On Discord, you can chat, voice chat, video chat, screen-share, share images, GIFs, videos, and stream live, privately as well as publicly. The app that allows the users to do so much is for free all over the world. Read on to find out how much data does discord use for everything it does. Data is used by every application that is installed on your phone, tablet, laptop, and PC.

How Much Data Does Discord Use
Finding Out How Much Data Does Discord Use 4

Discord is versatile and matches every need of the user whether it is streaming a game live or chatting with your friends. You can connect with your friends or make new friends by increasing the number of Discord members on your server. It has gained the trust of millions of regular users. While you can do many things, you might be wondering how much data does Discord use for providing all these cool features. Since you can chat and play the game at the same time with the help of Discord, it will need data to work smoothly.

It is necessary to know how much data does Discord use if you are using Discord regularly. It will help in tracking your data for billing purposes and tracking your screen time. Discord uses the users’ data from the users’ activity on the application to manage every user's preferences and choices. It also uses internet data to work effectively.

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How Does Discord Store Data?

Discord grew faster than every other social media app and the user-generated data grew rapidly as well. Discord had billions of chat messages every day. Discord stores these billions of messages by way of chat history so that users can store all their chats forever and have access to data stored from any device. Discord’s company culture includes quickly building product features with a path to a more robust solution. It uses the database called “Cassandra” that fulfills all of its data storage requirements.

How Much Data Does Discord Use Per Hour?

Since Discord provides a lot of features that other social media apps do not, it is bound to use more data than other apps. This is not a bad thing, provided the features of the app. The app needs more data. It uses a lot of data. A rough estimate is about 350 MB per hour. It can climb up to 900 MB per hour if you are using high-quality streaming or watching. However, the amount of data used by Discord is different for every device. If you use Discord on your PC, you end up using a lot of data.

It is different if you use Discord on mobile or tablet. Since it has a lot of other processes running in the background, it requires high data usage. The Discord app for PC has much more advanced features and is loaded with plugins and options that are otherwise not available on mobile or tablets. This results in unbelievably high data usage. The key factor that can be used to determine exactly how much data does discord use, is on which device/platform it is being used.

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How Much Data Does Discord Use And How Can You Reduce It?

Now that you know that Discord uses as much data as you can provide it, specifically on a PC device, you can follow the tips provided below to reduce the use of data. If you have a limited subscription plan or if you generally have low bandwidth, you have to reduce the data consumption of the application to an acceptable level. You do not have to slow down other apps/related tasks because of the high data usage of Discord. You can follow these 3 tips mentioned below if you want to reduce the data usage:

1.   By Adjusting Bitrate

The first and the easiest way of controlling the data usage of Discord is by adjusting the bitrate of a channel. You can adjust the bitrate of a channel from the settings section of the app. When you open the settings of the app, you can adjust the bitrate of any specific channel, so that it uses less data and still performs well.

2.   By Turning Off Plug-ins

Many plug-ins are provided on a Discord server/account. You can completely control how many plug-ins you are currently using and how many plug-ins you will need in the future. As for the plug-ins that you no longer use, you can turn them off. This does not require a lot of expertise. It is a basic measure that anyone can use to minimize data usage.

3.   By Switching To A Mobile/Browser Version

As you know that Discord can use about 300-900MB of data on a PC, you can reduce the data usage dramatically if you simply switch to a mobile version or a browser version of the app. Anyway, if you use Discord just for viewing, chatting, or browsing, a mobile version or a browser version of the app is more suitable, easier, and faster to use. It reduces the data consumption to an acceptable level that does not hinder the usage of other apps.

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How Much Data Does Discord Use For Voice Chat?

During a normal voice chat in a channel of 2-10 people, the data used is about 300KB downloaded after five minutes. When the time increases for 3 hours, the download usage climbs up to 20MB. Data usage for 24 hours of voice chat can increase up to 200MB.

How Much Data Does Discord Use Compared With Other Apps?

When compared with other streaming apps and browsers, Discord uses much fewer data. Discord normally uses 5-50MB per hour for download and 1-25MB for upload. This is comparatively low when compared to browsing normally on the internet and streaming videos from other applications.

How Much Data Does Discord Use On Mobile?

How Much Data Does Discord Use
Finding Out How Much Data Does Discord Use 5

Many apps and websites minimize the amount of data usage when you are using the website or app on a mobile device connected to the internet through a limited or unlimited data plan. It does so to prevent the depletion of mobile plans’ data caps. Discord uses the least amount of data if you are accessing your Discord server from your mobile phone. Discord is flexible on mobile phones and if your primary need is to chat with your friends or network and gain more Discord members, using a mobile version might be good for you.