Discord is an app that allows you to chat and share and it can be used while playing games or chatting with other friends. It also offers an option for text to speech. The Discord Group DM, also known as Discord Group Direct Message is the best way to know how to make a group chat on Discord. By using this way of group chat, you can carry on chatting with just a limited number of people without having to create a separate Discord channel. You can also prevent unnecessary messages from unwanted users in this way.


Discord has fixed a group DM limit of 10 and a user cannot add friends more than the limit. The majority of the people can connect amongst themselves by public servers or direct messaging options. Group chatting is one of the most less talked about features of the Discord platform. This post will take you through using the

">Discord group chatting service and other related options you are offered here. 

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Group chatting through DMs enable you to get into chatting privately with a maximum number of 10 people without creating a server of your own and configuration of any channel. Through the group DM feature, a user can send different text messages along with pictures, emojis, images, links and other content. You can even start a video or voice call with the whole group’s participation even if all of them don’t want to join. Also, it makes it possible for you to share the screen which is useful for those who want to show any particular procedure to someone. 

Making a group chat on Discord 

how to make a group chat on discord
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If you want to learn how to make a group chat on Discord, you just need to follow the simple steps mentioned below: 

  1. Visit the Discord platform and click on the friend’s icon. 
  2. You will then see friends in all the categories including online, all, blocked and pending. 
  3. Towards the top-right corner, you will find an invite option. Click on invite to view all the friends on your list.
  4. In the section of the Discord group message, you can include a majority of 10 friends and you can chat or share all kinds of music with them.
  5. If there are no friends in your Discord friends list, send requests by the icon towards the top-right of the screen. For adding people in the Discord group DM, that user must be included in your list. 
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Making a Group Discord chat on Desktop 

Many desktop users wonder how to make a group chat on Discord. So, for doing the same, the users must sign into the official website of Discord.com. When you are signing into the official website, you will see a lot of options appearing on the screen. 

You will see the icon of the new group DM. After clicking on this option, you will be able to see friends in your friend list and you can choose the people whom you want to add to the Discord group DM. The maximum limit of a Discord Group chat is 10 so, you can’t surpass that.

Making a Discord Group DM on Mobile App 

The process is similar to the one used for the desktop version for creating group messages. You just need to follow the same steps for making a Discord Group chat on a mobile phone. There is just one thing to make sure that you download the Discord app for mobile and not the desktop version. 

Can you leave a Discord group chat?

Once the group DM is created on Discord, you just need to add friends and if you want to kick them off your group, you can follow the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Tap on Group DM
  2. Tap on the friends icon at the top-right corner
  3. You can then see all friends on the right side 
  4. Make a right-click on the friend’s name who is to be removed from the group
  5. Click on the remove from group option in the menu bar

Setting up a group DM 

how to make a group chat on discord
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There are two main ways of setting up a group DM. The first option requires you to open a pre-existing private DM and click on the “Add Friends to DM” option, which you can find towards the left of the screen. You must note that this process won’t allow you to invite a user to your pre-existing DM, rather, it will lead to an all-new group chat including you, the user whose DM you were already in, and users you want to send the invitation to. 

This also doesn’t work in the group DMs as you will only have to invite all the users apart from, creating a different one. In an already existing private DM, click on the option of “Add Friends to DM’ and create a new group chat, including yourself, your friends and you can invite other users. 

As an alternate option, one can also create a completely new DM symbol on the top-most right side. You can click on the “New Group DM” symbol in the upper-right of the option showing Friends on the screen. Regardless of whichever method you choose to set up a group chat, it is quite simple. However, for inviting a user to your group chat, you must be friends with him/her over Discord. Just tick off the names of all those you want to include or start searching for them in the search bar. When all the names of your choice are selected, click on the “create group chat” option. 

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How to make a group chat on Discord?

As soon as the group chat is created, any user can start direct messaging you or invite you to be their friend on Discord. So, until and unless you see that a minimum of one member is your Discord friend or is a friend of someone who’s there in your friend list already, things can be really easy. You can also click on the “generate link” option for generating an invite like for your group chat. 

Discord, a very well-known platform used for group chat was initially started to provide the players with a platform to help communities talk amongst themselves. It was launched in the year 2015; it was launched to include different communities from the internet world. At the most initial stage, Discord is developed to permit the members to chat with each other. Every community on Discord is referred to as “server”. 

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These servers are full of text-based channels and voice messages. The users are also allowed to share images, music, internet links, and videos amongst themselves. There are numerous servers on Discord and each one of them is solely devoted to a particular topic or interest. For those who are interested in a particular topic, there are higher chances to find a specific Discord server to suit their interest. 

This is all that Discord users must know about how to make a group chat on Discord. Discord is a platform mainly dedicated to gamers but, there are servers dedicated to other fields of interest too. There is an option of starting group chat in group DM of every community known as a server on Discord.