When you play video games on your PC, players mostly have to solve different problems like talking to each other, and how people can be organized to continue a game. Discord has become one of the most well-known applications with almost 250 million users and nearly 14 million logging in each day. Discord is fun to use and you can talk to all your friends when you play games, but it is useful if you create places in which people can get together, meet up and look for other players and chat amongst themselves. If you want to know is Discord free to use, read ahead. 

This post can take you through everything that you should know about this platform such as its cost, where you can get it, and the reasons why you might want to use it, particularly before you fire up the next game.

is Discord free to use
Is Discord Free To Use? 4

Discord is a chatting app, same as other applications or other professional communication-based platforms.

It is particularly geared towards the players of a video game, offering them ways of finding each other, coordinating the play and chatting as you play.

It is supportive of voice chat, video calls and texting enabling the users to get connected in the way they can please.

Discord is particularly useful when you try playing PC games.

This application makes it easy for users to chat and offers many other functions like search that can be helpful for you in finding other people and adding them to the list of friends for communicating fast.

Many people make use of this application not only to talk among themselves as they play games but also as a tool for social and organizational purposes. 

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All credit goes to the high functionality of this platform; users can also embrace Discord as a partially public platform based on forum-type community: player groups with similar interests like those who are fans of any particular game or a studio.

It also allows the users to create servers or join them including both private and public, in which many people can meet each other and hang out together, chat through video, voice, or text. 

Though the majority of the servers are based on gaming there are many public servers on Discord that are focused on a wide range of topics, such as cryptocurrency, anime, self-betterment, and you can just make friends hang out together.

There is absolutely nothing that needs servers you need to create to keep up the gaming. So, if you want any place in Discord for discussing a particular topic, you can create one. There are many platforms on which to locate and search for public Discord servers. Also, Discord is free to use. You need not pay a single penny to use this platform. 

What sets Discord apart from other platforms?

Although there are too many applications that allow you to communicate for free, Discord stands apart from the rest due to several reasons such as its varied range of chat options.

It blends all unique features offered by the most commonly used applications with a simple user interface.

A voice chat application would be of no use if it affects your gaming session while you use it, so the Discord team is highly dedicated to making it very efficient for the users who want to know is Discord free to use. 

is Discord free to use
Is Discord Free To Use? 5

The very high versatility offered by this platform has made so many Discord users embrace the platform and use it for meeting and chatting with people who share common interests, not only friends.

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Discord is partially a socializing application and a social media website too.

If you see the chat-room adoration of this app, users can join private or public servers, which is mainly the most well-known aspect as it also offers a social space that is very effective for helping people in playing their desired games.

The most important thing to note is that you need not video games to use this platform.

It is very portable and can be used to join with groups of several friends on a particular server, or connect with similar minded people in public servers.

When a Discord server is created, it can be configured in multiple ways as you set up various roles for different members like creating roles for moderators and administrators and creating a particular role for very active members.

Fixing various roles for members has so many benefits for the server you create apart from easing server management, giving rewards to members for remaining active and offering various access permissions. 

Discord can also be accessed via different means, and this is what makes it simple to be used even if the user is not familiar with a gaming PC.

The application also offers a programme that can be downloaded and run on your computer very easily.

It is the most portable, light-weighted version suitable to run even when you play games. There is another Internet-based version along with the mobile version.

This simply means that the users can interact with people they know are present in their Discord chat server from anywhere in the world extending the social outreach of this platform.

Why choose Discord? 

There are many reasons to choose Discord over other social media chatting applications. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by Discord: 

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  • Mobility 

It can be difficult for people to use a programme on various devices and different kinds of layouts.

Discord can pull everything together by the use of similar layouts as well as functions regardless of whether it is used on a laptop or desktop.

The mobile applications offered for tablets and phones are also very intuitive for users.

  • Go live

There is this feature named go live on Discord.

It can be used only by those who own a server for allowing the users to stream the live gameplay along with other users who are members of that server.

To use this feature, the users should click on the Go Live option located in the left-side bottom of the screen when a voice chat is connected. 

  • Voice chatting 

It is very easy to avail the voice chat feature on Discord as it helps you enter any voice channel on servers by turning on your microphone automatically.

It also provides to work by remaining attached with your computer.

Voice chat can also be accessed when you create group calls or voice calls to your friends by tapping on the phone symbol in the friend's list. 

  • Controlling who you hear and see 

Just sharing a server with any user on Discord doesn’t enforce you to keep listening to them.

Discord offers many social media like features that allow you to choose the way you want to continue interacting with people. 

Many people have the question is Discord free to use in their minds. All these features mentioned above are free to avail and you can access them for free.

The users need not pay even a single penny to use all features offered by Discord.