Discord is a platform offering a chat service particularly designed with gamers in mind. It was developed to ensure an easy connection amongst the gamers through video chat, voice, or text. Dissimilar to other such services like Twitch, Discord is not created for hosting live streams which can be turned into by the audience and watched. Moreover, it emphasizes more on invite-only communication that is entirely based on communication. Many users want to know is Discord social media and this question has been answered in this post ahead so, keep reading. 


What safety features does the chat service on Discord offer
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The users can also enjoy access to Discord downloading service through the desktop app version, with the help of browser version or when you download the app for tablet or mobile. You can use Discord for free and it is used by nearly 14 million players who access it almost every other day. The total number of already signed-up users is nearly 150 million. 

The very initial

">step towards using Discord is downloading it on your device. Once you have downloaded it, you must start the registration process to create an account of your own. You must note that there are no extra costs you need to pay for this as Discord is free to use. While you set up your account, it is highly recommended for you to finish the two-factor authentication process for better security. Read below to know more about is Discord social media. 

What is the age limit for chat service on Discord? 

As per Discord, the chat service is introduced only for those who are in the teenage and those who are adults. It also states that the users must be of a minimum 13 years old for signing up. Bur, there is no method used for verification in this place for enforcing this other than verifying your account via email. It is mentioned in the terms & conditions that if a user is below 13 years of age, he/she must get the consent of a guardian/parent before signing up on Discord. 

Are there parental control options in the chat service?

There are no such parental controls offered on Discord but there are a lot of modern-day privacy settings which let the account holder make adjustments in the whole user experience making it new. As it focuses more on the invite-only feature, it can get that user who they want to get connected to, one can make their profile private as per their preference. The adjustments you make can be in terms of the servers you want to sign up for, who can have the access of adding you to their friend lists, who can message you directly and see your information etc. 

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What safety features does the chat service on Discord offer?

The chat service on Discord offers a wide range of safety tools that can be used for protecting your child against explicit content as well as exposure to abuse. For instance, the program can be enabled for scanning all the incoming messages and deleting the detected explicit content including videos, images, and text. This can be done by visiting the page of user settings after which you need to click on the tab showing safety and privacy options. Once that is done, tick the check box and view the message about keeping you safe. The answer to is Discord social media is actually yes. 

Does Discord Allow Chatting and Messaging
Is Discord Social Media Application? 15

It is also recommended by this platform for you to add several layers of security to your account by enabling double-factor authentication (2FA). This includes gearing your device registered and get a code that was received by you through text message and email apart from the password. The two-factor authentication can be activated just by visiting the user settings page and clicking on the my account option. Lastly, you must tick the box showing ‘enable 2FA’. 

Though Discord has been doing a very good job of banning inappropriate and sex-related content, the most dangerous risk for children using this platform is getting bullied. There always remains a risk for children to get targeted by a few inappropriate comments in Game Chats whenever they don’t perform well in a game. A test-related chat can indeed undergo several filters but no such protective measures have been taken for voice chat or video chat. The best way to ensure that any similar situation doesn’t arise is by making sure that your kid participates only in these groups with which they are familiar. Games that have a larger base of members should also be avoided. 

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Does the Discord Chat service have any reporting tools?

It can be difficult to avoid bullying in a video and voice call. To help you with the same, there are a few reporting tools to help your child if they have been victimized by wrong behavior. 

The users can be blocked by getting access to the entire list of members present in a group and tapping on the user who has to be blocked which will show their profile. In the application, you can also tap on the menu showing three dots located towards the top of the page of the user and select the remove friend option. In the browser version, you can try bringing up your entire list of friends and make a right-click on the user who is supposed to be blocked by clicking the block option.  

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Discord allows the friends to chat amongst each other both ways as one-to-one or as a group member through a particular server. It can also be useful for sending messages directly to your friends, talking over video calls, and sharing your screen with them too. When you are on any particular server, you can also join in a channel for voice charging to start having a conversation with the rest of the gamers who play a particular game.

Discord allows you to choose the people you want to block, servers you want to join, people who can join servers created by you, who can send you messages directly, and who can add you as their friend. 

How to chat with friends on Discord?

As soon as you have finished adding all your friends and making all the settings properly, it is very easy to start the chatting process. Tap on the friend you want to chat with on the left-hand side and you will be able to send messages to them directly. You can also make a click for calling or video chatting with them. Discord provides you with several ways by which you can chat and connect with your friends. You can choose simple texting, adding emoticons and gifts too. It also allows you to share different images so, you need not worry about sending your friends screenshots and other images. 

This is all you need to know about chatting and messaging on Discord. The very commonly asked question is Discord social media has also been answered clearly in this post. Discord is a very safe and secure platform to use and is used by a lot of gamers from different parts of the world. 

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