Do you have to pay for Discord? Read on to know.

It is nearly impossible for you to play video games without a proper internet connection. With the internet, you need not come across the crowds of the arcade of the group of friends altogether who love gaming while sitting on their couch. They can keep enjoying the co-operation or competition in opposition to the rest of the people in the world.

Provided, online multiplayer games are not a pleasant experience always when communication is the factor to be considered. Leaving your ears open to any random stranger staying far away can be a curse for you as it can cause your headset to burn. But, the experiences like conducting raids or combining tactics with your group mates in shooting games weren’t possible in the era before online chatting. 

do you have to pay for Discord
Do You Have To Pay For Discord? 4

What is Discord?

Discord is a platform that have numerous users from different parts of the world. It is one of those well-known platforms which allow players to connect on the internet. It also allows the friends to connect directly with each other through voice, text, or video and, join different servers where the interaction between greater communities takes place. Gaming is undeniably the main focus on Discord, at some point; the service may even offer free PC games to loyal subscribers before realizing that it couldn’t overpower other platforms.

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However, an online community can get benefitted from the features offered by Discord. There are a lot of services offered on Discord that can make users think about whether you have to pay for Discord or not. 

Discord is a platform that is free to use and you don’t have to invest your real money to get access to Discord. There are many features offered on this platform and most of them are free to avail. However, there is also a freemium version of Discord called the Discord Nitro. 

How can you join Discord? 

There are several ways by which you can connect when gaming online. Discord is successful as it is a great platform. It can be integrated using the Xbox account of the user, and there are other ways why it can be connected to the PlayStation account you have too. However, it is not just restricted to one system, dissimilar to the Xbox Live as well as PlayStation Channel. It is not tethered to any gaming platform but can also strengthen the argument of Discord for non-gaming purposes like chatting amongst classmates or family.

It is very easy for users to join Discord regardless of whether you use it in the free application form that can be followed for macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS. Then, you can also join any server by looking for one, accepting an invitation, or developing your server. A server comprises many channels through which the members of a server can connect amongst themselves through voice, text, and video and by sharing their screen too.  

When you create a channel, they can be sorted into different categories. Channels and servers within the server can be seen on the left-side rail. The complete list of all members on the server can be seen on the right-hand side. Towards the top, you can include friends and message time, search for servers and check if you have been added to a server.

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Any particular server can be used for joining almost 100 servers and the user can get options for adjusting servers from which you want to get notifications. You can also give a different name to yourself for every server that is joined by you. You can try inviting the friends you add from a particular server to another one, even if your friend doesn’t require sharing any particular server for communicating directly. 

Just one server can comprise almost 250,000 members though if there are more than 25,000 members constantly online, the owner should get in touch with the Discord support team for greater server space for avoiding the connection problems. The highest number of groups for any server is almost 50 and the highest number of channels is 500.

Is Discord free?

Discord can be downloaded absolutely for free and you can use it without having to pay. This is the answer for do you have to pay for Discord that is a common question in the minds of so many people who are yet to use Discord. However, users on Discord can get premium benefits with the Discord Nitro version that can be availed in two different tiers.

Discord Nitro Classic is the low-cost tier that can be used by paying only $50 per year and $5 every month. This subscription allows you to even change the user-name of your Discord account, q badge of Discord Nitro for the profile, customize emoticons that can be used even when you are out of the local server as well the ability to change the animated GIFs to emoji and avatar pictures. The video quality can be also seen to improve. The live stream can be done in 1080p resolution at almost 60 fps. The screen can be shared either in 720p at nearly 60 fps or in the resolution of 1080 p at nearly 30 fps. 

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do you have to pay for Discord
Do You Have To Pay For Discord? 5

The most standard version of Discord Nitro can offer all that can be found in the Nitro Classic version along with many added benefits.

Nearly 100 MB files can be uploaded, which doubles the limit of Nitro Classic at 50 MB and a lot higher than 8MB restrictions for freely available servers. Streaming through sources can provide even video quality. Several server’ boosts can be used by you too. When you boost the server enough, it can level upwards and also unlock several features for users who are members of that particular server.

Customized invitation artwork

There are many bonuses like vanity URL, emoji slots, animated icons, features, server banner customized invitation artwork. There are many other features which be availed only by paid users like enhanced video quality and high limits for upload. So, if you are not able to pay, you may be able to receive the high-class benefits if the sense of group on the server has enough potential to make the rest of the members pay for it.

It is added benefit for the Discord users to create kind servers and more suitable to welcome users, not toxic and toxic such as the rest of the spaces consisting of online gaming communities.

There can be other platforms but the user-friendliness of Discord makes it stand apart from the rest. However, there are many ways you can try for communicating online. 

This was all you should know about do you have to pay for Discord. The answer is a no, as you can use this platform free without having to pay even a single penny. However, for using the premium version of Discord, you may have to pay the required amount of extra charges to avail of the added benefits.