Discord is one of the most popular social media platforms that is being talked about a lot recently. Initially, Discord was developed as a platform where the gamers get the option of texting or making a voice call when they are playing a game. It continues to be popular in the entire world. All the non-gaming people are known to spend a lot of time on this platform.

To know more about the rise of this platform and get questions like why is Discord called Discord, read this post till the end. 

What is Discord?

Recently, it has been developed as a platform that allows the users to do a lot more than just join servers of their interest and play games.

Put simply, Discord is a platform used for messaging and it enables the users to connect amongst themselves via various channels. The users can send text messages, video messages and other kinds of media including videos and photos. 

why is discord called discord
Why Is Discord Called Discord: A Brief History 4

There are many channels in every channel, and each channel has a varied range of subjects and interests along with a set of rules. Each channel is used mainly for talking about different things; it can also be used to talk about different games. Other channels can be used to talk about other topics.

There are limitless opportunities offered on this platform and the best part is that all the servers can be created for free without requiring you to pay a single penny.

Many Discord servers can be used as a platform to talk about different topics. Some aspects of this platform are similar to other platforms which can be created via different communities, creating another community through many common interests.

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Because of this, it is comparatively easy to find a topic on Discord because many servers are featuring different kinds of interests. 

The best way of finding servers on Discord is to Google them because the search option offered on this platform will provide you with only well-known options. There are so many answers to why is Discord called Discord. It is a platform that offers a lot of versatility. It can be used as both a desktop app as well as a mobile app. You can also connect your other social accounts with Discord to get a better experience. 

Apart from the versatility that it offers, Discord offers a lot of customization options based on the interests of a person and how it is utilized. Users can join both public and private servers on Discord. There is also an important role to be played as administrator and in this; they are allowed to allocate different roles to the users who can also get name tags and privileges.

These roles are very useful in larger and vibrant communities as they offer a high moderate to the server. Discord not only allows group chatting, but it also allows you to chat privately. This offers the users several options to chat individually with several users and become friends amongst themselves. 

How did Discord begin?

As stated by the CEO of this platform, Jason Citron, many apps are used for talking while they play games, but it is difficult while you play PC games.

In the case of some other scenario, when someone wants to make a call, they can all receive the call on their PC but the game gets minimised that way and disruption is caused in the play.

Discord is pretty much different from what other apps allow you to do. It is more like a conference call that is on always and can happen only within the servers. 

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Before getting its name, Discord was originally a studio developed for gaming. It created many multiple games and all of them were developing games that made use of voice function to enable communication.

This happened when their team got the realization that there were issues with voice chat service in multiplayer games and also looked forward to working towards resolving the issues. 

why is discord called discord
Why Is Discord Called Discord: A Brief History 5

People need to communicate through voice channels particularly those who are professional gamers. Many games are team-based, and with the sudden growth of competent gaming and esports, it becomes very essential for people to connect with their group mates.

Also with non-competent settings, there are so many ways in which Discord can stand apart from the rest. Communication is very important in gaming and Discord is a company that allows communication in gaming.

The requirement of these gamers is very particular and they require a lot of advancement to the tools used for communication. These tools were not used till Discord came into the market. 

How does it work? 

Discord can offer some of the top-rated features of other social media apps and consolidate all of them in a space in which the users can hear each other without any risk of spammers or trolls who overrun the conversation.

This platform is a generalized place allowing the users to talk amongst themselves and get engaged in different groups of people similar to all of them.

It is the platform in which people can be heard, the place where the number of followers doesn’t matter.

Discord is more like a platform that is opposite of other social media applications in which the number of followers in the communities that are built than the number of followers a user may have. 

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Features of Discord: 

Discord was developed to create and manage public servers and private servers. It provides users with access to the tools emphasized on communication services such as video and voice calls, persisting chat rooms and integration.

The other services which focus on games apart from the common ability to send them direct messages and create personal groups. Let us take a quick look through some important features:

  • Channels

These channels can be used either for voice chatting or streaming and file sharing. The access and visibility to different channels can be personalized to limit the access from a few users. There are numerous channels on this platform and all these channels feature different topics and interests. 

  • Direct messaging 

Direct messaging in Discord enables people to share files, text, call and live stream privately out of the servers. An extra feature in Discord allows direct messaging for creating messaging groups to 10 users. This acts as a very useful feature for users. 

  • User profiles 

Discord allows the users to create their profile and access their profile using email or username. It is easy for Discord users to access their profiles very easily by using the Discord app. 

  • Screen sharing and video calling 

The users were given access to added features like video calling and screen sharing back in the year 2017. It also allowed the users to make a video call with maximum of 10 users at once. Because of these features, this platform gained more popularity. 

This is all to know about why is Discord called Discord. Discord is a great platform used by numerous users to communicate amongst themselves while gaming.