your case.

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Now you will get a confirmation via Messenger when guests book their location. Since you will have Messenger event replies, you can communicate with users just as though you’re having a regular conversation with them.

Start a Facebook conversation with people signing up for your Facebook event
5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business 52

Tip: Create your event responses from a custom audience and run Facebook ads for those users who replied to your activity. This will help you increase visibility and trigger your conversions.

custom audience
5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business 53

4. Encourage conversations with organic messenger with “send message” news feed posts

While your business can’t initiate new discussions with people via Facebook Messenger, you can promote conversations with your customers and prospects. One way to do this is by adding a CTA Send Message button to your Facebook posts.

This is a perfect way of getting conversions out of your posts. Offer beautiful content and let users know they can send a message to ask for it. A few downloadable examples include an ultimate guide, quiz, eBook, prototype, or PDF.

Start a new post on your page and press Get Messages to add the Send Message CTA button to a post.

Encourage conversations with organic messenger with "send message" news feed posts
5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business 54

Now add a copy and upload a corresponding image. These posts need an picture.

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Click Publish to add it to your website after you’re done.

upload a corresponding image
5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business 55

Tip: You can connect team members to your chat and determine whether your users should be interested in their personal profiles. This helps users feel more social, realizing they are talking to real people. Go to your page settings to enable this function, and pick Messaging in the left navigation. Scroll down to the last section on the right and choose the name and picture to view, as seen here.

connect team members
5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business 56

5. Using Facebook Ads to target your messenger users

You can build a custom audience to retarget whoever has posted Facebook ads to your account. Running advertising would help you keep in touch with Messenger users who only liked your page to go beyond. Since these users have shown an interest in your company, a testimonial post could be an effective way to evaluate them further.

You are using Facebook’s custom audience features to reach your Messenger users. Custom audiences can be generated to reconnect with people who have interacted with your Messenger website. You create that audience automatically when you set up a campaign for sponsored messages.

Using Facebook Ads to target your messenger users
5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business 57

Tip: You can also create a custom audience for sending messages to people who have replied to a Messenger bot in different ways. If you have a Messenger questionnaire with three choices, you can build three custom audiences based on each response, to demonstrate.

Here are a few ways to expand the audience further:

  • Create lookalike audiences of people most likely to respond to your message.
  • Make people lookalike audiences most likely to respond to your message.
  • Connect people using your app, and monitor their behavior. To send messages to people who fit your requirements, use the event logging.
  • Ask a developer to classify audiences based on different criteria including interactions with Messenger, and use their IDs to create a separate audience.
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This article offers you five innovative ways to embed Facebook Messenger in your marketing. Note, you have only one opportunity to connect with a potential client and they will be motivated by your first interaction to keep coming back for more.

What would you think? Would you use Facebook Messenger to sell your products? What inspiration or tips will you share? Add your suggestions in the comments below.