Discord is gaining rapid momentum and is gradually diversifying its approach. However, this is where you need to step up your game and know how to find discord. Since the number of available servers is increasing at an alarming rate, it isn’t surprising that more and more people are now looking for platforms that are worth the time and effort. 

Joining random discord servers might have been fun in the beginning. However, things are now changed and people are focused more on quality than quantity. So, it is a given that you need to analyze the right approach and then find the best discord servers that are more than worthy of the time and effort.

how to find discords

This article will discuss some of the most important tips you need to know to find the best discord servers on the platform.

How do you use the Discord Server search?

If you are wondering how to find discord, be aware that the discord server search is the easiest way to get around it. The isolated process is easy to manage, not to mention that you get access to some of the best suggestions depending on the niche you are searching the server in.

With the growing popularity of Discord, there are over a hundred million servers that you can engage in. You can more or less find a discord server for every niche, topic, or category that you likely need to engage a conversation in.

Here’s how you can make the most use of the discord server search feature:

  • Start by opening the discord app on your desktop
  • Once you are on your server or profile, navigate to the left menu panel and click on the “Explore Public Services” icon on the platform.
  • This will redirect you to the official server directory of the public servers on the platform. It has individual categories like Gaming, Science and Tech, and so on.
  • Once you find a discord server that piques your interest, what you can do is click on the “Join” button that is present on the top right corner of the screen.
  • If this doesn’t bring you the desired results, we’d recommend that you look into the individual search option that allows you to look through the individual groups, communities, and servers based on a specific niche.
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Are there Online Directories for the Discord servers?

Another effective way on how to find discord is using online directories. There are quite a few popular online directories that you can indulge in. If you are planning to find the best servers, we’d recommend you follow these three directories.

  • Disboard.org – This is hands down the largest discord directory that involves discord servers including different kinds of niches, including languages, music, politics and even LGBTQIA+ discussions and groups.
  • Discord.me – This is another popular directory that includes thousands of per category. 
  • Discordservers.com – If you are particularly looking for gaming and geek culture on discord to join, this is hands down the best option you can look into.

What are some of the other best ways to find Discord servers?

If the directories and the other standard search on Discord don’t suffice your needs, the next best option for you is to manually look for other constructive options. Keep in mind that these work like a charm and effectively help you make the most out of the search experience.

We have sorted out some of the best and alternative ways in which you can find the best discord servers online. Remember that you need to keep a tab on all or one of these methods to see which one works the best for you.

how to find discords
  • Leverage social media

There’s nothing that you can’t find on social media. Not just for individuals, even companies are making their presence known on discord. So, if you are looking for company-specific discord, you can always find them on their social media handles or their community forums. The forums on the social media platforms are also amazing to get insights about the best discord channels that are available online.

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  • Use Patreon

Content creators are consistently looking for platforms where they can share their exclusive content for a price. Patreon is one such renowned platform that is known to cater to the needs of these creators. If you are looking for access to some exclusive discord servers, you can gain entry to those servers using Patreon. It is a paid method because Patreon charges you money to support a creator’s journey. However, this is an amazing way to gain access to exclusive discord servers that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to gain access to.

  • Check Facebook groups

Although we have mentioned social media before in the list, be assured that the effectiveness of the process is amplified when you leverage Facebook groups for the same. There is an abundance of Facebook groups available in the market that you can make the most use of. They host new, old and popular discord servers, that you can leverage and find like-minded people on. Besides that, there are popular discord servers for Facebook groups.

  • Streaming platforms

Game streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube gaming, and Facebook gaming are hands down some of the best platforms for you to get access to gaming-based platforms. Ideally, we’d recommend that you focus on the community of gamers that spend their time and efforts on their game streaming profile. Make sure you browse through the available options before you decide to join a server.

  • Rely on recommendations

Lastly, there’s nothing that works better than word of mouth. So, if you have a like-minded friend or family member who is an active discord user, we’d recommend that you ask them for suggestions on some of the best discord servers available on the platform. Ideally, it is better if you only join the servers that match your frequency, likes, and dislikes. The last thing you want is to engage on a platform that doesn’t live up to your expectations.

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Are all the Discord servers safe?

There are hundreds and millions of discord servers available on the platform. So, if you are struggling to make the most out of the situation, we’d highly recommend you take your time to research the available servers, find the most popular servers and join the platforms that are verified by discord. This way, you are ensured of the quality of the platforms. Just ensure that you never join the unwarranted platforms that have no good name to them. Also, make sure you stay active on the server that you find the maximum benefit.

When it comes to finding the right discord server that attunes to your liking, the process can be tedious and quite prolonged. However, given that there are hundreds and thousands of available servers and communities on discord, it isn’t surprising that you can make the most out of each community when you join them. The process of how to find discord can be a little jarring and complicated. However, be assured that you won’t have to struggle much if you do follow along with the right techniques and the steps and tricks we have sorted out for you in this guide.