No one can deny that Discord is an utterly famous voice, text, and streaming platform among the gamer community. Even though it started as a hangout place for gamers, it grew to have content from other niches. The biggest Discord server has remarkable popularity today. Let's learn everything you need to know about Discord servers and which one is the biggest among them today. We will also understand how you can grow your Discord server.

biggest discord server
Biggest Discord Server Ever Found On The Internet 4

What Is A Discord Server?

To explain simply, Discord is a group chatting app, specially made for gamers. It has some features that set it apart from other trending social media apps. Discord lets its members message each other. Here, every community is called a "server".

These servers have a voice, and text channels (which means that they can talk to each other using audio clips or using text messages). Apart from that, you can share videos, links, music, etc. The biggest Discord server on the internet belongs to the gaming server, although it can change over time.

Fortnite Official

When talking about the biggest Discord server, Fortnite Official will be on the top of the list. Founded in 2017, this server is based on gaming and has over 342,000 members. This number is further poised to grow.

This staggeringly high number makes it the biggest Discord server ever in the world right now. Here, members discuss Fortnite and learn about new clues from others in the game. One can find several new contacts, and competitions with the Discord server. In 2021, Fortnite produced a soaring $2.4 billion in revenue. Therefore, one can understand why the Discord server of Fortnite is the biggest so far.

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With over 250,000 members in one of the biggest Discord servers ever, Slippy is a social, meme-based server. However, nobody knows when it was founded.

The group has used a modified version of the Pepe the frog meme for its icon. But, slippy is also a frog character in the Star Fox video game. What's more interesting is that even though it is an all-purpose server with memes, jokes and emotes, it is still mysterious to outsiders. One can get into the server easily, but surviving in the group without being banned is a tough task.

Last Day On Earth: Survival

With over 190,000 members, this server is based on mobile gaming. Founded in 2021, it may not be the biggest Discord server, but it is no less in terms of popularity.

Sharing a rank with one of the most popular mobile games, this is the official Discord server of the mobile game Last Day On Earth: Survival. This game lets people experience a fictitious zombie apocalypse, and here the players will fight for the undead and humans in the game.

The Discord server here lets people share some basic tips, tricks, and information on some features that lets them advance in the game. Here, members are also rewarded for in-game experiences. Operators conduct regular contests for the members, which further makes this server and the game popular.

With over 175,000 members, it is another gaming-focused Discord server that was founded in 2021. You will see that Discord is primarily focused on gaming only.

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Free giveaways and prizes for easy tasks are what attract a massive following for any platform or brand. The same goes with the Vast is a marketing group, more like an intermediator, that connects customers and producers of the video game industry. All the members get a chance to win different samples of the latest must-haves and tech items in gaming. Some of the previous giveaways were Bluetooth headphones, gaming computers, gaming mike, etc. All the members discuss eSports, and other multiplayer games, which brings them on top for potential winners of these giveaways. Not only this but Vast. gg markets different gaming geeks on YouTube and other channels, by sponsoring their giveaway contests and bringing different prizes in their name.

What makes a Discord server popular?

biggest discord server
Biggest Discord Server Ever Found On The Internet 5

If you look into the biggest Discord servers, you will see gaming as the dominant niche. However, it doesn't mean that you also need to start a gaming server as it is popular. Discord welcomes all kinds of niches on its platform, and there are other examples with a large number of followers. Anime Soul WLA, MEME Jesus Mafia, FN Pro League, Team Atlantic Scrims, and others are quite popular non-gaming Discord servers on the platform. If you also want to make your server grow, here are some tips that you must follow:

  • Be active in your community: Be it any server of your membership, it must always be active, doesn't matter if it is a private or a public hangout server. Contribute by being active, and by having regular conversations with other members. The Lounge Channel is one such popular server where people can talk freely. Make sure you keep participants active and stay active in a Discord server to make it popular.
  • Buy Discord members: Buying Discord members is easier than ever. One can choose to buy as per their budget and need. Be it 50 or be it 4000, you can purchase Discord members in any range. For bulk purchases, you can contact the purchasing services directly. If you have other social media accounts parallel to your Discord server, you can avail of such services for other platforms too. Buying a Discord server helps give your server the initial boost needed to make its popularity easier.
  • Server focused on a subject everybody likes: Although Discord has all kinds of members and audiences, you need to pinpoint what exactly can persuade these members to join your Discord server, of course, that should match your interest as well. Choose a topic that isn't around Discord much, but has the potential to grow due to its simplicity. The topic must be unique, but easy to understand at the same time.

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