Discord is in simple terms a video, voice, and text chatting application. It is one of the most popular platforms that provide incredible features to users. There are numerous reasons why this application is so popular. All the reasons will be discussed further in the post along with the process of how to use the Discord app. 


Let us first know the basics of what a Discord platform is and then proceed further to other sections to understand the platform in greater detail. Discord is a platform not just for gamers but also for people seeking to make friends, dating partners, or discuss major life issues. Discord also, in addition, offers add-less service to the users that provide an enriching experience altogether. 

This application is used by more than thousands and millions of people throughout the world. People of more than 13 years of age connect and hang out to have fun with their friends and communities through the Discord application. The topics that people discuss on this platform with their friends and communities are of a wide range from family trips, art projects to mental support and homework. Well, if you are confused about how to use this platform, we have got you covered. The post below will be helping you to understand all the

">basics of this platform. So, continue reading the post below for your reference. 

how to use the discord app

How to chat with Discord friends?

Discord platform is among the most popular platforms for a variety of reasons which has been mentioned above in the post. If you are interested to learn how to use Discord app to chat with your friends, you are at the very right place. Discord platform was launched initially for the gamers to communicate with one another without any advertisements popping up in between the important conversation. The steps that one needs to follow to chat with the friends on Discord have been enlisted below for your reference and clarity. 

  • At the outset, you need to install the Discord application on your mobile device or your computer system.
  • Once you have installed this platform on your device, then you need to open up your account with your details. 
  • As the account has been opened, you can now search your friends by their username on this platform. As you see their profile, you will then have to add them to your list of friends. 
  • Only when your friends are on your friends list will you be able to chat with them. To chat with your friends, you need to open the Discord friends list. 
  • The next step is to look for the friend you want to connect with or want to chat with. Then, you will notice a DM icon that you need to tap on. 
  • You can now start talking to your friend through text, voice call or video call as you desire. 
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These were the steps that you need to follow to use the Discord platform. As you know how to use the Discord app, let us proceed further towards the next section to understand the process of creating the Discord server

How do you create a Discord server?

Not every individual get like-minded people easily and hence the Discord platform has also given the option to the users to create their servers. If you have been trying to make friends who match your vibes, in such a case you can either join a server with like-minded people or create your server. When you create your server other people who feel connected with your topic can join your server and this way you will be able to build your community. Let us understand at first how to create a Discord server in the below section. 

  • To begin with, you need to first install this application on your device (Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows). 
  • Assuming you already have an account on this platform, you will have to click on the plus icon that you will see towards the left-hand side in the downside corner of your screen. 
  • In case, you are creating your account for the very first time, you will get at the very beginning two options. You can either join the existing server or create your server.
  • Now that you are landed on a new page, you will have to fill in your location and other details to create the server.
  • Once the above step has been completed, you will then be required to tap on the ‘create server’ option towards the right-hand side down the corner of your screen.  
  • Now that your server has been created, you can set your server based on your own rules and restrictions. You can change the settings of your server through the settings option. 
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These were the steps that you need to follow if you desire to know how to use the Discord app to create a new server. Now that you know the process, keep on reading further if you are still wondering whether this is a safe app to use. 

how to use the discord app

Is it safe to use this app if you are 18+?

If you are a beginner and do not know much about this application, it is very obvious that you will have questions regarding the safety of this application. To get things straight for you, Discord is a very safe application that you can use if you are above 17 years of age. Anyone who has crossed this age category can very well without any second doubt use this application to make friends or to find someone to date. 

However, if you are still under 17 years of age, it is highly recommended for you not to use this platform. The process of how to use the Discord app has been already laid down above to help you if you are new to this platform. 

Can you make a private call on Discord?

Making private calls on this platform is not something that you should ever avoid. Discord applications allow its user to connect through private messages, voice calls as well as video calls. So, if you are concerned whether or not you can make a private call to the person you find attractive on Discord, we suggest you go ahead and do yourself this favor. You can make private calls as well on this platform to build the relationship. Not just do people make the private call for building strong relationships but also when they play games. 

Discord is an excellent platform that provides all the major features that most of the other similar application provides to the users. Interestingly, the users can also have the drawing sessions on this virtual platform which will further help them to strengthen their ties. Additionally, the app is not just limited to the virtual platform but also allows the user sort friends out and meet them in person as it provides the notification when any Discord friend is near the user. 

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