Discord is a software that has been in the market since 2015 and has grown ever since. With features that mainly contribute to communication, it has gained popularity for varied options and convenience.

The convenience can differ between devices, as there might be slight changes that can happen between two different operating systems. That is why an IOS user must know how to use Discord on iPhone or an Apple computer.

how to use discord on iPhone
Detailed Procedure On How To Use Discord On IPhone 4

This is a separate and necessary knowledge as most people are very much used to using the windows or android version of the software. IOS users are comparatively found in a much lower ratio.

This is the reason why most people say that you will need to figure out how to use an IOS when you are used to using android. The confusion ends here.

As in the case of Discord, it is made simple as you read further from here.

Why use an iPhone for Discord?

Discord mainly has communication features  in different forms:

When it comes to comfort and ease of usage, what can be much user friendly than a mobile phone. By making Discord available on phones, it has elevated the user experience by levels.

The quality of an iPhone combined with the easy mode of communication services in Discord is the ultimate duo. This means that you can share whatever whenever on the go and choose to do it from the multimedia options available of the application.

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How to use Discord?

Discord is a software that is similar in most ways to other social media apps. That is because it has features for messaging, voice and video chatting with a contact list to access everything. But beyond that, it becomes a platform for communities and groups to form to make online discussions easier.

Chats that use typed messages

Video chatting

Voice calls

Groups that include all the above



Each of these can be a means of communication depending on your desired use. These options can be accessed once you are successfully signed in. They will be available next to the username of your friend in their chatbox.

It can also enable screen sharing while on a video call, for which the option is present on the bottom part of the video call screen.

The application is easy to understand due to the layout of the options, making learning how to use the app simple.

How to use Discord on iPhone?

To know how to use Discord on iPhone, one must first know how to get it on an iPhone and enter it.

That would mean that first, you need to learn the installation process.

Installing Discord on an iPhone

That can be done by going to the app store present on your phone.  After opening, you will find the search button on the bottom right corner of the screen. Select it. On the search bar type in Discord and hit the search icon.

This will bring you to the page where Discord can be downloaded and installed. The page will have "get" written beside the app and selecting this will start the downloading and installation process.

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Right after that, you will be prompted to enter your Apple ID. By entering the Apple ID you will have to select the install option to start the downloading process.

Voila! You have successfully downloaded the Discord application.

Registering onto Discord

Next comes the process of setting up a profile to learn how to use Discord.

For this, open up the installed Discord application on your iPhone. Below the 'welcome to Discord,' text, there will be the option for you to register. Select it to fill in the details that are necessary.

This only includes the username for the account, email details and a password that protects the account. Select the option next and move on to the prompt asking for your birthday details. Enter your birthday to create the account.

Using Discord on iPhone

Here is where you use the application. You can use it mainly for three purposes:

  • Communicate with friends
  • Join or create servers
  • Join or create channels
how to use discord on iPhone
Detailed Procedure On How To Use Discord On IPhone 5

Communicating with friends

When it comes to communicating with friends, firstly you need to find them on the Discord app. Much like the social media apps out there, Discord also require the user to be friends with someone on the app to chat.

This is done by searching for the user tag of the friend you want to add. If you already know the user tag of your friend, well and good. Otherwise, feel free to ask them for it.

Once you know their ID tag, you can search them up on the app. This can be done by selecting the icon resembling two heads on the menu bar.

The option to add a friend will appear in the middle of the screen. Select that and enter the username of your friend. Once you have found the username you can select it and send a friend request to their ID. The sent request is to be accepted by your friend to establish communication over Discord.

Now you can easily chat with them privately. You can also add more of your friends onto a group chat with the addition icon on the top right corner of the chat screen.

Servers - creating and joining

Servers can be easily created with a similar process. Select the menu first. There will be a  "+" symbol on the left-hand side of the menu panel. Select that to go on to create a server.

Select create yours on the page that appears and move on to choosing the kind - club/community or me and my friends. After selecting the choice, enter a name for the server and build it. You can add the topic for your server next and then move on to using it.

For joining a server select, join a server instead of Create. Here, the invite link can be pasted and the user can join in. Discord members can be also bought to increase the member count on the server.

Channels - creating and joining

Much like creating a server the creation of a channel is done by clicking the "+" sign on the menu. You can type in the channel name and create it.

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