Discord is a group-chatting platform that offers incredible features to users. It was initially released for the gamers so that they could very well coordinate with one another to enhance the overall performance in the game. But, as per the rumours, Discord is shutting down soon. So the question is Discord shutting down 2022 is true? Discord application provides an extensive list of features. The players were able to elevate their performance bar with the help of this platform and hence it gained popularity.


Interestingly, this platform has now been widened and includes all the communities of all regions. It is now not just limited to the gamers but also the general community rather to everyone. 

is discord shutting down 2022

You might hear people telling you that Discord is going to soon shut down. But, the more critical question that arises is how far is this true? Is there even one per cent truth in this statement? Well, the answer to this and the other related query will be discussed in the post below. The post below will be highlighted with all major and the most common queries that almost everyone has. So, keep on reading the post below for your reference so that you can gain clarity over the same. 

Is Discord shutting down?

Well, like many other people if you also have a query- is Discord shutting down 2022, know that Discord is not shutting down any time soon. It has gained a lot of popularity with time and is henceforth making a lot of revenue. This simply would mean that the Discord platform is growing day by day. More people are joining Discord every day and it is growing to a different height. The truth is that Discord will reach even more heights in the coming year. If we talk about the official notification, the Discord team or the developers have sent no notice regarding the shutting down of this platform. 

So, be tension-free and use this application to make as many friends as you so desire. There is no limit to the number of friends you can make or connect with. It is henceforth advised to use this application without any second thought that this platform might shut down at any moment. Continue reading further to know more about it for your reference and clarity.

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Why is Discord shutting down?

If the Discord platform is not shutting down any time soon, why is it displayed when you open the platform? When an individual opens the Discord platform and starts using it, sometime later, the platform shows that it is going to shut down soon with some date mentioned. If you too thought this to be real, do not worry! The Discord platform is not going to shut down particularly because it has gained a lot of popularity. This platform is used widely throughout the world by people from all corners of the world. 

So, hopefully, your query, is Discord shutting down 2022 has been solved. Well, you can jolly well use this application without any second thoughts at the back of your mind. This begs an important question why does this message keep appearing on your screen? Let us find that out in the next section of the post. 

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Why do you see this message always?

As you know that the message that

">Discord is shutting down is fake and not real at all. You might be indeed wondering, how does the platform keep showing that it is going to shut down soon. Well, this can be the market strategy to win a lot of media attention. But, as far as we look at the revenue, Discord is making a lot of revenue and based on that we can conclude that the platform is not going to shut down not anytime soon.

‘Is Discord shutting down 2022’ is what people want to know at present. Hopefully, the post above has cleared the doubts of everyone with this query. Discord is not shutting down even in the next year so use it to make as many friends as you desire without any worry at all. Now that you know about it, we suggest you proceed further to learn certain tips regarding how to use the Discord application. So, keep on reading the post further for your reference and clarity over the subject. 

Tips to use Discord platform

Before using the Discord application, there are certain tips that you should go through to obtain the maximum benefit of using this incredible group-chatting application. Interestingly, this application has no limit to the number of people you can connect with. A few of the significant tips have been enlisted below for your reference. 

  • To begin with, it is best suggested to turn on the Discord notification to get updated about your friends. Discord platform provides the notification when any of your friends is in your vicinity so that you can hang out with them. But, you can always turn off the notification if you do not want to get disturbed by the same. 
  • In addition, it is also suggested to add Discord to your home screen so that you can easily open it as and when you desire. Adding shortcuts to the application will make it more convenient for you to use it when you desire. 
  • Create your Discord if you do not find a relatable server. There are two options that Discord application offers to users. You can either join any of the already existing servers or create one of your own if you do not find any relatable server. 
  • Moreover, you can also connect with your friends through video calls and voice calls which make it one of the most popular applications. You can make friends from different corners of the world.
  • In conclusion, you can also find your partner on this platform if you are seeking one. Make friends or partners on this platform without any investment. You can also create drawing sessions with the group to discuss various topics. 
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These were a few of the tips that you should know before using the Discord platform to make friends. Just ensure that you turn on the notifications and create a shortcut key for the Discord platform. This will help you to conveniently use the Discord application for whatever purpose you have. 

is discord shutting down 2022

Discord is one of the most popular platforms offering all that the other similar applications are offering. However, Discord stands apart from them and a step ahead of them by offering features that no other similar applications offer. It is till now the most widely used application and is not shutting down any time soon. You might face some technical issues sometimes but it is clear that the platform is not shutting. So, if you are a socializing person and love to make plenty of friends, you need to join the Discord platform at the earliest if you have not yet joined it.