Out of the numerous streaming platforms available presently, it becomes important for the users to choose the best platforms to get genuine results. You might be willing to know how to watch stream on Discord Mobile so continue with the read. 

Several online platforms provide chat services and a lot more such as Discord. Discord is undeniably the most popular streaming platform in the market. Credit goes to its compression quality that remains unmatched. It is assured that you will be offered an uninterrupted streaming experience

Apart from that, as far as voice chat is talked about, it stands apart from all its competitors by not only assuring superb quality and genuineness but because setting up this platform is just as easy as it is to use it.

how to watch stream on Discord
How To Watch Stream On Discord Mobile? 4

What is Discord all about?

Previously, Discord was more focused on gaming but now, it offers a lot of added features to the users like chatting in-game, voice/video calling, layout, and a lot more. There are some very amazing features offered by this platform that set it apart from the rest of its counterparts. The users on Discord mainly have to perform two actions which are, creating a server of their own or joining other servers.

A user can either choose to perform any one of these two actions or he/she can perform both the actions together. However, the process for creating a server is different from joining a readily existing server. There are two types of servers on Discord namely, Public servers and Private servers. 

How can you stream a game on Discord?

For streaming any game on Discord, you will not require spending a lot of time and the credit entirely goes to integrated software that helps in-game detection. Discord has the potential of recognizing almost all games. This also lets you start the stream with a single click. 

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Before proceeding, you must know that the free of cost edition of Discord is supportive only of 480 p and 720 p resolutions. For being sole to stream the games at 1080 p and more, you must get a subscription to the premium version of this app. The cost of this service depends on your preference. This can be applied to the frame rates of your stream as well. The free of cost version has the potential of 15-30 frames in one second with a very well featured 60 kbps available only to the subscribers of the premium version. You can start using Discord as soon as you finish setting up your server. 

How to watch stream on Discord mobile iOS: 

For those who are willing to do live streaming of any game from the iPhone, you can use the option of screen sharing that is used for Mac and PC. However, you must make sure that you have downloaded the iOS version of Discord on the respective iPhone. As you continue with the installation of this app, you must log in to your pre-existing account or, create a new one. When that is done and the login is complete, you need to create a Discord server of your own. The steps to be followed for creating your server in an iPhone are as follows: 

  1. Launch the mobile application of Discord on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the menu towards the left of the screen and click on plus symbol.
  3. Tap on the create a server option.
  4. Now, you will find the app asking you to invite your friends for joining your server. This step can also be skipped here for which you need to click on X located towards the left-upper size of your screen.
  5. You will be directly taken to a new server by the app. 

As soon as you have finished creating your server on Discord, you can start making calls. The first step for making a call here is to launch the Discord application on your iPhone. Then, you need to click on the icon showing the symbol of a hamburger that can be found towards the top-most right side of the screen. There are three horizontal dots.

How to watch stream on Discord?

The menu towards the left features a plethora of all servers which have been created by you along with the ones which are followed by you. Just click on the server icon and you'll be redirected to the webpage. To move ahead, click on the icon of your server. In the primary section of the screen, users can see all pre-existing channels in the sever. There is just a single text channel and one channel for voice services. 

  1. Click on the General voice channel.
  2. You will see a pop-up appearing to ask for a confirmation for your action so, click online voice. You will also have to give Discord accessibility to the camera, speaker and microphone of your device. In any situation, you can see all notifications. 

Once this is done, you will be able to find the General voice chatting option in the Discord application. To start a video call, just click on the camera button located in the lower left-side in the lower corner of the screen. For ending a particular video call, you just need to hit the red symbol on the low right side of the screen. 

how to watch stream on Discord
How To Watch Stream On Discord Mobile? 5

Watching live streams on Android: 

Just like the iOS users, users of Android devices also can make use of the screen sharing feature in Discord for streaming games on devices like tablets to phones. To start with, launch the Discord application and go to your desired server. Dissimilar to the computer version of the Discord platform, the mobile application can record the full screen. To know how to watch stream on Discord Mobile, follow these steps mentioned below: 

  1. Once your server is selected from the left-hand side of Discord, click on the voice channel you want to share and hit the join voice button. 
  2. After any particular Voice channel is joined, you will be able to see a symbol towards the borrow of the screen that appears like a phone with an arrow. Click on it. 
  3. On the subsequent window, click on start now when you are all set to start sharing. 

Now that the screen sharing is started, you can just go to the app menu of your phone, launch the app or game you wish to share and the streaming will be automatically done by Discord for you. Once the streaming is ready to stop, get back to the platform and click stop sharing. You can even click on the red-coloured button showing the option to end call for stopping the screen share and leaving the voice chat server. 

This post was all about answering how to watch stream on Discord Mobile. You can start a game stream as well as watch others stream a game on the mobile application of Discord very easily and some important steps for the same have been already mentioned above. You just need to follow these simple processes to watch any game stream on Discord Mobile. The Discord mobile application is just as easy to use as the PC version with a very good user interface.

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