Isn’t it fun to have an engaging and fun platform when you can engage with like-minded people? Well, Discord is just the right place for it. Discord is just the right platform for it. It enables users to engage in an interactive community. However, Discord download is a fun way to join channels that pique your interest and allow you to make the most out of the situation.

However, if you are new to the concept of Discord, chances are that you’d be confused about what it entails and what you can do to have a good time on the platform. 


">beginner’s guide should give you a clear insight into understanding Discord in and out and how you can operate the same without any restrictions.

What is a Server?

When you think about Discord, the first thing that anyone considers is the Server. If you aren’t aware of what it is, a server is an invite-only platform that engages community members on Discord. It provides the users with an interactive platform where the individuals can engage and hang out.

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There are servers dedicated to different kinds of niches, be it for gaming, for a book club or even for sharing recipes and cooking ideas.

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How can One Join a Server?

Since the concept of Discord is still new, it isn’t surprising that not many people are aware of it and what it entails. While you know what a server is, how do you get access to one?

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Ideally, the easiest way to become part of the server is with an invite link. You can click on the + sign and then either create your server or you can end up pasting the invite link to join the server you have been invited to. 

The biggest issue with Discord is that it comes with limitations. This means that you can create or join up to 100 servers only.

How to Change your Avatar on Discord?

Now that you are on Discord, chances are that you want to make your profile presentable. In that case, your avatar needs to be customized. The process is simple but can make a lot of difference when it comes to viewing the platform. Ideally, we’d recommend you follow the steps we have mentioned down below:

  • Start by opening Discord on your web browser.
  • Once you are on the dashboard, you can then navigate to User Settings and click on the Cog icon.
  • From there, click on User Profile.
  • Navigate to the Change Avatar button to change or edit it according to your preference.
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How to Change Your Username?

Besides the avatar, another quintessential element in the Discord server is the username. This makes a lot of importance when it comes to you being a part of the online community there. Here’s what you can do to change the username on Discord:

  • Open Discord on your web browser
  • Navigate to the User Settings and then click on My Account
  • Under that, click on Edit
  • This will redirect you to the username editing page. Change the username according to your preference from there
  • Once done, save the changes you have made
  • You will need to input your password to confirm the change of your username
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How to Install Discord to Your Desktop?

The Discord download process is quite difficult to master, especially if you don’t have the right tools to navigate through. Typically, the installation process is different for MacOS, Windows, etc. So, for your convenience, we have sorted out some of the steps so you can follow them along.

For macOS

  • Open your Macbook and then open your browser
  • Once on the browser, you need to open on the “Download Now” button from there
  • Once done, open Discord.dmg
  • Drag the Discord logo or the downloaded file to the Applications folder
  • This should start the installation process and enable you to use Discord on your Macbook

For Windows

  • Like macOS, you need to do the same with Windows too. Open your browser first.
  • Once you are on the browser, click on and open it.
  • Once the download process is completed successfully, open the discordsetup.exe file
  • This will commence the installation process and you are all set to use the servers on your desktop.
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Tips to Create an Engaging Discord Community

Your journey on Discord doesn’t have to stop with the Discord download. This is where things begin. Building a Discord community is an extremely lucrative way to engage with new people from across the world. It gives you a sense of purpose, not to mention that you can add value to someone’s life by sharing your thoughts and ideologies.

With Discord, building a community is easy, if you know how to create and maintain one. Here are a few tricks for it.

discord download
How Discord Download Can Be Beneficial? 12

Stay Authentic

When it comes to a Discord community, you must stay authentic to the content you are posting. Ideally, we’d recommend posting content that people will engage and connect with. If your Discord is about gaming, stick to the niche. Discord is a niche specific platform, which means that you can’t do random things and expect them to work out for you or the community.

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Don’t Take the Burden Solely

Another important thing that you need to do when it comes to running a Discord community is to assign roles. If you have a larger community of people and managing things is going out of hand for you, assign moderators. Choose from the group and choose the active members who are part of the group for ages. This will enable you to stay true to the group’s identity and allow you to make the most out of the situation too.

Integrate Bots

Yes, you heard it right. Bots are an amazing way to create a thriving and engaging community on Discord. However, you need to do it in moderation and in a way that doesn’t end up pissing people off. There are several different kinds of bots, including GIFs, YouTube videos and even memes and other images. These help keep up the fun and entertainment factor in the server, keeping your community members engaged.

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Conduct Events

There’s only so much written content and regular content that one can engage in. Ideally, we’d recommend that you conduct events instead. These are fun and also bring in new members to the community. Not to mention that they allow your members to get to know each other, win prizes and be grateful for being part of such a vibing community of people.

Understand the Differences

There are hundreds and thousands of Discord servers on the platform. However, instead of trying to mould things according to “what other people are doing”, you need to accept your differences. Try to work on your community with trial-and-error methods because sometimes what works for others might not work for your server.

If you are considering joining or starting a Discord server, we hope this article gives you all the insights that you need to be mindful of. Just ensure that you follow along with the rules of the communities without deterring from it. We hope this article gives you all the answers that you need to get started with after the successful Discord download process.