The Discord software is a platform for mainly gamers to communicate while they play. As there has been a rise in the scene of social gaming, the need for it has also risen. Having that sense of someone being with you through the game makes it even more exciting.


This is mainly why players use Discord, to play the game together even if the players are worldwide miles apart.

Discord was designed with this type of communication in mind. It was crucial to them as they were building it that it fits in with the game. It wouldn’t be worth anything if it made the game run slower.

This would have only led to the gamers completely abandoning ship with Discord and adjusting to the lack of communication.

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Communication features

From the era of it being used as an app for gamers to communicate through, it became an upper body. The communities present on the application have now increased to include all kinds of fields and areas of interest.

The top popular communities present are gaming based but now the software also includes topics like art, books etc. The hosts have the flexibility to create communities that are free of cost. This has led to the increase of the applications reach over most things.

By providing communication features that are spread across the net, Discord lets the user access them all in one place. Moreover, the ease of use is incredibly good, increasing the possibility of use by anyone and everyone.

Features that the Discord software offers

Talking about the features that Discord provides would take a long time. So here it is in a gist that can be easily understood.

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Communication features

As mentioned, Discord is a chat software that uses different means of communication. These different means of communication includes text messaging, voice calling, video calling, server communication and channels.

discord software

Text messaging, voice and video calling are three means of communication that has become a staple in today’s world. There is a multitude of programmes and applications available on the internet that do these activities alone or in combination.

The only fact that bothers me most about this other software is that it becomes harder to use when paired up with something else. It could drag the quality down and break the communication.

Discord sees to it that it sails smoothly through other applications that run along with it, especially a heavy one such as a video game. This makes the whole calling and texting process with Discord very trusty and good.

In addition to video calling, Discord also allows users to share their screens for improved conversation. This would enable both users to view each other’s screens one by one at their leisure.

discord software

When it comes to servers and channels you might be a bit confused. These are groups of people that are interested in the same topics. It is a form of community that can include just your friends or it can be a public one that includes thousands of people. Here there is an option where the users can even buy Discord members.

It would be the one destination where like-minded people can interact and share ideas. As it has the option for public users to come in, if granted, you can also meet new interesting people through servers and channels.

Other features

A username is required for social networking apps and any other website or software that requires an account. Now, if we type in one and it’s already taken by someone else, we’ll have to come up with something new.

This hassle is taken away by Discord by letting the user keep whatever username they want. The differentiation between users is done using a unique Discord tag that is assigned to each member of the Discord software community.

The Discord tag is added to the end of each username, allowing everyone to have their unique username while keeping the one they like.

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Discord also provides a space for users to purchase upgrades for improving and games. These games would be uniquely put together for Discord to sell to its users from time to time. This would help the game that has been launched easily available to millions of people on the same spot.

Another feature that Discord provides is that wherein the game developers can integrate the games they produce into the software. This would enable easy transition and join of the communication service to the game. That in turn makes it easy for the gamers to establish communication once they are in the game.

All this and more

With so many features granted at our disposal, the creators of the Discord software go even further by providing improvements. They have done it by providing server boosts and game purchasing services among others to improve the quality of interaction. Apart from this smaller purchases can also be done for specialised emojis and stickers on the chatting services.

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Users can also pay to customize their Discord tag to the numbers they want. This would be a step further in getting the perfect username tag for your account.

The account can also be customised with specific profile icons and motion animations. They adopt new and better ways as time goes on to increase the software’s performance.

This ensures that the app is growing with its core features still intact in a better way.

With so many things good to say about the app, it becomes one of the most used and staple forms of communication. From when it was released, up until now, it has only grown to include almost 350 million + users registered.

That means that everyone is enjoying the wide range and features with ease and lack of any issue. It has cracked the way of staying connected over any application with ease. Using Discord can better the means of communication for people, and also help them find communities of like-minded people.

It thus becomes a way of strengthening existing relations through better communication and finding new ones.