Discord initially started as a voice chat service for gamers. But since then it has developed to become one of the most well-known platforms to host text-based forums and communities. You can find Discord servers for different genres like music, movies, games etcetera. To look for some of the cool Discord servers to join you just need to take a look through all of them.

However, it is not easy always for you to know where you should start your search. Also, for the new users of Discord, it is normal to have confusion about where should they start. This post is going to take you through a few to

">find some of the best servers on Discord you can join. 

How to look for Discord servers? 

how to make a server on Discord
How To Find Cool Discord Servers To Join? 11

Regardless of whether you use the Discord app for desktop or the mobile version, you can look for servers just by taking a look at the menu towards the left of the screen. For opening the official public server directory on Discord, you just need to make a click on the compass sign. On the homepage of this directory, you can find some of the top-rated Discord servers. These servers feature millions of members and are one of the largest Discord servers. 

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One can join any one of these servers or just take a look through other categories offered in the menu towards the left. For browsing Discord servers with a specified range of interests, you can use the search bar as well. If you find anything to match your interest you can click for reading about the server you want to join. You can follow the ways mentioned below to find some of the best servers on Discord: 

  • Another way by which you can find cool Discord servers to join is by using different websites. These websites comprise a plethora of several Discord servers dedicated to different topics such as manga, animal and other fan bases as well as communities. They also list down the best Discord servers for categories such as technology, music, role-playing, memes and movies. 
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  • To locate any particular Discord server you can try scrolling down and browsing the directory with the use of categories and famous tags on the homepage. You can find the categories enlisted in blue colour and famous tags in green. Make a right-click on any topic to see the list of Discord servers relevant to the topic you are looking for. 
  • As soon as your topic is clicked down you can see detailed information regarding each server including the name, reviews, rating, description and number of currently active people. You will also get to see the flag indicating language in which the server functions and an icon of NSFW to indicate that the particular server is only for adults.
  • Another term can also be added to the search bar for searching the servers associated with whatever topic you are looking for. For browsing the reviews of different communities, make a click on the review’s option located towards the top to find the ratings of any particular Discord server. As you find a server of your choice, click on it to join. 
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  • Another place where you can find cool Discord servers to join is not the website itself but the different server finders offered by Discord. The platform has servers for all topics of interest that could be thought of. Any one of these methods can be used for figuring out how to find a Discord server suitable for your interests. Where you can find the Discord servers to suit your preferences actually depends on which method you follow and your personal choice. Those looking for newer communities will be excited to know that Discord has been growing diverse and bigger with every passing day. 

The above-mentioned methods can help you in not only finding your suitable Discord servers but, you can also take part in the conversations you are interested in. 

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What are Public Discord Servers?

Discord is a platform that combines a lot of private and public servers for users to join. For chatting in private, the users may opt for a private server or even send a direct message. But, to find a public Discord server you want to join, there is another way of creating friendships on Discord till you find suitable servers. For helping you in this, Discord also provides a directory that can be searched through for finding different public servers which might be suitable to the topics you are interested in. In this directory, you can find servers associated with music, gaming, science, education, general entertainment, and technology.


The servers enlisted are curated solely by Discord and are of very high quality. The directory can be accessed through the webpage of Discord or the desktop application for Mac or PC. The users can’t get access to this directory feature if they use the smartphone app for iPhone, Android, and iPad devices presently. Here are the steps you need to follow: 

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  1. For accessing the directory of Discord servers, you must open the web app designed for the desktop and then log in to your Mac or PC. 
  2. After signing in, choose the discover public servers symbol located towards the bottom of the server symbols towards the left. 
  3. In the Explore menu, you can search thoroughly and join different cool Discord servers owned by the public. You can make use of the menu towards the left for switching in between different pre-fixed categories, or even make use of the discover communities option in the search option that totals the top for looking for the communities which suit your interests.
  4. When you find a server that you want to join, choose the server card for viewing it. This will also give a preview of different channels as well as servers availed by you. For joining that particularly, choose the join button in the topmost menu. 
  5. As soon as you find your desired server, click on the join option to join the server. 
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Can you use third-party directories?

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The server directory on Discord is a customized list of some of the coolest Discord servers you can join. However, you can’t find all the public servers included in this list. If you want to look for some of the best Discord servers not included in this list, you can take the help of third-party directories. 

Different websites are there which can help you in finding the Discord public servers which can’t be accessed through the official directory. These are inclusive of so many websites which allow you to find different servers based on categories like gaming, music, etc. You can also make use of the search tool.  This was all about finding cool servers on Discord. There are endless servers on Discord and you can find the one that suits your interests. You can follow the above-mentioned methods to find the best servers on Discord. You need to choose that server that matches your interests and preferences. 

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