If you are an avid discord user, you’d know when their servers aren’t working and need a little push. Since discord has grown such a substantial amount in a short period, it isn’t surprising that they have to push for better maintenance time and time. However, if you are stuck here wondering why the application isn’t working, there are several reasons behind the same. The “Is it down discord” is an issue that is faced by many.

It could be from some maintenance issue, or it could be because of some issue dealing with your desktop or mobile phone. Identifying the cause can effectively help you fix the problem before you think about simply uninstalling the application straight away.

In this article, we will discuss all there is to know about discord down and how you can fix the issues.

is it down discord
Is it Down Discord? How To Fix The Issues? 3

How can I find out if discord is down?

Ideally, 9 out of 10 times, the issue will be due to a server problem. So, if you are struggling with discord, not opening, it is likely because their server is down or there is some serious problem with your system that is prohibiting the application from opening.

Whatever the issue is, you must focus on the issue first. Finding out whether or not discord is down is something you need to first focus on. Ideally, there are two major ways you can find out whether that is the case or not:

You can either check:

  • Discord app
  • Downdetector for discord

They should be able to guide you about the problem and what is likely causing it in the first place. Let us look into them individually too:

Discord app

If you aren’t thorough with the discord app, you can check the device for issues relating to the server or the app, it will be present in the app itself. You need to navigate down to Server Outages and Increased API Errors part and then check what kind of issues is prevalent with the application. This is where you can share your issue and check other reports published by the app developers and the other users of the platform.


Although quite unconventional, the down detector does work pretty well for discord. It analyses the issues and also gives you update about the applications current state of function. Not just for discord, this works well for more or less every application that you can think of.

How to Fix Discord down?

Finding Is it down discord and knowing about the causes then makes it easier for you to find ways to fix the problem. Ideally, we’d recommend that you confirm whether it is an app or development issue, or it is an issue with your device. Once you have that sorted out, it becomes a lot easier for you to handle the downsides and get the issues fixed in no time at all.

Restart your device

Software issues in one’s device are quite a prevalent issue that many complain about. If you are experiencing something similar, we’d recommend that you take your phone or PC and then close all the applications and restart it. This is a basic resolution that humans have been using for ages and somehow, it works too. Rebooting the system sorts out the software bugs and fixes the issues that come along with it. If there are any kinds of applications or software in the background that is causing the issue, restarting immediately kills the application and ensure that it doesn’t affect the way discord opens.

Check your storage

Storage issues are very prevalent when it comes to hindering application launching. So, if you have very limited or less storage in your phone or PC, it can hinder the way discord opens. The discord being down the issue can be due to the storage as well. If there is no free storage for the files that will download as app data for discord, it will not open the application. This will render in the obstruction in the process. You can check your storage status under Settings on your phone.

is it down discord

Clear the cache

This is more for Android smartphone users. If you have a habit of never cleaning out your cache files on the phone, you need to get on the bandwagon immediately. Ideally, this can take up a lot of space and also affect the RAM management system; if that is something you are struggling with. Clearing the cache gets rid of all the temporary files in your system, ensuring that there are no further lags and delays while you are opening the application. You will find the cache and other information under Settings and App information. So, find Discord and clear out the individual cache and stored information that has no purpose in being there in the first place.

Update the application

If you have downloaded discord months back and haven’t yet updated the application ever since that can contribute to the bugs that are delaying the app or preventing it from launching. In that case, you need to find the available updates and download them immediately without any further questions asked. These updates are available for the discord app on Android, iOS and even Windows and macOS systems. So, depending on which device you are using, you need to find the issue and then update the app immediately as suggested.

Turn off Hardware Scaling

If you aren’t a tech geek, chances are that you won’t know what hardware scaling is. These are the hardware functions that promote the use of experimental features on the system. These are enabled to better improve the user experience. However, what you need to realize is that they often do worse than good. If your discord app isn’t launching, we’d recommend disabling the hardware scaling function. If you find the app working fine after that, you’d know what was causing the issue in the first place.

Disable VPN

Discord doesn’t work well with VPN. Although very good for privacy online and on the internet, VPNs can pose interruptions for your discord application. So, if you are tired of “Is it down discord”, we’d recommend that you check your VPN connections, find the loophole and what is causing the issues in the first place and then target the issue accordingly. So, before anything, switch off the VPN when opening Discord.

Turn off the Adaptive Battery

Last on the list of fixes is to turn off the adaptive battery. This is quite an important feature for Android users but this will affect the way discord opens (or doesn’t, in this case). So, if your discord app isn’t opening, disable the Adaptive battery feature from the settings immediately.

The issue with discord being down can affect your user experience. While that is true, the discord app not working is not always something that is correlated to the software and the development of the app, it can be an issue with your system too. Whatever the issue is, we’d recommend that you focus on finding the problem first. Once you know what is causing the issue, it becomes a lot easier to find the allied fix for the same.