Discord application is considered one of the best platforms that are used by people throughout the world. With the safety and privacy settings, the Discord application is among the safest applications to use. However, if you are wondering 'is Discord app safe', you can refer to the post below.

The post will be highlighted on all of your major concerns related to the safety and security of using this application. Before you proceed further, it is suggested to understand what Discord application is in a nutshell so that you get clarity over the subject. 

Discord is an excellent platform that will provide people with a platform to connect with as many friends as they so desire. The individuals could make friends and speak to them through messages, voice calls as well as video calls.

Discord provides an extensive list of features to the users that attract the attention and as well as retain for a longer time. Interestingly, the users will be able to use this application to make friends from different corners of the world. This was in a nutshell the basics of what the Discord app is all about. Let us proceed further to know if it is safe for your kids

is discord app safe
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Is Discord only for people above 17 years of age?

Discord application is no doubt the best application that is used by players to communicate with one another while playing games. If you are interested to know whether or not you can use this platform if you are above 17 years, you are perfectly right.

If you are above the age of seventeen years, you need not worry! You can very well use this application as it will be completely safe for you in such a case. However, if you are below seventeen years of age, it is strongly recommended to avoid using this platform. 

If you are a parent and want to know whether or not this app is safe for your kids to use, the answer to this query will indeed be a no. Discord application does contain adult content and hence it might not be advisable for the kids to use this application.

It is best if the kids do not use this application as it is not completely safe for them. This is to ensure that the minor or rather the children below 17 years of age are not completely exposed to the inappropriate content. 

Let us now move on to the next section to know if it is completely safe for children to use this application in greater detail. So, keep on reading the post further if you are thinking is Discord app safe for your kids. 

Is it completely safe for the children to use the Discord app?

Well, if you are wondering whether or not to allow your kids to use the Discord application, you need to know a few of the facts about the Discord app first. Discord app is a group-chatting application that allows people to connect from all over the world. 

This application allows individuals to connect through different means of communication such as text, voice calls, and video calls. But, more important for you to know is the content in the next section. Is Discord app safe is the most common question that people want to know and the answer to this will be discussed in the next section. 

Things you should know as a parent to safeguard your children

As a parent, you can safeguard your children on Discord with the following steps: 

  • Discussing suitable behaviour on the internet 

Social media has anonymity of its own that can make kids on the internet behave in inappropriate ways. You must talk to your child regarding the concerns of sending nudes and cyber-bullying. If you are still dubious about your child’s behaviour on the internet, you can keep them away from using Discord. Let them become trustworthy enough and then, allow them to use Discord. 

  • Talk about the family expectations and standards 

You must not forget the fact that Discord is largely on how it is used. The servers can be joined, only by the people known in real life or different servers based on interest. Who can be allowed to message you directly? You must keep all the rules so that there’s no confusion later on. 

  • Ask your child to suspect the unsolicited invitations 

Predators and pornography may find ways for sneaking in through unrequested server invitations. If you see any request that you haven’t heard of earlier or have a lower membership ( an indicator of questionable content or bad moderation), unexpected friend requests should be rejected from there. You should know if that is a real-life friend, they can try requesting you again.

Go through the safety settings 

You must follow all safety setting options offered on Discord. Turn on the filters for direct messaging and restrict who can message you directly. You must make it clear to your child why you choose the settings which you are choosing. Also, remember that there are absolutely no parental controls you can get on Discord, so these settings can be restored by your child anytime. So, your children must understand the reasons why you make such settings. 

  • Build strategies to deal with adult content 

You must ensure that your child already knows the trouble that can be caused if any problem is reported to you. You should want to be in their place, without having to deal with the risks of Discord on their own wherever the sneaky predators find chances to manipulate them. Go through the reporting process on Discord as well as the process by which users can be blocked. Blocking can remove people from your friend list. You can still find the message history to reason but you won’t have an access to send any more messages. 

is discord app safe
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  • Check your child’s Discord account regularly 

You must ensure that all safety features are allowed. Check the servers which they are members of and also take a look at all direct messages and friends. You may also ask if they have ever made them feel unsafe or uncomfortable on Discord. Things may get changed with time, so you will have to continue following up regularly to ensure things are still okay. 

This was all about the list of things that you should know if you wish to safeguard your child from inappropriate content. Is Discord app safe is as said one of the most common questions that we assume has been covered in the above section.

Can Discord app be hacked by hackers?

Discord is a safe platform that can be used by children who are above the age of 13 years. There are no such risks associated with using this platform. However, it is better to be prepared for the worst when using social media platforms. Even though it doesn’t happen very frequently, but there are chances of your Discord app getting hacked if you don’t take the necessary precautions. To be safe on Discord, it is advised that you follow all the safety measures required. 

This is all you need to know about the importance Discord gives to the safety of users. Regardless of whichever actions you perform, Discord always makes sure to keep its users safe and protected against the potential risks on the internet. You can follow the above-mentioned measures to keep your child safe on Discord.