Discord has useful features for free that answer the question ‘Is Discord Free’ or not. It was made to provide a free service for gamers to voice chat, text chat, and screen share with fellow gamers and members of popular gaming clans, guilds, and groups.

Is Discord Free
Exploring Discord: Is Discord Free? 3

Is Discord Free?

Instead of using the voice of the game communication tools, which are often low-quality and lacking essential features, gamers use Discord to play together with their friends. When gamers need to voice chat or use VoIP services, they need to pay for a server or rent a regular game server. Is discord free? Absolutely yes. When gamers/discord users use Discord, they do not have to rent or pay for a server. They can easily sign up and make a server for free. You can use discord on your web browser, PC, tablet, or mobile device.

Discord Web Version Vs. Discord Desktop App Version

The discord desktop app version is user-friendly and can be accessed with a proper internet connection. The push-to-talk and game viewing are enabled all the time, and plug-ins and background data are auto-refreshed and updated regularly. When using the desktop app, you have to download the app from the internet. You need to sign in/sign up after downloading and then you can access your servers and channels easily from your desktop.

The discord web version is identical to the desktop app. The push-to-talk only works if the browser window is in focus and is unavailable while gaming. The web app doesn't require a download and can be used from any computer. The web app runs smoothly in all browsers, no matter what browser you choose to use. The web app is great if you want to minimize your data consumption and not disrupt other tasks on the computer that use data.

Discord Servers And Channels

There are many public servers that are open to all users irrespective of age. There are other servers that allow only 18+ aged users as members. The servers and channels can be made by any discord user easily. Servers and channels on discord are free to use and can be private or public. Public servers can be accessed by anyone and private servers can be accessed with invitation links that are sent by the moderator or the admin of the servers. Discord servers with more discord members get featured and have more chances of becoming a new online community.

Is Discord Free
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Discord Nitro Classic (Paid)

Discord Nitro classic is a paid version of the discord app where users can get access to classic chat perks, but the normal discord’s core features will stay free. Nitro classic has many special perks that can be unlocked after paying a monthly subscription. You can upload a GIF avatar and some animations to your profile picture. You can turn your avatar into a GIF that will make your profile picture look more creative and lifelike.

You can choose your discord tag and customize it however you want. You can also use custom emojis on Discord classic Nitro that you can use in every server or direct message. You can also watch a higher-quality video and share the screen at a better quality. You can also get enhanced streaming quality whenever you go live. The file uploading system can be increased to 50MB. You can upload larger sizes of files more quickly with Discord Nitro classic. You’ll get a Nitro badge that you can show off in your profile that will be visible to all your friends.

Discord Nitro (Paid)

Discord Nitro is another version of Discord and is available for users at a higher subscription when compared with Discord Nitro classic. You can have access to all the features of Nitro classic and get extra perks. This Discord app provides peak support that is the best fit for users who stream high-quality videos daily. The extra perks include doubled file-sharing powers to 100MB upload size with a greater than ever high-resolution video quality.

You can experience a high-quality video when you share your screen and go live streaming at the source. You can get 2 server boosts, a character cap that can be increased to 4000, and a server limit of 200. You can create custom stickers and use them anywhere on discord. You can also personalize your identity and create your server avatar.

Discord Voice Calling and Streaming

Discord allows voice calling and voice chatting with any other user on the app’s server/channel. You can get in touch with your fellow gamers, friends, or community members. You can add friends on Discord by their Discord tag. In addition to your Discord username, you will get extra 4 digits besides your name on Discord. The whole thing is called your Discord tag. You can voice call and stream videos on Discord easily for free.

Discord Texting/Group Chat

When you add friends on Discord, you can directly message them privately or make public chats where you can chat with many Discord users and participate in community group chats. You can enter channels and discuss the topics of that channel with other users and friends. You can create an active server with your account and discuss your ideas on Discord. You can create a community by inviting people to your server and increasing Discord members on your server.

Discord is popular because it has good texting and group chatting servers and channels that are active. You can discuss any topic from gaming to gardening with real users. Discord prioritizes its users' privacy and protects their data so you know that using the app is safe and free.

Discord Screen Sharing and Live Streaming

In addition to all the texting and voice chat options, you can share your screen as well. You can add your friends to your video call and start sharing your screen. You can screen-share from your mobile, PC, tablet, or browser. You need to select the channel that you want to stream in. You can select the screen-sharing icon and proceed to go live when you are ready to share your stream.