5 Right Ways to Use Facebook Campaigns for Business Marketing
5 Right Ways to Use Facebook Campaigns for Business Marketing 21

It does not matter whether you are a big brand or a small business cutting out a niche for itself. One thing cuts across the board – having an effective Facebook campaign is a great way to boost your business digital marketing efforts. Businesses that include Facebook campaigns on average get much better results when compared to companies that do not include any Facebook campaigns in their business marketing strategies.


But there is much more that goes into creating a successful Facebook campaign – or any other social campaign for that matter – than creating content, posting ads, and liking all customer comments. It takes some work and planning, and this article contains some great tips to help you along the way.

Facebook is a viral social media platform. It is therefore important to create some guidelines and best practices for how your campaigns should run. These guidelines will help you remain on track in regard to your brand objectives and will also play an important role in helping employees understand your brand’s values and voice.

More than giving you direction and keeping your image save, having clear-cut guidelines will help maintain consistency in your message and content especially if you are running your marketing campaign on different platforms.

Here are 5 tips to help you use Facebook campaigns to market your business correctly

1. Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

Yes, this post is about Facebook campaigns, but in reality, you will not be running a marketing campaign only on Facebook. So, why not throw in a piece of important info that will help you with your marketing campaigns?

When running a marketing campaign, you will want to run it on a variety of platforms (of course Facebook being one of them). This is because it is important for your brand to be where your customer base is.

For example, if your primary product or service is targeted at other business (B2B solutions), it would be a better idea to have your brand on business-related websites and platforms like LinkedIn. Running marketing campaigns on such platforms would also most likely bear more fruits compared to running a marketing campaign only on Facebook.

However, if your target market is the general public, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter would be better suited.

2. Add a human touch to your messages

There are 3 major reasons people use Facebook each day:

  • To catch up and keep in touch with their friends
  • Facebook is a great place to kill time – share interesting memes, posts or even to stay informed and in the loop
  • To have a place to share opinions about different topics affecting them (or not *wink*)
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Your Facebook posts should therefore never be written with the intention of making a cold sell. No one wants to be sold to on Facebook. They are there to socialize and catch up.

Your best bet therefore, is to blend in and use Facebook like everyone else is doing – socialize. Share fun and silly posts, but first make sure that they are related to your business or industry in some way, and generally keep your followers engaged and entertained. As you slowly interact with them, they’ll grow to trust your brand, and will definitely come to you when they need a product or service you offer.

But socializing does not mean that you should not be processional and follow proper guidelines. It only means that you can be more relaxed and share in the fun while promoting your brand or products.

Also, make sure to always encourage feedback and conversations from your users. And when they do, do not forget to answer their questions and respond to their comments. A good sign of knowing that your campaign is successful is that your Facebook page will generally experience more activity.

3. Create content for the customer

When running a campaign on Facebook, it is an obvious expectation that your business should benefit. However, your content will still need to be beneficial to the user if you are to experience any benefits as a company.

Most of the time, your customers are looking for a place to learn more about a product, or sound off on a company. Both you and your followers or potential customers stand to gain from these forms of content. The more your business experiences an increase in traffic and sales, your customers get a chance to participate and have their opinions heard.

4. Do not be afraid of criticism

Facebook is famous for a lot of things, and friendliness ranks much lower than hostility. That means that you are highly likely to have an encounter with an angry customer, or maybe someone that had a bad day and is looking for a place to vent. The best way to deal with customers that file complaints or criticize your business on your Facebook page is to think of the situation as an opportunity to learn – as difficult as it may be.

Many times you may be tempted to write off a complaint from a customer, or even respond to them in kind especially if it is inaccurate or uncalled for. However, using a calm and well-crafted response can prevent the situation from escalating and spoiling your brand image, and in some circumstances, even help you win back the customer.

But as you are doing your best to respond with positive comments, also make sure that your comments are critical.

5. Make necessary adjustments mid-campaign

When using Facebook campaigns for business marketing purposes, it is very important to collect data and feedback through out the period of the campaign. Do not wait until the campaign is finished to collect data, because there may be great opportunities that you will have lost by then.

As the campaign is running, check regularly and see what adjustments you can make to get you better results and more value for your buck. For example, if a certain type of content is generating more interacting with your customers compared to others, creating more of that content could mean better success for your Facebook campaign.

More ways to get better success with your business marketing Facebook campaigns

Now that you know what to do to get you better results with your Facebook campaigns, why don’t we tell you how galaxy marketing comes in?

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