To be a part of them, you need to know the right way to search Discord servers. That is simply remedied here. Discord is a software developed primarily keeping in mind the communication needs of gamers who play the same game in groups. This is limited to only 10 members when it comes to Discord groups. But it can be further expanded far and wide using Discord servers.

What are Discord servers?

Servers on Discord are a pool of channels that contain Discord communities. These are meant to host huge amounts of people. The servers can be constructed for free, and the users who create them have control over their visibility.

search discord servers

They can add channels and sub-channels to these servers as well up to a total of 250 of them in number. The servers can hold up to 800,000 members and because they kept growing in number Discord increased the number to a million. In cases where they need more members, they can simply buy Discord members to add.

Uses of the Discord server and how to search Discord servers

The servers can be used to include more people in a community, unlike a group that only lets 10 people be in it at a time. The increase in members in servers can help the users or hosts to use special features present on Discord. They would receive perks through these. 

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Beyond all that, a server helps in gathering up people who are passionate about the same topic.  That helps in broadening your reach in the community. You get to meet new people who think similarly.

Furthermore, server creation is free and can be made freely accessible to the general public. You can also use invitation links to control and restrict access to the server. These are the access keys that individuals will require to join the server.

The Discord app also has a high level of security, making it suitable for daily use. The servers and the people that join in case it is a public server would be properly verified. That ensures the security of the host that has created the server.

search discord servers

Creating Discord server links or joining one can be done on multiple devices once you have successfully logged onto your website. It's easy to do on a mobile phone by simply using the app to access the programme. That can be done in the same way as the creation stage, with the left-hand menu icon being the first step in the process.

The only additional step that is there in the IOS version is that you will have to provide an apple ID to start the downloading process.

The app is only needed to make it easier for you to use Discord because otherwise, it can be accessed using a web link to the site. The login option on the site also has a register option which can be used to create an account through which the server can be added.

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Creating a Discord server

Creating a Discord server is easy as the option is available right on the Discord page. On the menu option, you will be able to spot the "+" icon on the left-hand panel. You can opt to build a server on the Discord programme by selecting this icon.

After you've chosen this option, you can begin building the server by giving it a name and choosing a cover image that suits your needs. The region of the server must also be mentioned during the creation process.

After you've filled everything up to your liking, you may proceed to create the server.

The server can be made for your friends or for others who are strangers. They can then find this server while looking for Discord servers to join. You may proceed to the freshly created server and begin its use according to the server's intention.

The easy part about creating a server is that it can be done with a phone as well as the biggest computer. It would either way become a platform for people of common interests to meet up and have engaging discussions about things they are passionate about.

Joining a pre-existing Discord server

Joining a server created by someone else is also as simple as creating a brand new one and adding members. This is done in the same way as the creation stage, with the left-hand menu icon being picked first.

The left-hand panel of the menu will have a "+" icon that when selected brings up the option to join as a member of a server and other options here. Select the join a server option to proceed to the next step.

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That will result in the pop up where they ask for the invite link to the server which can be copy-pasted onto the space given to type out.

After this, you can hit the join option to join the server of your desire.

Joining a server can also be done by searching for one that fits your likes and dislikes. The task would be to search Discord servers on the platform to see which one you want to join. 

Selecting the menu option to click on the compass icon will allow you to search for servers. That will open up the official public Discord server list. That is where you will be able to see which servers are popular and what topics are the main focus of the servers. One will be able to find what they enjoy by looking through this selection.

Scroll down to see the existing items in categories and popular tags to search Discord servers for them. The blue-highlighted servers are the categories, while the green-highlighted servers are the most popular. 

On the description, one can also see that each server will have a flag that would indicate the language that the server mainly uses. So you can join one that speaks the language that you prefer.