The “when you find out this Gif crashes Discord on iOS” was a trending subject a few weeks back wherein a certain GIF ended up crashing the iOS devices whenever that GIF was sent. Although the issue has been resolved pretty quickly by the developers, the entire experience was meme-worthy and was shared across different social media platforms for entertainment.

Discord started as a secluded platform for gamers but has soon diversified its availability. Not just for gamers, the platform now caters to the needs of different kinds of users, including chefs, popular artists and even friends who want to come together to share a tightly-knit spot to share their experiences online.

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when you find out this gif crashes discord on iOS

If you were facing similar issues, there are a few prevalent ways in which you can ensure that you don’t experience your Discord crashing now and then.

Why your Discord keeps crashing when you load GIFs and when you find out this Gif crashes Discord on iOS

GIFs and bots are two of the quintessential elements on Discord that contribute to the fun and games on the platform. However, what you need to realize is the fact that there could be several reasons as to why your Discord keeps crashing when you are sending or receiving GIFs on your web or mobile application.

Let us take a look at a few of them.

Update bug

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Bug fixes are crucial for any and every software that you deal with. However, you need to realize that most of the time, certain bugs in the shared media make the app slower or make it crash altogether. Ideally, we’d recommend that you find those bugs and update them immediately without any kinds of questions. The quicker these bugs are fixed by the developers; you may have to face another “when you find out this gif crashes Discord on iOS” situation. Ideally, the bug fixes come with the app updates, so make sure you indulge in that too.

For corrupt files

Yes, another common issue that stems from Discord is having a folder with corrupt files. This could be due to the installation process or something later that is contributing to the delays in the application opening or loading. Ideally, we’d recommend cleaning the local app data and cache first to see if the crash still exists. If not, the problem should not recur again. However, if the issue is prevalent, you should delete all the local files and storage and uninstall the application.

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Outdated driver

Although quite underrated, an outdated driver is a very common contributor to your Discord crashing. You need to check the drivers integrated into your system and check if there are any updates available. If there are, download them immediately to resolve the issue with the Discord app crashing that is happening every time you try to share media or any kind of GIF on these applications. 

Storage problems

Discord consistently saves its data in the local storage when you are using it. While it is true that you can delete the temporary data from the local storage later to free up some space, you need a good amount of free storage initially when you install the application. If the same isn’t available, Discord will crash every time you try to open it. Ideally, we’d recommend keeping things small or trying to delete other items to free up some storage so everything works smoothly on the platform without any kinds of issues.

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How can I fix the Discord app crashing when sending a GIF?

If you have any of the above-mentioned issues with the Discord app, you first need to take a step back and analyze what the cause is. It could be one or multiple causes that are contributing to the application crashing. The GIF is just the trigger that is sending the app over the edge.

There are a few effective fixes for the issue that you shouldn’t be having a hard time sorting out. For your convenience, we have sorted them out for you in this article.

when you find out this gif crashes discord on iOS

Delete the local app data

While we don’t realize this, the accumulation of the local app data can eventually make things a lot worse than you anticipate. Not only does it slow down the application’s loading speed, but it also contributes to the overall responsiveness of the app that many complain about.

However, the biggest issue with the excessive cache and local app data accumulation is the delays in the loading of the different GIFs and multimedia that you are trying to send to the other user. This could be one of the contributing factors to “when you find out this gif crashes Discord on iOS.”

Here’s how you can fix it:

  • Start by opening your Run prompt on your system by searching for it in the Windows tab.
  • Once open, type %AppData%\discord into the field and then press on Enter.
  • This will open the local storage folder with the Discord app data and cache. 
  • You can select all (Ctrl+A) and then delete everything from the folder to free up some space.
  • Once done, exit all the applications and windows and then relaunch Discord. Check if the GIFs and other functionalities are working or not.
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Disable the Compatibility Mode

Another important factor that contributes to the delays in the function of the application is the compatibility mode. This enables the users to have direct access to the old version and files of the application. Although the feature is pretty good and comes in handy time to time, it can cause the features of Discord to not load seamlessly.

Here’s what you need to do to fix this:

  • Start by closing Discord and all the other applications running in the background
  • Once done, go to the Discord icon present on your desktop and right-click on it
  • Click on Properties
  • Click on the Compatibility tab from there
  • From there, Uncheck the Compatibility mode check box to get that sorted out
  • Close everything and relaunch Discord and check the GIF compatibility
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Uninstall and reinstall the app

Sometimes, the reason why sending or receiving