Discord web application is one of a kind. It supports easier functionalities, and better navigation of the features and enables the users to make the most use of any situation, especially when they are connected to the various available servers. However, the convenience of Discord mobile is something that every user is consistently looking out for. 

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If you are wondering “can you stream on Discord mobile?” well, we have some quick answers for all your queries in this article. Keep in mind that having access to the functionality of being able to use Discord on mobile devices for screen sharing is not just beneficial but also allows other members on the server to see what you want to share. It could be gameplay or it could be a simple TikTok video that randomly popped up.

can you stream on discord mobile
Can You Stream on Discord Mobile? Guide To Know 5

However, since the concept of Discord mobile streaming is so underrated and less talked about, it isn’t surprising that not many know about this feature.

How to Screen Share on Discord from your Phone?

The screen share feature on Discord has been around for some time now and enables the users to make the most out of their user experience while on the platform. However, knowing the step-by-step guide allows the users to make the most out of the situation. For your convenience, we have sorted them out into steps for you to look into.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open Discord on your mobile phone, be it an Android or an iOS device.
  • Once done, join the call that you want to screen share to. Keep in mind that the user doesn’t have to be in a video call to be able to share their screen. You can also share the screen to a server voice channel or a direct channel that includes your friends.
  • Navigate to the bottom of the display and click on “Share Screen”. It looks like a smartphone icon with an arrow on it.
  • The moment you click on Share Screen, a pop-up will appear on the screen as a premeditated warning. This is to alert you that you are sharing your screen on Discord. So, remember that while you share the screen, the users on the other end will be able to view your password or even any private photos that are there on the screen. So, you need to be very careful with whom and what you share online. 
  • Once that is sorted and you have accepted the suggestions on the pop-up, the next thing you have to do is exit the Discord app and go to the app you want to share the video or other information from. 
  • That’s all there is to it. Once you have successfully shared the screen with the server channel, you will be notified when someone joins in to watch what you are sharing. Again, we’d recommend being safe with what you broadcast and with whom you broadcast the same. 
  • Once you are done streaming the content via your mobile screen, you can then navigate to the center of the screen and click on “Stop Sharing.”

Can you stream on Discord mobile?

Now that you know the answer to can you stream on Discord mobile, we have some other bases to cover as well. This includes going live on this platform. This has been a very common query that people have had for years now. And, to answer your question- Yes, you can.

Keep in mind that when you want to go live or stream a game and share it with your community on Discord, the process is pretty much the same as we mentioned in the previous subheading.

You need to share your mobile screen while you are online streaming the game. The steps are similar and enable you to share your game streaming experience with the other gaming enthusiasts on the platform.

However, we’d again like to suggest that you need to practice caution when it comes to streaming or sharing your screen on Discord. It is filled with a range of strangers, all of which you have likely only met on the internet. So, be selective of what you are sharing. 

What are the benefits of using the Discord mobile app?

Even though most people use the web version of Discord, it isn’t even a question if the mobile application is gaining rapid popularity. This is all due to the convenience and ease of use when it comes to the app. Not only do you get access to some exclusive features, but you also get to make the most out of the ease of not having to carry the laptop around when you are trying to communicate with your server channels and community.

can you stream on discord mobile
Can You Stream on Discord Mobile? Guide To Know 6

The benefits of Discord mobile run deeper than can you stream on Discord mobile. You can do so much more.

  • It is accessible

We can’t stress this enough but the primary reason why Discord mobile has gained the kind of popularity that it has is all due to the accessibility. Having a smartphone in your hand allows you to access the latest information without any hassle. You have the ease and comfort of opening your app seamlessly without any kinds of complications along the road. Opening Discord on the mobile app also cuts down the need to lug a laptop around the house.

  • Faster responsiveness

Although Discord web application is rewarding and one of a kind, it comes with a few challenges, especially when it comes to handling the heavy-duty features in the application. Ideally, we’d recommend that you choose the Discord mobile, mainly because of how responsive the different features are. Especially for the functionalities like sharing screen and streaming, these kinds of features are extra responsive on the mobile application, provided that you have high-speed internet connectivity sorted out.

  • Easy Bug fixes

When you have such a popular server-based application like Discord, indulging in regular updates is a must to fix the software issues and bugs. With the Discord mobile, the updates are very rapid, allowing you to make the most out of the situation without any delays or compromise.

Is Discord Mobile safe?

Yes, Discord mobile is 100% safe. If you are worried that you won’t have access to all the features that are available on the web version, you won’t have to worry about that at all. Just keep in mind that you should have high-speed internet, especially when you are streaming or sharing your screen.

Also, when it comes to safety, you need to be mindful of the same. There are good and bad people online. So, trust with caution and share the screen only when you feel comfortable with the people watching it.

When it comes to streaming via Discord mobile, keep in mind that the process is straightforward. There’s not much that you need to do besides indulging in a safe screen sharing and streaming process. We have shared the basic steps involved in doing the same, however, be mindful that you need to focus on a lot of factors that go into running the live streaming process on Discord. We hope this article answers all your queries.