Getting a server that suits your interest is not difficult to find with these top Discord server finders. They have catered to thousands of new Discord users daily. If you are looking for a server that matches your interest, you should go through Discord server finders. Below, we are mentioning some of the top-ranking Discord server finders that you can check out.

Discord Servers

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Discord servers is a Discord server finder where you can find a great variety of servers that you can take ample time to look through. The salient feature of this platform is that one can look for different servers by category. This way, it becomes a lot easier to pick the listings that match your interests.

For example, if you are searching for Free Fire servers, you can click the "Free Fire" category. The filtered-out result page will have Discord servers only related to your query. There are other categories, such as programming, anime, chill, and a lot others. You can also pick with the help of keywords if your interest doesn't match with the category mentioned above.

Promotion Servers

It is another Discord server finder that lets users post a description of their server, due to which other users take a look at these servers and figure out if they are interested in joining them.

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If you are looking for promotion servers, we highly recommend you to search for "promotion" in the search box of the server listing that you are interested in, and then you'll find a range of listings for a look. After joining, you can explore all these posts, and different servers provide channels dedicated to your interests.


discord server finder
Top Discord Server Finder Of 2022 5

DiscordList is a Discord server finder that gives an impressive array of servers that are up for exploring. You can scrutinize each of them to see if you wish to join them. Their interface lets you filter the listings with different categories, and with different keywords. For example, these categories can be languages, anime, programming, pets, etc. These are just some of the categories mentioned. Their easy-to-use website has an amazing user interface and that's why we highly recommend checking out their website and looking for other categories too.

Discord's Discover Feature

You don't always have to go to Discord server finders made by third parties to look for servers that match your liking. Discord itself has rolled out a tool for this, known as "Discord's discovered feature". If you want to access this feature, all you have to do is go to the server list in your client option, and scroll down the list till you reach a compass icon in green color. Just tap the option and a search bar will appear.

Use this option to browse servers either by category or by keywords. You will get a variety of official and famous servers in gaming and other niches. For example, you will get the official Fortnite, or Minecraft server in this search too! Don't restrict it to games and look for servers that are of your interest. You will surely find many such servers.

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Discord Street

It is so far the most popular Discord server finder you'll ever get. The smooth interface and simple UI are something that would leave a lasting impression on you. Every listing you see has its server description, category, member count, etc. This way, without going into depth, you have the details on hand with a glance. The meta-data, server information, etc. is quickly available. It also comes up with a simple filtering system. This makes it easy to sort and filter all the servers that you can find that you were looking for.

Taking an example of custom emotes servers, if you want something in emoji, you can look into the emoji category and check the filtered listings and all the emote servers will be on display.


Another popular Discord server finder, DiscordMe has a gigantic range of servers to offer, with new servers being added to the list all the time. Every server list you pick comes with its description, banner, icon, and category list. It has an array of cool features. For example, it picks a random server for you to have a look at. This comes in handy when you just don't want to explore on your own and let the finder pick it for you. You will get completely new servers for sure.

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If you are looking for a Discord server finder that has a massive following, this one tops the list. It has a huge variety of servers to offer, and one of them will surely catch your interest.

Search by keyword or look for a category and you will find your best fit from both ways. We highly recommend you take a look at their categories. Emotes, and gaming are some of the popular categories.

How does A Discord Server Grow?

Discord, as we all know, is not just limited to games today. Those who write fiction, those who have a cooking channel, or keep a pet; all of them are available on Discord. This platform also has a huge potential to become your next source of income. Here are some ways to make your Discord server grow with more members:

  • Buy discord members: If you have just started on Discord, but have a desire to grow your members, buying Discord members can give your server a big initial boost.
  • Establish a logo: By having a logo, you already set yourself apart from thousands of users out there without having a logo. This is your first step towards making your server a brand.
  • Easy to understand server description: People ignore this part. Ideally, one must spend enough time on the description so that it makes your server stand out from the crowd. It should clearly define what this server is intended for. Do not make the description in haste, as a hasty description may shoo away potential members.