It is very easy to make calls on Discord. You just need to search for the person whom the call should be made. Make a right-click on the name and click on call. You can also go to the message history option and discover other calling options mentioned at the top of the conversation.

Besides these options, you can also find other options which allow you to include friends in your DM. This will help in creating a very new privately used chat room and adding all of them to the calls made in that particular chat room. For leaving the call, one just needs to touch the red color bigger sized button showing leave call. For knowing more details on how to join a Discord call, read ahead. 

how to join a discord call

What are the different types of calls you can make on Discord?

Discord allows you to make different kinds of calls like video calls, voice calls, one-to-one calls, and group calls. The best part about Discord calls is that you do not need to pay anything extra to make a call on Discord. You just need to follow the right steps and choose the correct options to make a call in Discord successfully. The quality of both video calls and voice calls on Discord is excellent as it allows no interruption to be caused to the users while they are on a call. You can also make international calls on Discord using their calling feature and this has been discussed in this post ahead. 

Is there any limit fixed for a group call on Discord?

Usually, in a group call on Discord, the limit for several users is 10. But, in times of uncertainty, the Discord team increased the pre-existing limit to 25 users so that more and more people could connect amongst themselves. However, there are chances for the limit to get reduced shortly. 

How can you join a call on Discord?

If you want to know how to join a Discord call that already exists from before, you must know that it is a very simple process. In case of a private call, you can find an option to decline the call, join it using video, or just with voice without even turning on the camera. If it is a call from public servers, you can join the voice call channel by making a click on it towards the left side of the screen and clicking the video option beside your name just like you did while starting the voice call. 

Discord is a platform for digital distribution that is mostly used by gaming enthusiasts for communicating on the internet. With several chatting options, the players can connect amongst themselves. This app also provides several ways for good communication on a personal level.

On the Discord platform, people are allowed to communicate with their friends directly by the use of voice chat or text options and they are also allowed to join several servers for interaction with the added communities on Discord. This point leaves people to wonder about the features offered by Discord and whether it provides voice and video calling features. The answer to this will be yes. Discord also allows you to include all members of a costuming server over a call. 

Reasons to use the Discord calling feature 

There are a lot of benefits you can get from using the calling feature on Discord apart from being able to make calls to your family, group members, and friends: 

  • It makes sure that the connection is stable by making use of private servers. As an outcome, there are very low chances for the users to face any kind of interruptions during a Discord call.
  • Discord doesn’t make use of the microphone while you are on any video call but not talking. It can also eliminate all background noise caused in meetings. 
  • The mobile app of the Discord platform is so improved that it can play its role in enhancing the user experience of the Discord calling feature.
  • Making calls on Discord is a very simple thing to do. It doesn’t take up much time and you need not even have a lot of tech-based knowledge to make calls on the Discord platform. 

These are just a few out of numerous reasons why users choose the Discord calling feature to connect with their friends, family, and other team members. 

How many Discord calls can you make at once?

Discord doesn’t allow you to make more than 1 call at a time. So, you can remain active in just 1 voice channel and not more than 1. 

However, it has been recently discovered that if you are on a PC/phone and using the voice call feature for calling privately, the server allows you to stay in a call using any one of the two servers. 

What is the maximum duration of a Discord call?

On the desktop application, when you are in private calling with a user and another user leaves a call for more than 5 minutes, you will get automatically disconnected for saving the network bandwidth. 

how to join a discord call

Are Discord calls safe?

Discord calls are private and safe and they can’t be accessed until they are in the call or a particular group in which the call is made. But, it is not very likely for your calls to be logged but at the same time, they can be logged any time. This applies to other activities performed on Discord using aby another third-party website. 

Can you call a friend on Discord?

You can call a friend on Discord and the process is very simple. At first, you must ensure that the friend you want to call us has already been added to your friend list. Then, click on the friend list option, search for the friend you want to add to the call, and tap the call icon located just beside their name. Once this is done, the call starts immediately. 

Does Discord allow you to make calls internationally? 

You must remember the fact that Discord is a platform that is completely VOIP which means that it allows voice over IP. You only need to incur data usage charges and nothing more to call internationally on Discord. So yes, Discord allows you to make international calls without having to pay anything extra. You must have an active internet connection to make calls on Discord. You must know the basics of how to join a Discord call. 

Discord is one such platform that allows you to connect with people who have interests that are similar to you. But, there are times when the users are willing to go a step further from talking to someone simply over text messaging. That’s the reason why Discord offered the calling feature. It offers both video calling as well as voice calling features to the users. In the Discord app, video calling allows you to bridge the gap and remain connected to your loved ones from anywhere in the world and at any time.