discord connection issues
8 Ways To Fix Popular Discord Connection Issues 4

Many of us have found Discord fruitful due to the friendly info-sharing system, new updates, and privacy tools that are up for use. If you own a Discord server or heavily depend on one for a daily dose of information on your favorite topic, Discord connection issues can be quite frustrating.

If you are facing such discord connection issues, you may not properly connect upon startup. It may prevent you from sending messages, accessing major content, or having difficulty viewing something already downloaded on the app. You will come across a loop of connecting animation which often takes the space when a third party is trying to connect.

What can be the reason behind Discord connection issues?

When you are stuck with Discord connection issues, it may happen due to some technical problems on the side of the Discord platform itself. It may even happen due to a high volume of traffic, internet connection issues, or some changes in the settings of your device. We cannot ignore data that comes from corrupted apps as they can cause severe Discord connection issues, and can even alter your custom internet settings. However, down below we have listed some solutions that you can try on your tablet, smartphone, or desktop device.

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Here is how you can fix Discord connection issues

discord connection issues
8 Ways To Fix Popular Discord Connection Issues 5

Below we have mentioned some tips, tricks, and shortcuts that have worked in many of the Discord connection issues. You can clear that connecting error message that keeps showing up even after refreshing the page multiple times. These tips will help solve the easiest to most difficult problems one might face with Discord.

Checking Discord status: There are times when there isn't a fault with your device or your internet connection. There is an issue with Discord itself. Many websites are here to show you the current status of Discord at any time. You have no option but to wait for Discord connection issues like these to resolve until Discord has repaired the bugs.

Don't forget to check your internet: Many times, you may forget to look whether you are under the internet range or not. You may be out of range, have weak internet signals, or your internet service might be down. You can check it quickly by opening apps like youtube, Facebook, and others.

Disable the Wi-Fi temporarily: You may not be aware when the Wi-Fi signal goes dead. Even if it is connected, there will be no internet. Disconnect it, use your cellular network, and open Discord. If it is working, surely there is something wrong with the WIFI. You can further go back to connect it to Wi-Fi to check if the Discord connection issues that you faced were due to weak internet or not.

Reopen the app: At times, it is no one's fault. Instead of just shutting down the app, keep clicking the back button until you properly exit through the app. Wait for a few minutes, and then reopen the Discord app. This will create a new connection and this way it will work.

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Update the OS: Your operating system might be an issue. Although Discord connection issues due to operating systems are pretty rare. A system update can surely fix any connectivity issues one might face, apart from making your device more efficient and secure.

Restarting the device: It is a simple but effective fix that works on many technical issues. The connectivity issue is something that can be resolved with this technique also.

Troubleshooting the app: To solve Discord connection issues by this method, you need to go to the Discord app's icon in File Explorer in Windows 10 OS and click the troubleshoot compatibility. This option scans the app's files on your device and tries to fix such issues. However, you can also choose to run multiple troubleshooters for internet connectivity by going into settings, clicking update & security, and pressing the troubleshoot button.

Disable the proxy server settings: There is a possibility that your proxy server may disrupt the connection to Discord. To resolve this, go to windows, and turn off the use of the proxy server in settings. Go to settings, click on the network & internet button, and click on the proxy.

For apple: Settings ->Wifi -> HTTP Proxy -> Configure Proxy

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For android: Settings -> Wifi -> Network name -> Modify network -> Advanced options.

Do you own a Discord server? Why not make it famous?

Did you know that you can make your Discord server famous? Well, it does require time, patience, effort, and money. But all of that is worth it because it brings back a better return on investment of your efforts.

One of the major ways to achieve it is by converting your Discord server into a brand. If you put the time in making an attractive but easy to understand logo, you've already set it apart from many other Discord servers out there.

Another option is to buy Discord followers. Even though it does require you to pay an amount, you can get the benefit of bulk buying because it reduces the price per follower. You will also get a chance to give your Discord the initial boost it deserves to grow.

One must not forget that choosing a topic that isn't covered by many, but which is easy to understand is a tough task to find. However, it isn't an impossible task. You would be surprised to find that many Discord servers are dedicated to ways and means to make Discord servers stronger. Isn't it? Discord connection issues can be a major topic of discussion on such servers.

Another mistake that people make after making a Discord server is that they aren't as active as they should be on the server on different channels. An active Discord server invites more people and you are more likely to receive a big crowd of potential members in no time.