Discord has gained rapid momentum among gamers and chatting enthusiasts. However, if you are hooked to the platform and want to expand your user experience without any limitations to the server, knowing how much does Discord cost is important. Ideally, the paid version of Discord is termed as “Nitro”, which offers a range of evolved benefits aside from the basic perks.

If you are considering indulging in the benefits, you must focus on knowing the monthly and yearly costs that are involved in running the discord community. 

How much does Discord cost?

This article discusses everything there is to know about the costs of the Discord premium version and the kind of perks you get with it?.

how much does discord cost
How Much Does Discord Cost? 3

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord is an online platform for the gaming community, wherein they come together to discuss different types of communication via video, voice or even text.

While the platform is predominantly free, there is a paid version to the platform too, which is known as Discord Nitro.

Although Discord started as a platform for the gaming community, it has since then diversified and grown an exponential amount. The online community on the server come together to discuss the subjects that the servers are focused around.

The Discord nitro provides an enhanced Discord experience to the users.

From bigger file uploads to different emoji upgrades, Nitro offers a range of exclusive features that makes it enhanced for users.

Discord Nitro is available in two pricing formats – monthly and yearly. The monthly rate is $9.99 per month while the yearly one is $99.99 per year.

What are the perks available with Discord Nitro?

Now that you have a basic understanding of the paid version of Discord, we must discuss the perks and features you get with the platform too.

Besides knowing how much does Discord cost, you also need to know what kind of perks you will get with the platform. This is what decides whether the platform is worth the investment or not.

Some of the additional perks that you get with Discord Nitro include:

  • Better emoji access

Social media platforms are all about expressing one’s emotions. While text-based messages can get the message and context though, they aren’t likely reliable for emoji access. Discord’s standard platform doesn’t offer access to all the relevant emojis involved in the equation. With Discord Nitro, you get access to the absolute best range of emojis that are available. From animated emojis to unique and rare finds, you get a lot to play with.

  • Create a personal profile

Having access to the best quality and personalized approach to your user profile on Discord is an unmatched experience.

The same is available with the paid version of Discord wherein you can use an animated avatar and even integrate a custom tag to your profile. This makes the profile stand out, especially in a popular server or community of people. The integration of the animated avatar in the profile further stands out too.

  • Support a server

Another amazing benefit that you get with the paid version of Discord is access to extra server boosts on the platform.

This makes Discord more accessible and easier to play around with.

If you want to expand your server base and have more options to play around with, this is where you can make the most out of the situation.

Besides the 2 server boosts, the platform also offers a 30% discount on the extra boosts, which makes their services a lot more accessible.

  • Get timely support

Once you know how much does Discord cost, along with the amazing range of benefits they offer, you won’t have to regret getting the paid subscription to the platform. Ideally, we’d recommend that you get the paid version if you want timely support from Discord’s tech support team. This is a must feature if you host a large server with a wide community of people.

In case there are technical difficulties with the platform, the premium users get optimal support to fix the issue before things take a turn for the worse.

  • Allows bigger uploads

Another benefit or perk to using Discord nitro is that it supports bigger uploads. Discord is a platform where gamers predominantly come together to support their endeavors, so it isn’t even a question that with Nitro, the users get access to the bigger uploads, which conveniently support the overall user experience.

The Nitro version supports up to 100MB high-quality file sharing, which is indeed quite promising.

  • Supports HD video

With the platform with Discord nitro, you want to enjoy the perks of having access to HD quality videos and this supports just that.

From high-resolution video and HD image support, the platform also supports screen sharing and Go live streaming functions, which is always a benefit that you can make the most use of. However, this is a perk that not many beginner Discord users know about. So, make sure you familiarize yourself with this.

how much does discord cost
How Much Does Discord Cost? 4

Is the Discord Nitro good for every user?

Every single social media or community-based platform has its premium package platform and for Discord, it is Nitro.

Although the platform indeed offers a range of amazing perks and exclusive features, it is also true that Nitro is not for every user’s needs.

If you are a beginner who doesn’t have much idea about Discord and you are in the process of exploring the platform and the associated benefits, we’d recommend sticking to the free and standard version of the platform.

Once you have scoped out the platform and know a bit more about the servers and the communities, you can then move ahead and discuss getting the Nitro platform access.

Till then, stick to the standard version only. Also, if you don’t run huge servers, Nitro might not be a necessity for you as well. It is ideal for the users who need to upload high-resolution images and videos more frequently to their servers.

Is Discord Nitro more secure?

The level of security is pretty much the same, despite you paying or not paying for the platform.

However, we’d recommend that you avail the Discord nitro if you handle large servers that engage thousands of users on the platform.

Although the Discord platform is accessible to every user, the premium Nitro users have better perks, especially when it comes to the tech support they provide.

Ideally, prompt customer support is a crucial part of Discord Nitro. So, if you want quicker resolutions, we’d recommend paying the extra ten bucks each month.

Discord is growing at an alarming rate. The best part of this platform is its diversification. What started as a community platform for gamers has now diversified to other niches too. Knowing how much does Discord cost can make the decision-making process a lot easier for the users. We’d highly recommend that you focus on the perks, features and the kind of benefits that they come with.

We hope this article gives you all the insights that you need to know about Discord, the benefits and the kind of money that you have to pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

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