What is Discord all about? 

Initially, Discord started as a voice chat application for people who are gaming enthusiasts. Since its emergence, it has continually grown to be a well-known platform for hosting chat-based forums and communities. Several Discord servers cater to various interests, such as games, music, movies and a lot more. If you are wondering how to find Discord servers and communities, you must look around. 


However, it is not as easy as it sounds and it can be tricky for you to understand where you should start the search from. Also, the new users on Discord can be confused regarding where they should start from. Here are a few ways by which you can find some top-rated Discord servers while gaming. You can either create your server on Discord or join the servers created by other users. There are no such restrictions laid by Discord in terms of the number of servers a user can join. You are free to join as many servers as you want

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how to find Discord

How to find Discord servers while gaming?

Regardless of whether you use the Discord app for mobile or desktop apps,

">looking for servers is only possible by taking a look at the left-side menu. Clicking on the compass symbol cab also help you in opening the official directory of public servers on Discord.

On the homepage of the official directory, you will find some of the well-known Discord servers belonging to some very popular games. These servers also comprise millions of members and are counted amongst the biggest Discord servers. Anyone of these servers can be joined by you, or you can also look for other sections in the menu. 

You can make use of the search bar to search for a specific group of interests. Out of the results, if you find anything standing out for you, you should click on the read option to know more about that particular server before joining it. How to find Discord servers is a commonly asked question by users on Discord. 

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There’s another way of finding Discord servers while gaming by using the website of Discord. Discord has curated a list of the best Discord servers for you to join. These servers include various topics, gaming communities, and fan bases of manga and anime. It lists down some of the most popular Discord servers for different topics including movies, music, role-playing, memes and technology. 

How to find Discord Servers ?

To look for the best Discord server, you must scroll downwards the screen and keep browsing the Discord directory with the help of popular tags and categories on the homepage. Categories are enlisted in warm blue and well-known tags can be seen in green. You just need to click on the topic to see all the Discord servers based on that topic. 

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Once a topic is clicked on, one can get more information regarding every server including name, reviews, rating, and explanation of the server as well as the number of presently active people. You can also see a flag indicating the language in which the server works as well as an NSFW icon to indicate the servers which are inky accessible by adults. 

The users can add another term to the search bar for searching for the servers associated with their field of interest. To browse other user reviews of gaming communities, you can tap on the reviews button towards the top to check the ratings for every Discord server individually. Once you get a server that matches your interest, click on the join option. 

Discord servers are much modernized platforms for online discussion. They offer many other options such as system notifications, voice chat, and application support on both smart devices and computers. There are numerous servers for Discord users to join, based on various topics. You can also find many dating servers as well as gaming servers. 

Server directory is the in-built search method offered by Discord. It may be a bit difficult for you to look for servers on your Discord account homepage. You can use a magnifying glass that goes all way down towards the bottom of the sidebar. You can find it under all other well-known tags related to servers. If you connect your Discord to any particular gaming service, the search will present you with various servers related to the game you play often. 

Can you join a Discord server while gaming?

A lot of people have a question about how to find Discord servers, especially when they are in the middle of a game. It is possible to look for servers or join them while you are gaming. You can make use of the inlay feature of Discord to minimize your game tab and look for servers. You can search for servers using the ways which are already discussed above.

Once you find a suitable server, you can hit the join button to join it. If it is a private server, you must know that it is owned by someone who wants to keep it private. So, for joining such a server you may have to wait for a little till your request to join the server gets accepted. In the case of a public server, you can join it instantly as you hit the join button. Public servers are free to join. 

Other ways by which you can find Discord Servers while gaming 

You can locate some of the best Discord servers through the in-built server or aby official Discord directory. However, there are many other ways by which you can Discord servers. Some of these ways are explained below as follows: 

  • Social media: Several companies, as well as individuals, are often seen to share a link to their Discord server on their social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 
  • Check various groups on Facebook: There are a few Facebook Groups that can help you to join Discord servers by requesting the creator. 
  • Follow video game streams: Many big and small video game streamers on various gaming platforms own a Discord server for their communities. You can chat with them to know more about their streams, games, and other relevant topics. Check the profile page of your favourite streamer to check if they have a Discord server that is accepting more members. 
  • Third-party apps: There are a lot of third-party apps which can be used to look for Discord servers on your kind. 
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how to find Discord

These are a few ways by which you can look for Discord servers. Discord allows you to join as many servers as you want, so you must browse through the servers freely and search for them until you can find a suitable online community that is best for your needs. But, if you still find it difficult to get connected to a suitable server, you can create a server of your own and start inviting people to join your server.