Discord is a popular chat service that started its journey in 2015. Standing in 2022, you must be wondering how many people use Discord. Before we answer that question, you should know that Discord was launched as a chatting app for gamers. But soon it received massive support from people all over the world.

Today, Discord is not only used by gamers, but also by other people. The company has undergone major changes over the years. This helped the app to become more advanced.

Now, coming back to the question “how many people use Discord.” This platform receives 150 million active users every month. Based on 2021 reports, there are 390 million users registered on Discord. The annual revenue of the company is around $130 million.

How many people use Discord?

According to 2022 reports, nearly 300 million users opened an account on Discord, out of which 120 million were active users. At present, the number of monthly active users has increased to 150 million. In just 1 year, the active users increased by 30 million. The numbers are expected to grow more in the future.

Many of you may not know this but Discord was selected to replace the official app for distance learning by the government when it failed in France.

how many people use Discord
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This action contributed to the growth of Discord. It helped the company to secure its position in the top ten downloaded apps in the country. Currently, Discord is holding its position in the top 50 most downloaded apps in the US, UK, and France.

This should pretty much answer the question “how many people use Discord.”

The Vision behind Discord

Discord is different from other chatting apps. Although it involves complex technology, the app is easy to use. This app was launched with gamers as its main target audience. But later, the company decided to make Discord available to all types of users.

Unlike other social apps, there is no competition for views, comments, and likes on this platform. It also doesn’t include video reels or newsreels. It also lacks the algorithm that decides user favourites. So what exactly makes it special?

According to Stan and Jason, the founders of Discord, this app is established as a medium that allows you to connect and interact with friends and communities. This is a user-friendly platform that lets people interact seamlessly.

Users can create their servers, join communities, and enjoy direct messaging with friends. It is a simple chatting service with some unique features.

Advantages of Using Discord

Using Discord makes communication easy. It also has many other advantages that make it stand out from other chatting apps in the market.

The main advantages of using Discord are:

  • You can send direct messages to your friends.
  • You can make both voice calls and video calls on the platform.
  • You can create your servers and invite people to join them. Similarly, you can join other available servers or communities on Discord.
  • It allows you to create group chats accommodating up to 9 people.
  • You can also send a friend request to people and add them in your friend list.
  • You can share pictures, video clips, GIFs, etc.

Using Discord, you can share media files effortlessly in Discord from both desktops and mobile. The app is updated regularly to improve the user experience. It also offers a good and user-friendly chat interface with support for GIFs and emojis. The best part of using this app is that it is entirely ad-free!

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how many people use Discord
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Security Features in Discord

For any chatting app, security features are crucial. As far as Discord is concerned, it includes a lot of user customizations in security and privacy. Here are some of the major security features that you will find in Discord.

  • Discord hides the personal data and IP location of users. This is something that you will not find in other VoIP applications. Discord also has an auto-encryption system that protects the user chats.
  • The app is designed in such a way that, in case of sudden server failure, the user is automatically connected to another server. This is to ensure that no data is lost during the issue. 
  • Discord’s backend servers are protected with DDoS. This automatic failover technology can easily handle server issues.

Market value of Discord

For your information, Microsoft Corporation offered Discord an acquisition price of around $12 billion. However, it was turned down by the company as they did with other acquisition attempts.

According to sources, Discord is still in high demand from Twitter, Epic Games, Amazon, and others. 

The company’s last fundraising resulted in $500 million. The current market value of Discord is estimated at $15 billion. Based on the company’s timeline, its market value has grown over the past 6 years. 

Funding statistics of Discord

The company raised a total amount of $982.6 million with the Series H round of Venture Capital funding in September 2021.

Based on reports, 27 enterprises invested in Discord, including Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Future plans of Discord

Since its inception, Discord has expanded its horizons. In 2022 Discord adopted a new slogan “Your place to talk.” Alongside, they also announced their plans of building an all-purpose communication platform. The company made it clear that Discord will no longer be a gaming-oriented app.

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During the pandemic time, the app received a huge influx of users. This included both gamers and other users. 

The report states that Twitter and Amazon have offered $18 billion to Discord, which the company hasn’t declined yet. As far as it is known Discord and Sony’s PlayStation are going to work together starting from early 2022.

The company is also devising new ways to boost its revenue. According to sources, Discord might create a few small video games that will allow users to collaborate with other artists and influencers. Not just that, but they can also purchase different things, and create public events using tickets. They can also take a cut from the earnings. 

Like many other start-ups, Discord also had a bumpy ride in the beginning. The company had to face serious competition from its rivals like Reddit, Facebook, Telegram, Slack, Clubhouse, etc.

The company also had to explain itself to social activists who were bothered about the influence of video gaming on young kids.

How does Discord maintain performance?

One of the many good things about using Discord is that it never compromises the computer’s CPU performance. It rather allows users to play games at the highest FPS rate possible.

It uses a technology called ‘code-splitting’ to ensure efficiency. It loads only the code that is required at the moment. This particular feature enables the app to add languages, update new features, and polish the required features without impacting the performance. You should know that Discord’s servers are distributed all around the world. This allows users to connect to the nearest available server with ease.

Final words

Discord is a unique chatting service that has occupied a strong position in the market. Despite receiving tough competition from its rivals, the app has grown over the years. The current market value of Discord is around $15 billion and it is expected to increase in the future.