Discord is an easy software to work with when it comes to communication. With provision for different kinds of communication, it allows a huge audience to connect them in the comforts of their spaces. You can use the Discord sign up to join in.

Discord lacks a feed that updates users on other accounts, unlike popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Rather, it is primarily a communication platform used similarly like these social media applications.

Discord sign up

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There are features in the applications that let the user privately message their friends and add them to group chats. It also gives an option for the user to be a part of other bigger communities through servers and channels.


The app's capabilities may appear daunting at first, but they are what let Discord become the one-stop space for all types of communication.

It is easily accessible in devices ranging from the simplest smartphone to the fanciest laptops. This range also comes with slit differences in usage, although that can be solved easily.

Signing up onto the Discord family

The signup step is the first and the only essential part of starting one's journey with the application.

The signup can be done easily through any device, although, there might be slight differences based on the Operating System in use.

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That is because there are confusing differences between a smartphone of IOS Operating System and an Android Operating System. The same goes for desktop computers and laptops as both have these two versions available that are used worldwide.

Account creation on mobile phones

When it comes to mobile phones, android or iOS, the first step would be to install the Discord software to start the Discord sign up.

discord signup
Use The Discord Sign Up 4

That is simple to perform on an Android phone by going to the Google Play Store and logging in with your Google account.

Once the play store is open, Discord can be typed onto the search bar on the top edge of the screen.

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Once the Discord app comes up, select the installation option to move forward. That will kick-start the downloading process of the app.

The software is downloaded via the app store on iOS systems. After launching the app, use the search box to look for Discord. When the correct app appears, tap the "get it" option next to the app icon to begin the installation.

Once you have selected the 'get it' option, the application might ask you to enter your Apple ID. You can enter this and proceed to complete the downloading process of the app.

After the installation is done on the respective phones, one can easily start with the Discord signup. The signup process, unlike the installation process, is quite simple. All you have to do now is launch the software you just installed and follow the on-screen instructions.

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The software will first prompt you for a username, which you will need to log in later. Next is to enter the email address in which you will receive updates and information from Discord. And lastly, they will require you to create and enter a password that will help protect your Discord account.

After you've completed this section, you'll be directed to the final stage, where you'll be prompted to enter your birthday. After you've entered that, click Create an Account to finish the Discord signup process.

All of these steps can easily be done by accessing the Discord website as well. 

Account creation on computers

When it comes to creating an account on a computer, the key difference is that the app is downloaded directly from the website.

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Because the Discord website is the only location where you can get the software, this will become common on both Apple and Windows systems.

discord signup
Use The Discord Sign Up 5

It is unnecessary to download the software to sign up for Discord, but you will need it once the registration process is complete.

The account can be created on the website.

On the search bar on your respective browsers, you can type in Discord, and the search will give you the link to the website as the first result.

Access the website by clicking on that link.

After you have reached the page, the option to login onto the application will be visible on the top right-hand side.

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Choose one of the available login options.

Once you've done that, a box will appear asking for your login credentials, as well as an option to register if you're a new user.

To register, select the appropriate option. Fill up the form to register on Discord.

The site will ask you to fill in a username for the account and an email ID to link with for updates.

Lastly, it will ask for a secure password. After entering these three details, you can select continue to move forward. Next, the page will ask you to verify if you are a human with a captcha box.

Check it off and keep working on your Discord account. After successfully joining up, you will get a quick tour of the website, which you may explore and get started.

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The last and final process to complete the Discord signup would be to verify the email ID that you provided on the first signup page.

This can be done by going on to the website for your email ID, accessing it and then verifying the account by selecting the 'verify email' option that has come in the mail.

Once this is completed, the site will ask you to verify with a captcha and that will be the end of the signing up process.

After the signup

After you've completed the profile setup, you can invite your friend to join the account. They can be added to groups with up to ten members, as well as servers and channels. This can also be used to host servers and groups that have Discord members that are bought.

The means of communication available is a lot and you can pick what suits best for your convenience and get on with it.