15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales
15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 18

Facebook is one of the world's most-used social media platforms with around 1.55 billion users. As a marketer it is very important to take an appropriate approach to social media, which involves monitoring the metrics and assessing the success of your posts.

Fortunately Facebook analytics tools are not missing. Facebook analyzers help to optimize its efficiency by analyzing the Facebook posts efficiently according to their dates. We'll introduce you to 15 best Facebook Analyzers to boost your business in this article.

Free Facebook Analyzers

1. Facebook Insights

The Insights platform offers free analytics for Facebook advertisers beginning from the Facebook Home. If your page has more than 30 followers and supporters, anyone who manages your company's website with admin information can use this Facebook analyzer. With the aid of Facebook Insights, you can better understand your followers as it provides a detailed analysis of the posts and their user interactions. It also breaks down traffic figures, location, gender, age group following the posts you've made to help better understand your audiences. This Facebook analytics tool helps you understand your audience's type of content, organic and paid likes, your post scope, and much more.

Facebook Insights
15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 19

2. SharedCount

SharedCount is a free Facebook analytics tool that helps track your posted content by the number of social shares, likes and comments. Simply type out or paste your website URL into the available search bar and get your page's metrics. To keep a track of your page's reach and engagement is a free Facebook analyzer.

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15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 20

3. Sociograph.io

The more you know your audience, the easier it will be to increase your income. Sociograph.io is one of the best analytics tools on Facebook that help you get to know your audience and fans better. You get a report on everything from an average number of comments, likes and shares on your posts to the total number of likers, commentators and writers. This Facebook analyzer also allows you to track the top post in a specific timeframe. It is a gratuitous device.

15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 21

4. Komfo

Komfo is a free, main analytics tool on Facebook. You'll need to request a price for advanced tools. The basic features include country or language segmentation, messages summaries, ratings, emotions and monitoring the success of Facebook's organic social mentions and advertising campaigns.

15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 22

5. Cyfe

Cyfe is also a free Analyzer for Facebook. You'll get a dashboard of customized analytics. Not only web and finance reports, it also helps you to uninstall 50 and more Facebook widgets, and restore them. Through these widgets, demographic data and page metrics are trackable. Easily check the interaction of your audience with Cyfe, the Facebook analytics app, on your posts.

15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 23

6. Keyhole

Keyhole is one of the best Facebook analytics tools for optimizing and strategizing data for Facebook's public web pages. Just enter the name of your page, and you can easily obtain the metrics for each post's engagement. You get an idea of everything from the best time of engagement, to style or duration on content. Learning your rivals ' tactics gets easier when you keep track of your page's metrics. This Facebook analyzer's price is $89 USD / month, and varies with the advanced tools.

15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 24

7. Brand24

Brand24 is a Facebook analyzer that allows you to monitor the metrics on your Facebook page for any type of content. It helps you to know how many times your company name has been mentioned in the conversations. It lets you gage how users affect with maps, diagrams and more. It is a paid platform for Facebook analytics, priced between $49 and $349 USD a month.

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15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 25

8. Simply Measured

Clearly Measured Facebook analyser offers you four separate Facebook content analysis reports free of charge. First, a graphical representation about the post is given to the Facebook Insights data including reach, engagement, likes, comments, shares, traffic, fans, demographics, and activities. You will also receive an overview report from your rivals that displays 10 fan pages. It also gives you an average aggregate stats for the specific fans ' interactions and reactions.

The Facebook analytics tool also offers you a detailed report per week or hourly, reporting to top users and more. It also gives you the overview for an examination of your content. While advanced suite Simply Measure is priced at $500 USD per month, the first four basic reports are free.

Simply Measured
15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 26

9. Agorapulse

Agorapulse provides 2 free basic Facebook reports that show you the stats of how your content performs, and also allows you to run sweepstakes, quizzes and Facebook timeline competitions. Agorapulse's advanced principal suite is priced at $29 USD per month. This analytics tool on Facebook gives you a breakdown of viral, organic, and paid reach. You can tailor the reports according to your requirement, and you can get a 20 slide power point presentation.

15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 27

10. Quintly

Quintly's dashboard can be customized to keep track of your pages ' metrics according to your requirement. It covers many of your social profile including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The Facebook analytics tool is a free one that helps you to compare metrics and identify the best content, but after a 14-day trial period the rest is paid. The advanced suite comes at a price of $129 USD per month.

15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 28

11. SoTrender

SoTrender is an analytics tool on Facebook that allows you to analyze the performance of other industry leaders and their competitors. You can get all sorts of metrics from this Facebook analyzer by monitoring the organic and paid scope, the actions of the users, their interaction, different types of content. SoTrender is paid on $50 for 2 labels per month after a 14-day trial.

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15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 29

12. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a powerful Facebook analytics tool that allows you to make data-driven judgements and helps you improve interaction and change your social media campaign strategies. It will help you assess your content success and keep track of the metrics for improved interaction and sales boosting. SocialPilot has a 14-day trial for all rooms, and costs from $10 to $80 a month.

15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 30

13. Unmetric

Unmetric is a brilliant analyser from Facebook to help the development strategies. It has analyzing past and tracking function that shows you the metrics up to last 4 years. Get the record of the past, and analyze how well your competitors and you have performed a strategy in the past. In this Facebook analytics tool the paid and organic metrics are displayed separately. Unmetric's Advanced Plan starts at $490 USD.

15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 31

14. Rival IQ

Rival IQ covers a wide range of dimensions including influencers, audience, thoughts, mentions, and interaction. This Facebook analytics tool also allows you to monitor your competitor's social media updates, posts, and bios. You can produce your own reports or get different types of reports available. Rival IQ plans start at $199 with a free trial lasting 7 days.

Rival IQ
15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 32

15. LikeAlyzer

Optimizing the efficiency of your Facebook page is now simple with Facebook analyzer LikeAlyzer. It's a basic Facebook analytics tool that provides valuable insights into the pages of your rivals and ranks them in 100. LikeAlyzer allows you to keep track of engagement pace, post duration, timing and much more. Often, you can get feedback to improve your performance and drive better interaction. This is for Facebook only, and is a free tool for everyone.

15 Best Facebook Analyzers to Increase Sales 33


The Facebook analyzers are a great way to keep track of your pages ' metrics and drive engagement on posts. Try some of these Facebook analytics tools to get an overview of the pages of your competitors, and work on your own progress and growth content strategies as well.