If you have any connection to the online gaming world, you would have surely heard the name of Discord. Many of you must have been curious about Discord account creation. Isn't it? Merely mentioning a Discord member's channel makes every gamer curious. That's why it becomes integral to learn everything about this gaming centred messaging and streaming platform.

What is Discord?

Even though it started as a group chatting platform, Discord has emerged as a place for hangouts by different communities. Unlike other social media and social streaming apps, Discord quickly garnered popularity. Discord account creation happened after it got released for public in 2015. It currently has over 140 million active users each month.

discord account creation
What's The Procedure For A Discord Account Creation? 4

To simply explain it, Discord is a platform that allows members to text each other, share videos, images, music, links, and other things. Here every community you see is a "server", and every server has many text and voice channels. These channels are places where you talk to others with text or voice. In each channel, you can discuss the different subject matter. For example, one channel might be dedicated to Minecraft games, another for sharing the latest footwear, and so on.

One can start their server without paying any fee or join an existing server for free as well. You will find thousands of Discord servers, as Discord account creation is free. If you have an interest in a certain topic, for example, dogs, you can google "dogs Discord server". You will find many servers dedicated to dogs. It is no surprise that the bulk of servers are dedicated to gaming, as the platform was initially targeted towards games.

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Like other apps, Discord lets you message directly to other users. It can also be connected to other apps, such as Spotify and YouTube. Desktop and mobile versions make it user-friendly further. Discord account creation is free, but it also provides a paid option, called Discord Nitro. In the premium upgrade, you get a higher uploading limit, qualitative video and live streaming, custom Discord tag and other such features.

Discord account creation: how to make one?

discord account creation
What's The Procedure For A Discord Account Creation? 5

A Discord account creation is very straightforward. Follow these steps to have an account.

  • Check out the official website of Discord. You will see two options: download for windows, and open Discord in your browser.
  • Click the second option.
  • Enter the username you wish to have, and click the arrow.
  • Complete the captcha code and press enter.
  • A pop up will appear that gives two options: Get started, and Skip. If you want to follow along with their introduction, click the get started option, otherwise, click skip to ignore the introductory part.
  • The last part is to claim your account. Discord will ask you to claim your account by asking you to enter an e-mail id and setting a password. After you are done, press the claim account option.
  • Another pop up will appear offering a free download link for the Discord desktop application. If you are not interested in it, click the x button.
  • The account completion process is still pending, therefore, log into your Discord account, check the confirmation email sent by Discord, click that, verify your account.
  • Discord account creation is complete!

How to change notification settings on discord?

Now that Discord account creation is complete, you will get default settings that you may want to change. Do not miss any moment, modify the server notification settings as per your need, and prioritize what matters to you the most. Below we have provided you with an outline of how to change notification settings on Discord.

  • If you have opened the desktop version, right-click the icon of the server that you wish to modify.
  • Open notification settings and the first option that you'll see is mute. Unlike WhatsApp mutes, here you'll get a notification whenever your name is being mentioned in the chat channels. This way, you will not be bombarded with not so useful notifications, but you will still stay in touch with the current happenings in the chat server.
  • Other options available are:

                        -All messages: Get notifications of all activities on the server.

                        -Only @ mentions: Get notifications only with @your name tag.

                        -Nothing: You won't receive any notifications from a server.

  • Some toggle options at your disposal:

                        -[email protected] and @here: Whenever someone uses these two tags in the chats, you will receive a notification. Once you enable this option, you disable notification from these tags.

                        -Suppress all role@ mentions: If you enable this option, you disable the notifications of @userRole typed in a chat.

                        -Mobile push notifications: Originally, Discord forwards notifications regarding all activities happening to your connected email account. If you disable this option, you disable those notifications too.

  • At the end of the menu, you will see an option to overrule default settings for individual channels only, instead of the entire server. Hover your mouse on the drop-down menu, click the channel you wish to override and check the corresponding bubble for which you want a change in notifications. It allows a person to filter chats and keep things in priority.

How to gain more members on your Discord server?

Discord is gaining popularity because of its rising user engagement. It has become an attractive platform to advertise and earn passive or active income through game streaming. If you also want to go beyond Discord account creation, you must learn how to grow your members.

  • Make attractive server description: No description or less attractive descriptions can shoo away a potential member.
  • Buy Discord followers: With different member packages, one can give their server the initial boost by buying Discord followers.
  • Have an informative title: A title must indicate the purpose of your server. It must be memorable, and with a feel that pushes viewers to become your members.
  • Work on making your channel a brand: Designing a logo, adding a tagline etc. can help you make a difference from the rest. One doesn't need to spend loads of money to make interesting logos.

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