For those who want an app that allows them to chat simultaneously while they are gaming on their computer or mobile phone, discord is the ultimate option to go for. It allows you to chat, live stream as well as message your friends through your gaming process. You can also send instant messages to your friends using this platform. It has many other features for users which are the reason why it is largely preferred by gamers.

Discord is an app that you can download for your computer for free. All you need to do is create an account on discord to start using it instantly. Once you have created your account on discord, you get accessibility to all the discord features. Out of all the significant features offered by discord, the most unique one is overlaid. Many discord users are looking forward to know how to use discord in game. To use discord in the game, you must be accustomed to the overlay feature of Discord. To know more about the overlay feature and how it can be used, keep reading this post ahead: 

how to discord in game

Can you use Discord when playing a game?

It has been made possible for users to use discord even when they’re playing a game by the overlay feature. The overlay is one out of the many features offered by discord. It is an excellent feature that enables the users to open discord amidst any game there playing. The overlay feature offered on discord can be used very easily and there are no long processes to follow for the same. Now, you might be willing to know how to use discord in game. So, read below to know more about this. 

Can overlay help you use Discord in the game?

The overlay is a feature on Discord that enables you to make use of chatting and calling services anytime you want on Discord. It is very easy to use even when you are using Discord in a game. It is mostly suitable for people who play games with true friends, family or other members of the team as it enables direct messaging for better coordination all through the game is played. You can also use this feature for customizing the gameplay or managing utility when you play the game. 

Discord has already made it very easy for its users and it allows so many customization options in this regard too. The overlay feature on Discord can be used with a wide range of games you want to play with an overlay presented on games you want to play. For becoming invisible, it can be modified till you are willing to open the app on yourself. 

Using Discord Overlay 

Before opening the game, open discord and click on the user settings option that shows up as a small gear like symbol towards the most bottom part of the screen beside the username. In the app settings section grammar make a click on the overlay option. Start to toggle to allow the in-game overlay feature and hit the slider. The combination of buttons can be changed when you opt for in-game overlay by clicking on the keyboard option that can be found right below the toggle of overlay security.

The settings based on display can also be modified for their respective avatars. It can be used for different notifications which continue to pop up as you play the game. Next, click on the option showing game activity right below app settings. You will then be requested to locate a list of different games associated with Discord. 

In case, any of these options are not visible to you, you can try to re-connect a game when you open it and tap on the add it button. Players may also connect their gaming account or any other social media account to see the games list. To do this, you will be required to tap in conditions in user settings. Apart from games, you will see a computer symbol. You may toggle the overlay to turn it on and off for the games you want. Make sure that the overlay feature is aided by games you are looking forward to playing. So, just open the game that you are willing to pause by using the overlay feature. The shift button can also be used by you to as a shortcut to open the overlay or other shortcuts assigned to open it. 

Why choose Discord Overlay? 

After opening overly on discord, you can open all other chats of which you are a member. It also allows you to search for channels you want to start a chat or add to your friend list. An overlay also allows users to send direct messages or start chatting over voice. To start the voice chat, the user needs to hit the phone but that can be found at the top of your screen. It depends on how you change or modify the settings associated with overlay and you can see names of users as you start the voice chat. You can also see the users participating in the voice chats on the screen and overlay can be launched when the voice chat box is shifted to another position on the screen.

As a Discord user, you can also pin a chat on the screen if you want it to be open everything the overlay is turned off. To do this, you must click on the thumbtack button that is there on the top of the screen. You should also detach the chat from the slider and try will see an option to shift the chatbox anywhere on the screen. It will also give you options to refuse the chatbox to avoid any kind of interruption in the game. 

Other keys can be pressed when you want to type in the chatbox. Some keys have already been attributed to performing this function on Discord. You shouldn’t also forget that to change the opacity of the chatbox, you can choose it on your own by the option mentioned on the topmost right side of the screen and also if you shift the bat till the required amount of opacity is achieved. Another option for you is to stream the particular gameplay using the Discord platform. If you are already a member of any server or channel on Discord, you need to click on the computer icon that can be seen on the bottom side right next to the title of the game you choose to play. This can help you in streaming the game on any server of your choice. 

how to discord in game

The overlay settings on Discord can be altered even when you are amidst a game. As soon as the overlay is opened, you will see options to navigate to the gear symbol to open the settings menu. You can change it by the primary overlay settings in the main application of Discord

That’s all to know on how to use discord in game. As stated by this post above, it is easy for you to use discord when you are playing a game using the overlay feature. Some useful tips and the required steps to be followed to use the overlay feature on your Discord account have also been mentioned above.