If you are new to Discord, you may not know this, but not every Discord server is available to join. This difference makes two categories of servers. One of them is public Discord servers, while the other is private Discord servers. Here is a list of top public Discord servers to follow along with details on how to make your Discord server grow.



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To no one’s surprise, gaming is the most active niche for Discord servers. Minecraft comes under gaming, and it gets fierce competition from Roblox, Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and others. In this public Discord server, you will see five separate channels only meant for creations, and building and the rest have a lot more to show.

In the Q&A archive, you will find advanced Minecraft players, and beginners can ask questions from them. The general discussion part has different topics for discussion. Here, you can take a break from regular gaming discussions whenever you wish.


If you keep track of the latest OTT shows, you must have heard of the Hit Amazon Prime show Invincible. A bonafide popular show of 2021, it got renewed for two additional seasons. It was created by Robert Kirkman, who is also the creator of another popular show Walking Dead. Invincible is a show that will get you hooked on its adult-oriented theme and has a lot of gory fun.

Therefore, public Discord servers on Invincible were inevitable. This show is somewhat derived from the comic-book version of “The Boys”. Just like some other timeless shows, this one too has been active, even after it went off the air. You will find plenty of spoilers, but ignoring them is easy. You will also get a passionate group of fans who have like-mindedness regarding this server.

Anime Soul Discord

Are you an anime fan? If so, public Discord servers like these are worth your time. This one is a 600,000-member community. Here, you can talk about all things related to Anime. It also has a channel list full of different anime shows and social media groups, such as Attack on Titan, Naruto, and more.

You will find dozens of audio channels here. Due to this, you can talk to others about your anime interest and the latest updates. You may also choose to stick to the written keyword “All Anime” server to get a more free-flowing discussion. This is one of the most passionate anime groups to be found on Discord. If anime is what you like, you won’t find a place better than this.

Boiler Room Trading

Are you surprised to know that there are public Discord servers on day trading? Since Discord and gaming go hand in hand, nobody thinks of its potential besides entertainment. You will find dozens of trading Discord servers. But none of them can be marked as the best source of getting accurate information. This server is by far, one of the largest trading servers with over 60k members. Its prime focus is on day trading.

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This is an introductory server that aims to help members navigate through the server easily, and guides them on premium user options. Even if you aren’t interested in day trading, you can choose options, long-term investment, and crypto.


If you have an Xbox at home or go to your friend’s place for a game, the public Discord servers based on Xbox are worth your time, especially the official Xbox Discord, which has more than 70000 members. This is a friendly place to meet with other Xbox fans. Here you can discuss the past, present, and future of Xbox. Discussing gaming deals and other stuff like Naughty Dog, Bethesda, and support issues will make your Discord membership more useful than ever.

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The Discord server of Xbox can also help you find solutions to any hardware problem or software issues you encounter. Not to forget the latest updates you will get by being a member of this server. Sony fans do not need to worry, because you will also see a PlayStation Discord with PS4 and PS5 updates.

The Car Community

Cars aren’t going anywhere. In the times when innovation is at its peak, and people are looking for environment-friendly hi-tech solutions, cars become a hotbed of discussion. Therefore, one can expect some popular public Discord servers on cars too. It doesn’t matter if you wish to discuss muscle cars, have an interest in motorsports, or like to talk about future models as long as you are interested in cars. This is the most valuable Discord server for you. Here you will also see some unique channels, for example, guess-the-car, car-spotting, etc. In these channels, you can point out which rare vehicles you’ve seen that otherwise don’t ply on road much.

You will find this community full of fantastic users. Sometimes they are passionate too. If you are into car games, Forza, Grand Theft Auto, Gran Turismo, and others are popular public Discord servers on car gaming that you must check out at least once.

How to make a Discord server big?

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Making a Discord server popular requires effort and time. There isn’t a one-night trick to make a server popular. Below are some tips that will help achieve the goal.

Branding is necessary: Whenever we say branding, people start assuming hefty budgets, costly promotions, highly skilled logo makers, etc. Even though branding requires time and patience, it certainly doesn’t require lots of money and a highly skilled person. Join Canva or other such websites to make your logo, tagline, etc. to set yourself apart from the crowd that has no branding at all.

Buy discord members: If you have just started with your Discord server, it may need an initial boost. You can give this boost by buying Discord members online. Be it 50 or be it 4000, you can pick your number and get your order placed. The firms that work on this are there to guide you with the process and are ready to answer any of your queries.


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