Discord is a popular app among youth and can be used by teenagers. The app has some controversy around its safety and many parents are concerned with the question: Is discord safe. Since most adults use discord and are comfortable with the app and some prefer to keep their channels and servers private to keep the minors from seeing adult content.

Is Discord Safe

There are a few safety features that can be used by teenagers to safeguard against inappropriate content. Since the average age of a discord user is usually from 20-30 years old, there is more adult content found on the app that is strictly age-restricted. Parents can help their teenagers to use discord safely by teaching them about the safety measures to take while using the internet.

Everything You Need To Know About Discord

Discord is not restricted to the gaming community. Anyone can use discord even if they do not play video games or discuss them on the app. Every topic is represented on discord ranging from music, anime, memes, gaming, etc. these are the most popular categories that are discussed on discord. The app can be used for a lot of reasons such as texting, sharing images, videos, memes, streaming live, etc. All of these features can be used for free since gamers usually screen share and live stream their games, the app gained popularity because of these features.

Age Limit For Using Discord

A user has to be at least 13-years-old to use discord and many servers have restricted the entry in the server in which sensitive content is shared. The content on the app is user-generated so there are all types of content created and viewed on the app. The users have to verify to join the 18+ servers so it is a good measure to alert minors to not join the server.

Privacy and Security Settings

There are a lot of privacy and security settings that can be enabled on discord. You can filter inappropriate content out of your direct messages such as you can automatically scan and delete direct messages you receive. You can see the traffic color-coded system to determine the appropriate content of the messages. You can choose the 3 options given on the safe direct messaging options such as keep me safe, my friends are nice, and do not scan. Users can also report if they see anything suspicious on the app.

You can block direct messages by individual server serves and you can allow direct messages from server members’. The privacy and security option in the user settings section of the app can be used to secure your account. You can also adjust friend request privileges by setting the controls if you want to allow everyone to add you as a friend or friend of friends or server members. You can also view discord’s parental control information. There is also a two-factor authentication that protects the user’s account with extra security. You will be required to enter the password and the authentification code every time you log in to your account on a device. This helps in making the account more secure and keeping the account safe from hackers.

Is Discord Safe

You can block any user if you find their content inappropriate or disturbing. This applies to every user irrespective of their age, you can easily tap on their name and select bloc at the bottom of the menu to block the user. The user that you blocked will not be able to contact you or view your profile on discord.

The best safety tip for teenagers to follow while using discord is to allow/accept the friend requests of the people they already know and not allow strangers. It is a simple yet powerful safety tip that can protect kids from unwanted attention. They can make their own servers with the friends that they already know and play, chat, and stream according to their interests while keeping the server private.

Sharing Pictures And Videos On Discord

As you can share pictures, videos, GIFs, etc., in voice channels and text channels, you can also video chat and share your screen or live stream in direct messages. These features are all available to use online for free on discord. Most adults already know that they have to be careful while sharing any kind of media online. Since teenagers who are new to the app might not know and understand the app quickly, an adult should guide them and teach them how to use the app safely.

Benefits Of Discord

Discord is beneficial for every person who is looking forward to making an online community or wants to be a part of an online community. It can be a modern way to make friends who have similar interests. You can either play games with your discord friends or watch a movie or listen to your music or read a book or discuss your favorite author.

The options are endless as you can find the servers increasing every day with more activity from users who want to communicate with other users. You can create your server and get more discord members to join them by sharing good ideas with members. When you think about this you also think ‘is discord safe’ and it is absolutely safe if you follow the privacy and security instructions.

Is Discord Safe?

Discord’s priority is to keep the users’ data safe and secure. When you have correct security and privacy settings in place, you can use discord safely. Most people use discord for communicating with groups and chatting with people. Discord is also good for people interested in gaming, they can easily find a server discussing their game. They can also make a server and gather discord members to discuss about the game. Since it enables live streaming and video calling, people can get the suspicion regarding the question of safety ‘Is Discord Safe’.

Discord has implemented safety measures such as using artificial intelligence to detect abuse, scams, and phishing. The users can block and report features that are harmful or offensive to any of the users. Moderators are a key part of making the environment of the app safe and the moderators respond to every report while maintaining the users and keeping the harmful users off the platform.