Most newbies are confused after they join Discord because they do not know how to join a Discord channel and how to engage with other members of the community. Discord is an interesting application that allows VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that enables users to communicate by calling each other over the internet. Users can also instantly send files to each other privately or as part of communities (servers) and chat on Discord.

1 Sign Up For An Account
2 Create A Discord Server
3 Log Into Your Existing Account
4 Create A Discord Channel
5 Text Channels
6 Voice Channels
7 Join A Discord Channel
8 Join A User’s Server Through An Invitation Link

Discord is unique from other social media apps because of how fast it has grown in just 6 years. It was initially released in 2015. Since then, the number of users of Discord has increased tremendously. This rapidly growing platform has over 150 million monthly active users.

The concept of this application came from social gaming platforms such as OpenFeint and Guildwork. The app became widely used by esports and LAN tournament gamers. Later in the year 2021, the company tripled its estimated valuation to $15 billion.

how to join a discord channel
Short Guide On How To Join A Discord Channel 4

Sign Up For An Account

To use the features of Discord and to know how to join a Discord channel, you are required to make a Discord account/server first. Making an account on Discord is not the same as making an account on any other social media app. You need to make a server with a theme that you will be discussing.

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For making a server you need to go to Discord’s website or search for the Discord app on AppStore/play store. When you enter the landing page of Discord’s website or when you open the Discord app after downloading, you can enter the username that you like. Then you need to click/tap on proceed. After that, you can enter your date of birth and then click/tap on next. Then you can create your Discord server.

Create A Discord Server

If you need to know how to join a Discord channel, you first need to know how to create a Discord server. After you have chosen your username and given your date of birth, you can move on to make your Discord server. By making a server, you will be visible to other Discord members. You can increase your visibility on Discord by increasing the number of Discord members on your server.

You can create your server or choose a template that is provided on the page. Then you need to specify the purpose of your Discord server: if you intend to connect with people you know like your family, and friends, or for a club or community that you want to create.

Then you will be asked to confirm your server name. You can double-check if you are satisfied with your server name. Then you can upload your profile picture. Uploading a profile picture is crucial because it is a key factor in making yourself visible to your friends, and family and creating trustworthiness. Then you can click/tap on the create button.

how to join a discord channel
Short Guide On How To Join A Discord Channel 5

You can now enter the topic name of your server and click/tap on the create button. Your server will be created instantly. Then you can click/tap on the “take me to my server” button and finish signing up. The last step for signing up is that you need to provide your email address and create a password for your server.

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Then you will receive a confirmation email from Discord on the email that you provided. You can click/tap on that link and confirm your account on Discord. Then you can use your Discord app on your browser, desktop, or mobile device.

Log Into Your Existing Account

You can also log in to your existing account/server. You can easily understand How To Join A Discord Channel if you already have a Discord channel. You can read the section below to join a channel.

Create A Discord Channel

For knowing How To Join A Discord Channel, make sure you have a Discord server/account and you have logged in to your server. You can create a channel from your profile, and click/tap on the arrow button beside your username. Then you can see the create channel option. Click/tap on that option. After clicking on the create channel, you will have two options namely, “text channel” and “voice channel”.

Text Channels

If you want to create a Text channel, you can select the text channel option. In-text channels, you can post images, GIFs, stickers, opinions, and puns. You can name your text channel. You can keep your channel public or private. If you select a private channel, you can select members and roles will be able to view the text channel. Then you can click/tap on the “create channel” button.

Voice Channels

You can create a voice channel on Discord by following the same procedure as creating a text channel. You can select the voice channel and then enter the channel name. You can keep your voice channel public or private according to your preferences. Then you can click/tap on the “create channel” button.

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Join A Discord Channel

Now that you know how to create your Discord channel, you can easily understand how to join a Discord channel. You can join a public Discord channel easily. You have to click on the explore icon and search for communities on the search bar. You can also join the existing communities that are featured.

After you join a server, you will be able to see all the text and voice channels of the server. You can join those channels instantly and participate. To create a following on Discord, you can increase Discord members on your account/server which will help you in increasing your trustworthiness on Discord.

Now that you know how to join a Discord channel, you also know that there are public and private Discord servers available for a user to join. You can join a user's server through an invitation link as well. Users who make private servers can give access to their servers by sending an invitation link to whomever they want. There is only one way of joining a private channel and that is through an invitation link. You can send invitation links to your friends as well to join your private Discord server/channels.