Tumblr app is growing at an alarmingly faster rate among the fans, art enthusiasts, memers and other kinds of bloggers in the world. However, 9 out of 10 Tumblr users don’t know how to get started on this platform to popularize their blog. 

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If you are new to Tumblr and you don’t want to stay stuck with the boring account with no interaction, this article will change all of that and more. 

Tumblr app

This article will discuss everything that you need to know about starting your blog on Tumblr and a lot more.

Start with the interests

Tumblr is an extremely vast and versatile platform. This means that on one side, you will find One Direction fans discussing their obsession with fanfiction and on the other side; you will find art enthusiasts sharing their latest exhibit. The platform has something for every user. So, once you have created your account, you need to pick your interests so you can make the most out of your Tumblr experience. Ideally, you should be asked about your interests right in the beginning.

Familiarize with the dashboard

Tumblr’s dashboard is where you will find all the latest posts, shares and even suggestions according to your interests and preferences. So, familiarizing yourself with the dashboard can take you a long way. The dashboard is where you will come across new blogs that you can follow to enjoy the content that they share. It is a fun and interactive place to pass your spare time in.

Don’t overdo the hashtags

Unlike Instagram, the way Tumblr people use hashtags is different. Not only are they used for the right kind of outreach, but hashtags also come in handy when one needs to keep an archive of the posts under a similar niche or category. So, when you are starting with Tumblr, you want to keep the hashtags in check instead of ramping things up to the highest extent. Also, unlike IG and Pinterest, long-tail hashtags work better on the Tumblr app and help with content discovery better.

Customize your profile

Tumblr offers your account a standard design when you sign up. The biggest mistake that you are likely doing is not doing anything to it. You want to customize your profile and your account so it matches your aesthetics. From the display picture and header to the color scheme on the platform, you need to look out for a lot of factors that can help you personalize your platform for the best appearance. Also, adjust the theme and the font by your profile.

Focus on being active

Tumblr, like any other social media platform, is dependent on its user base. So, if you have created an account and left it dormant for months and come back to it later, you can’t expect it to grow. Instead, what you can do is stay active on the blog, share your thoughts, activities on the platform and even engage with other creators on the platform. The more you engage with the right kind of audience, the easier it becomes for your Tumblr blog to grow.

Focus on the content curation

Tumblr focuses on the content you share. If you are an art account and you aren’t posting good and interactive content, you can’t expect the same to shine through when there are hundreds of other blogs that are doing a lot better than you are. If you are simply using reused or refurbished content from other social media platforms, you are not going to see the exponential growth that you are here for.

Leverage the platform for marketing

Another important beginner-friendly tip worth mentioning is brand blogging. Yes, you can use Tumblr for marketing. Some brands have shared positive experiences marketing their products on Tumblr for amazing responses from their target audience. However, when you are creating a commercial Tumblr blog over a staple one, there are certain things you need to do differently. You need to do proper research, look into your competitors and then focus on improving.

Engage with other blogs

If you wish to grow on Tumblr, you need to focus on allyship. You can’t expect to sit on your blog, share content and not follow anyone and expect your content to blow up. If you don’t follow other people’s blogs, your dashboard is going to be boring and a complete mess from the get-go. Ideally, we’d recommend following blogs that are in your niche and according to your interests. This can make all the difference in the world. Also, you can end up making friends, which is always a positive pointer as well.

Repost other people’s content

Everything is a bit of giving and take. This means that if you want your content to blow up and to be shared by other bloggers on the platform, you need to do the same as well. The reblogging feature on Tumblr is a good way to credit original creators, instead of randomly posting their content without giving them the credit that they deserve. Reblogging also helps you share your opinions and create threads on Tumblr, which are fun and interactive too.

Plan the content you share

Lastly, don’t post random stuff on Tumblr, especially if you are a brand or if you are a niche-specific blog. If you want the Tumblr account to grow and your posts to go viral, you need to plan the content that you post on the Tumblr app. It can be a rough draft of what you want to post, a well-planned content calendar, or just about anything that crosses your mind.

Tumblr app

If you are new to Tumblr and you needed some guidance about the app and how to use it to your benefit, we hope this article gives you a good idea about the same. Also, ensure that you leave your uniqueness to the platform above anything else. It's your blog and your thoughts. Share whatever crosses your mind and will make you stand out of the crowd.