Who doesn’t love to have an online community of their own, right? Well, be it a game Discord or a fan service Discord, the options are endless when you come to think of good-quality and interactive servers that you can get hold of. There is an abundance of Discord server ideas that can help you start your online community from scratch. 

Besides implementing the ideas for a good server, you also need to be mindful of the quality of content posted and shared on the platform. Sometimes, this is what makes all the difference. If you aren’t keeping your server engaging and interactive, people will eventually lose interest and move ahead to the next option.

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Game Discord: 9 Cool And Interactive Server Ideas 11


This article will shed some light on the

">most interactive Discord server ideas that you can try out.

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Start with Introductions Channels

9 out of 10 times, every single person on your server or channel is not aware of the other member. This means that when you are part of a community, you need to focus on ensuring ways so that the members can interact with each other and eventually become better aware of their interests, likes and dislikes.

When you include introductions channels, it allows the community members to take that one step ahead towards the engagement to introduce themselves and then indulge in a better outlook of the community. This can also be added as part of the requirement to gain entry into the server. These also ensure the better safety of the community online.

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Game Discord Integrate Voice Channels

Ideal for game Discord, creating dedicated voice channels allows better interaction and keeps the people hooked from the get-go. This is ideal for the channels that have a few multiple sub-niches to work around. This means that if you have a gaming Discord, you can create voice channels for individual games. These can easily skyrocket the popularity of the channel in no time at all.

If you aren’t sure which kind of voice channels you should create, ask the members. There’s no better way to get a clearer picture of things than actually asking the people who are part of the community. They can give you a better insight into what kind of channels they want and which ones are a hard pass.

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Encourage General Discussions

Listen, just because you have a dedicated niche Discord server doesn’t mean you can’t have general discussions. Much like introduction channels, general discussions allow brainstorming and also enable you to have a better outlook on certain situations at the moment. Ideally, we’d recommend that you start general discussions just to facilitate conversations among the community members. It is a fun and interactive way to keep the server hyped and engaged.

Also, if you want to be specific and don’t want the discussions to go out of bounds from the standard, we’d recommend that you specify what kind of general discussions one needs to indulge in. Specifying those sorts out more than half of the problems.

Conduct Events

Nobody wants to be part of a dull community or Discord server. So, why not host events? Events are a fun way to engage in a conversation with other people on the server and even have clear communication. Always ensure that the events are attuned to the kind of niche your server is focused on. Sometimes, all you need to do is introduce these small changes for the best results.

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Also, try and look around the other servers and check out the kind of events they are hosting. This can give you a better idea of what you can do instead.

Make Announcements

Discord servers are like an open, online community where people want to stay informed. And, what better way to stay informed than actually making daily announcements? Yes, they can seem a little annoying in the beginning but trust us, these are amazing conversation starters.

If you don’t want to make general discussions, you can always create dedicated channels for these kinds of announcements to make the process a lot easier and more streamlined. You can keep the members updated about the changes, the kind of new events that you are planning on introducing and so on.

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Assign Important Roles

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If your game Discord or any other niche Discord server is gaining popularity, chances are that it will soon overtake the necessities of you handling things on your own. Managing a large Discord server is not an easy task, especially when you have so many kinds of community members coming in with different interests.

Ideally, we’d recommend that you focus on assigning some of the important roles to different active community members. This can make all the difference in the world. You can assign moderators, different channel managers and so many other roles that you can’t handle on your own.

Engage with Questions

If you want to keep up with the community members and want to gather intel on how they are liking the server and what you can do to improve things, we’d recommend engaging them with questions. One question a day is a fun way to engage with your community on the Discord server. If you don’t get a very good response from the get-go, we’d recommend that you conduct them weekly or monthly too. Those work equally well.

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Keeping up with these questions is an amazing way to keep your audience hooked and make them feel valued in the server or the channel. You can ask about channel suggestions, what works and what doesn’t.

Start a Memes channel

We can’t stress this enough but there’s nothing that works better than memes in today’s world. This is an amazing way for you to allow the members to post their content, their memes and the kind of fun posts that tickle their senses. These can also include GIFs and a whole lot of inside jokes that are fun to play around with. Many people do say that memes are common and not necessary. However, these are some of the best ways to engage with the members.

Since Discord has options for muting, you won’t have to worry about frustrating someone with the memes. If someone doesn’t like something, they can always mute the channel.

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Integrate Bots

Bots can be a little frustrating in some cases. However, when we are talking about Discord channels and servers, bots can come in handy in that case. They can keep your community members engaged and entertained round the clock. These can engage the audience with GIFs, YouTube videos and so much more. The options are abundant.

If you have members who like something specific, we’d recommend that you advise the bot commands accordingly. There can also be a range of multiple bot commands that can work accordingly. So, choose them the right way.

It doesn’t matter if you have a game Discord or other kind, being mindful of the servers can make all the difference. They keep the audience hooked and also ensure to help your community grow without any drawbacks and delays. Be an active contributor to the process because that is what makes all the difference. We hope this article gives you all the insights that you need to start with a successful Discord server.