Discord is a unique social media app that allows private and public text-only/voice-only channels. It offers a wide range of features that are accessible from a mobile phone or a computer or a tablet. For understanding how to DDOS a Discord server, you need to know the basic things that Discord does.

You can send messages with avatars, customize user permissions, share topics with friends by tagging them in messages/creating mutual friends lists, search for people by username or keyword, meeting in private/public chat rooms whenever you want. There are many other features that Discord allows its users to take advantage of. It is the best app for making clubs and groups or creating an online community by getting more Discord members on your server.

What Is DDOS?

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a subclass of DoS (Denial of Service) attacks. A DDoS involves a botnet that is used to overwhelm a target website with fake traffic. If you need to know how to DDOS a discord server, you need to understand the DDoS attacks and their consequences. Generally, DDoS is a cyberattack in which the perpetrator can flood the server with a lot of requests or traffic to overload systems and prevent the proper functioning of the server.

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In layman's terms, DDoS is an entry-blocking attack done by a group of people/users/bots that crowd the doorway of a shop. This makes it hard for regular or legitimate people to enter the shop (server). As a result of the unusual crowd, the service will be denied to legitimate users who want to enter the server. The server might shut down, slow down, or in rare cases, permanently delete.

How To DDOS A Discord Server
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Denial of Service attacks is generally of two types, the distributed DoS attack, and a Yo-Yo attack. They either crash the server or flood the server for a given time. The most serious attacks are distributed.

A Distributed DoS attack occurs when multiple systems flood the server. It uses more than one IP address from thousands of hosts infected with malware. When multiple machines are used to cause a DDoS attack, it is harder to shut out the attack because the behavior of each machine's attack is different. It is also difficult to recognize legitimate users from attack traffic because it is spread across multiple points of origin. The scale of DDoS attacks has increased over time exceeding 1TB/s.

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A Yo-Yo attack is a type of DDoS attack that is aimed at cloud-hosted applications. The attacker generates a flood of traffic to cleverly scale the services outwards then halts the attack which leaves the victim with over-provisioned resources. After scaling down, the attack will be resumed which causes the resources to scale back up. This scaling up and down leads to a reduced quality of service.

How To Identify A DDoS

If you use Discord, you might have come across a DDoS attack. It is essential to recognize a DDoS attack if you are learning how to DDoS a Discord server. The obvious symptom is the slowing down or unavailability of the server. It can have many causes such as an unusual spike in traffic that can lead to performance and service issues, the surge in requests to a single endpoint, and a spike in traffic with unusual patterns.

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How to DDOS a Discord server

It is possible to DDoS a Discord server and there are many online websites and tools available for hire if you want to DDoS a Discord server. DDoSing can be done if there is a public server. If it is a private server, an invite-only server to which you are invited in, or a private, invite-only server to which a person you know and trust has access. To know how to DDOS a Discord server, you first need to understand how botnets work.

A Botnet is a group of bots that are used for cyberattacks such as DDoSing a server and is managed remotely from a command and control center. These include all the devices especially personal devices such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, and unsecured IoT devices. It can also include public cloud services. Botnets enable attackers to carry out DDoS of a server by obscuring the source of traffic. Since traffic is distributed in a DDoS, it becomes hard to detect a DDoS attack until it's too late.

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You can create a botnet that needs to make Discord accounts using collected data and friend request one of the bots. Then make that one bot request all of the bots available. Then you need to enter/join the server. After joining, make sure that you increase the activity of the bots to a point where the bandwidth is reduced to nothing. Spamming messages and using voice chat will also help in reducing bandwidth. This is by far the most common way to quickly learn how to DDoS a Discord server.

Should You Do It Or Not

How To DDOS A Discord Server
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When you get habituated to Discord, it is most likely to think about how to DDOS a Discord server. Since Discord has encrypted data traffic, even if someone is trying to grab your IP, it is not nearly too easy. External sources like websites and programs can be used to grab your IP address. You can run a DDoS attack. It is possible but not recommended. In some countries, it is illegal to DDoS a Discord server.

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Make sure that it is legal in the country that you live in. You can find many DDoS service providers that are experienced in carrying out DDoS attacks on many platforms. You can avoid learning the technicality of DDoS and let the experts handle DDoSing on a Discord server. If you want to DDoS your server just to increase Discord members on your server, you should consider growing your Discord members by other practices.