No matter what social platform you use, memes are everywhere, including Discord. Gamers love to make memes out of games. And this is why you have plenty of great Discord memes out there.

The popularity of memes on Discord has given rise to numerous meme servers that circulate trending gaming memes in the gamer’s community and the world. The Discord GIF Picker features make it easier for you to add Discord memes to your chat box.

If you are a Discord user and a meme lover, you are in the right place. We have prepared a list of the

">best Discord meme servers for all meme lovers.

These servers are not only used by Discord users, but also by others. You will find a wide variety of memes on these servers.

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That said, now let’s walk you through the list.

Discord Memes Servers List

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The server names listed below are the best servers for finding Discord memes. Go through the details to learn more about these servers.

  1. Lounge

This is one of the largest Discord servers for memes. It has over 70K members, and they all participate in various giveaways. The top member in the group gets the reward. If you are looking for an active meme server, Lounge is the one for you. 

Lounge is a great place for enjoying and sharing memes. Here you can meet many like-minded people and make new friends.

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It also has a separate “fun” section, which includes several text channels such as media channels, meme channels, art channels, etc.

You can use these channels to share your art, memes, media, and other stuff.

Other important channels on Lounge include the Support Channel, Voice Channel, and Meet-the-Staff Channel.

It is because of these features that Lounge is so popular. It is a friendly and welcoming community where you can have a great time with strangers.

2. Dank Café

This Discord server is ideal for people looking for giveaways, fun events, and memes. This server was created by a group of friends to build a community of people to have fun and have a good time.

Like Lounge, Dank Café also has many great features that make it stand out.

To start with it has many self-roles such as announcement ping, events ping, etc.

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It also has colour roles, so that members can assign a colour to themselves by reacting. Other features include gender roles and age roles.

The best thing about this server is perhaps the media section, where you can share memes, post media, etc. Members can use the Dank Memer Bot to play mini-games, get currency, and play music.

Overall, this is a friendly community, where everyone is welcomed.

3. Cartoon Carnation

This is yet another server that is worth your time.

It is quite different from the other servers on the list. The special thing about this server is that it has a cartoon theme.

Besides that, it has many unique features that you will love.

There are two self-assignable roles channels on Cartoon Carnation. This includes location roles, colour roles, gender roles, etc.

However, some of these roles are restricted by levels which means they will be available only when you reach that level and not before that.

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Unlike other servers, Cartoon Carnation has a levelling system. As you climb levels, you will unlock more features and perks.

It has a section called the “toon lounge.” This is where you get to talk to other members.

It also has a separate meme channel, where you can both share and view memes. Other channels include media channels, selfies channels, etc. The best thing about being part of this server is the Nitro giveaways. For those who don’t know it is like a mini-game, where you compete with other participants to win the nitro.

4. Supreme Dankers

The next best Discord server for the meme is called the Supreme Dankers. This server is mainly popular for the giveaways and the Dank-Memer bot. The advantage of joining this server is that it allows you to trade bot currency, bot items, and server trophies.

There are daily giveaways on this server with money heists. This is one of the biggest reasons that more people are joining this server.

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Besides that, it has a self-promotion channel, where you can promote your servers, social media handles, art, etc.

If you are a creator, you will surely like this feature. It can help you promote your content.

The Dank-Memer bot is the best thing about this server. This section has multiple channels. You can take advantage of the bot to use other memer commands and play mini-games.

This server also has a media section that provides users with their separate channels. They can post media, selfies, art, and other stuff on their channel and also view the content of other members.

The counting area is a fun channel that is unique to this server.

Another feature is the levelling system, which has become common to many servers in recent times. The levelling system is backed by added perks and bonuses. To achieve the additional benefits, you will need to level up.

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5. Dankers Continental

Next comes the Dankers Continental. This is a great server for posting memes and other content that you want to share. You will meet many like-minded people there. The members are friendly and open-minded.

Unlike other servers, Dankers Continental is well-organised, which makes it easier for you to find the voice channels, text channels, and roles.

The server has a dedicated gaming section, where you can easily interact with other gamers. This is a place where you get to meet people from all around the world. You can both connect and play with them.

Besides that, the server also features daily giveaways. This keeps the server interesting and makes more people join it.

Like many other servers, Dankers Continental also has a levelling system.

You will unlock new features as your level increases.

The server also offers booster perks to members who use their nitro boosts to boost the server. Aside from that, you will find many media channels to share memes and other content. 

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6. The Vent

Lastly, we have The Vent, which is one of the biggest Discord servers out there.

Like other servers, this one doesn’t have any dedicated self-roles. You will need to go to the Commands-2 channel to assign the available roles to yourself. The available roles include location roles, age roles, etc.

The server has a separate media section where you can share memes, clips, art, and any other thing that you want to share.

But the sharing feature is only allowed for users on level 10. If you are below level 10, you can only react to the shared content.

You will also find a spam section, where you can spam as much as you want for fun. The list of all the staff members is available on this server. This makes it easy for you to contact them if you face issues with the server. Other features include mini-games, giveaways, etc.

Final Words

All the Discord servers are quite friendly and welcoming.

If you love memes and wish to have a fun time, while interacting with like-minded strangers, you should join the servers mentioned above.