If you are interested to know how to check the server status by your phone, refer to the post below.  Discord is a chatting platform that provides great fun to gamers. If you desire to know about the present Discord server status, keep on reading the post further. Interestingly, the Discord platform provides excellent features to the users which ultimately attract them and retain their attention forever. 


The individuals are not just allowed to text one another but also get many other features that help to connect more conveniently.

The individuals can call each other through voice call or video call whichever feels more convenient. Keep on reading further to know all the basics of the Discord platform before you start using it to make new friends.

What is Discord?

discord server status

Discord in layman’s terms is a chatting platform that helps individuals to connect. It was initially launched for all the gamers who love playing a variety of games but gradually became popular among the general masses. This incredible platform also allows the users to check by themselves the Discord server status. 

This feature is not always provided in other major platforms similar to the Discord platform. The Discord platform is further categorised into several servers and every server has its own rules, channels, and topics. It is one of the most popular platforms that is considered best for making new friends from different parts of the world. 

No one can ever deny that the amount of engagement one can have while speaking to one another is incomparable to the text messages. However, some people are more textrovert and hence find it easier to chat than to speak. Hence, the Discord platform provides both options to the users so that they can choose whichever they find convenient. 

This platform helps to build a strong game community as it was primarily designed for gamers. Since 2015, this platform expanded its branches and hence included writers, Kpop stans, as well as all the other internet users. This platform became even more popular during the pandemic situation as most of the people started playing video games as well as started to socialize with others. 

How does Discord help individuals?

Discord is an excellent platform that allows like-minded people to connect. It is a chatting platform that proffers many other exciting features to allure individuals towards this platform. The features that this platform offers are not just limited to attracting the users to this platform but also help to retain the attention of the users. A few of the exciting features of this platform are necessary for you to know before you jump to open your account on this platform.

  • Create your server: To begin with, you can create your server on this incredible platform. Discord has a variety of servers and each of these servers will have a different topic, rules and channels. Each of these servers will have like-minded people that allows you to connect with people you feel connected. You can either join any of the servers you so desire or instead create one of your own. 
  • Beautiful friendly interface: In addition, the platform also allows individuals to add hashtags and mentions. They will further be able to switch between the channels and upload screenshots of the game. Aside from this, a variety of GIFs and emoticons will be available to the individuals that they can use when they feel. 
  • Security features: Moreover, this incredible platform despite providing an extensive list of features to the individuals also provides safety and security. Hence, when you use Discord, your IP address is hidden from others. 
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These were some of the key benefits that individuals enjoy while using the platform of Discord. The Discord platform offers a wide range of features and hence the benefits do not end here. There is a long list of features that this platform offers which you will discover as you start using the same. Let us now move on to the next section to understand what the present Discord server status is. So, continue reading the post further to know how to deal with the situation of the server problem. 

discord server status

Is the Discord server down at present?

Well, as per the updates, the server is not down at present. If you are wondering why are you not able to use this platform if the server is not down, know that there can be a variety of reasons for this problem that you are facing while using the platform. At the outset, you might have a serious bad network connection and hence it is advised to reconnect your modem to check if it works and the problem gets resolved. 

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Aside from this, you might be facing this issue because the platform was not updated. If you have not yet updated it to the latest version, you might face the problem stated above. If the problem persists, you can try to switch off the device and then restart it again.

You can also uninstall the app and then again re-install it to check if this works. Let us move on to the next section to know how to check the server status by you. So, keep on reading the post further for your reference and clarity over the same.  

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Can you check the Discord server status?

If you are wondering how to check by the Discord server status, it is quite simple and easy. If you have checked all the other methods and everything else is fine, it is indeed due to the server. Mostly, it is due to network issues that you might find it difficult to load your message and other details. In case, you have set up your router again and the connection of your internet is perfectly well, there is no doubt it is due to server issues.

So, try to check all the possibilities at first and only when all other problems do not exist you can jump to the conclusion that the server might be down. However, it is advised to first uninstall the app once and then re-install it to check if it was not loading the messages due to server issues or because it was not updated. If the problem is resolved by following this step, no worries! In case, it is still not resolved, the obvious reason would be the server problem.  

Discord is a chatting platform that provides a great number of features to users. This was initially launched for the gamers only but with time it has now changed into a platform for all the general audience. If you love making new friends, this is the right platform for you to start making friends from different parts of the world.

Discord will provide much more exciting features as you start using this platform. However, you need to know that it is a platform for people above the age of 18 years only. If you are under eighteen years of age, it is advised to stay cautious as you will be after all a child. 


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