Discord is a software or application that rings in multiple means by which you can communicate with friends and strangers. What does Discord mean for us is that it means the difficulty of chatting during an ongoing game or presentation is now kicked out. 

With Discord at hand, any application can be run together with your colleague or buddy while discussion can resume on Discord. The creators have taken special care and effort into ensuring the same.

One of the most important features of Discord is that it works well with other programmes rather than slowing them down. This way you get the best in both spaces.

What separates Discord from other software used for similar purposes is the wide array of communication formats available on it. This along with the easy user interface, allows it to be very reliable as a means of background communication.

Communication options for Discord

Discord was primarily made for players to communicate while they play the same game. Thus communication became the only key element that Discord wrapped itself around. Over the years with more apps coming to the market, Discord updated its features. 

The app would go on to include the different means of communication separately available out there. Discord was able to become an all-in-one platform committed to making communication better and easier by incorporating it.

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Texting is the most fundamental method of communication through a smartphone, and it's included in almost every feature in Discord. Once you've successfully set up a Discord account and added friends you want to communicate with, you can begin texting.

What does Discord mean

This is accomplished in a series of easy stages. If you have a smartphone, you can download the Discord app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Go to the store and type Discord into the search field to find and download the app.

If you want to use Discord on the web, you can just create an account on the website.

When you start the Discord app, you'll notice a signup option near the bottom of the login page. Selecting the login sheet on the website will allow you to register as a new member.

Once you have selected register, you can fill in your choice of username and password along with your email ID for verification. 

Once you are a part of the Discord family you can search up your friends and add them. On the left-hand side, the menu bar can be chosen to see an option for adding friends. Once you get to know your friend's username on Discord you can type that in and select their tags. After this you can send a friend request, they can accept it to establish a communication line.

Now it would be easily possible for you to access their contacts on the left-hand side of the screen or the contacts of a phone to begin texting.

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Voice calling

Much like texting this can also be done with the friends you have gained on Discord. To access this option you only need to select the contact. On the top part, where the username resides of your friend will be the calling icon. Selecting this would enable you to communicate with your friend via a voice call. 

What does Discord mean

Video calling

Video call today has become a staple part of life as when it comes to communication everything becomes better when you use it. Of course, this is helpful when you play games together as it will increase the intensity of the game. 

Video calling someone makes it feel like they are here with us. Discord sees to this by providing a video calling option on the chatbox. Similar to voice calling the option can be found on the person's chatbox near to their username. 

The icon representing the video is the one that needs to be selected. The video calling features in most other applications tend to lag and affect the task you are doing around it. Discord is designed keeping that very point in mind. 

Giving the user a very comfortable and trouble-free experience has the minimum effect on the task you do around it. This increases work efficiency and maintain the communication line.

Servers and channels

Now, what does Discord mean by servers and channels? Servers and channels are groups created for like-minded people to be a community. This is where you can meet new people and possibly make friends as the interests align. 

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Anyone on the application can create a server or a channel using the option on the menu. They can add members from their friends, make it public or even buy Discord members to occupy the server. Due to its popularity, the number of members has been limited to up to a million in recent years. 

This is a service that is free of cost to be created and can be made better by using the subscription available on the software. 

To create servers, one firstly needs to access the menu bar for the "+" option. Here the option for creating a server will be available. Select that option to move forward and type in the name for it and then you will be done making the server.

Now you will be able to add in and send an invite of the server to your friends or just keep it open to the general public for use.

In the case of channels, it can be created similarly by accessing the menu tab. Here select create channel instead and choose the type of communication text or voice to create the channel. 

These become very core tools in creating a community of people inside Discord who can be a part of something big that they love.

Now if you go back to think what does Discord mean by providing so many options in communication, you will be amazed. To put it simply, it means making our lives easier and keeping us connected to the outside world.