Discord has turned out to become one of the most popular social media platforms used by people to chat while they play their favourite games. The players can keep chatting with their friends, family and other group members. Many people use the Discord platform and they want to know are Discord servers free

are Discord servers free
Are Discord Servers Free? 4

What is Discord?

In simple words, Discord is one of the simplest ways for communicating with friends through video, text and voice. For those who have to experience any kind of issues in the workplace, you must choose the Discord platform that aims mainly at gamers and offers a lot of added features. Multi-platforms are there that can be used anywhere you are. It can be downloaded free on Mac, Linux, Windows, and iOS and Android.

It can be used directly in a web browser even if you don’t want to download it. So, you just can’t use it while gaming, but also can be in touch whenever you are out. It allows friends to chat individually or in a group through any particular server. It can be used for sending messages directly to friends, having video calls amongst themselves, voice-chatting and screen sharing. 

When you are on the server, a channel of voice chat can be joined to talk to various gamers who play a particular game. Discord is highly focused on its users and can be used as both public and private just the way you want to use it.

Discord allows you to decide whom you block, people who can join servers created by you, the servers you want to join, people who can send direct messages and who can be added as your friends. 

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How to use Discord?

The very first step you need to follow towards using Discord is downloading it on the desired device. After downloading the application, you must get registered to create an account. It is completely worth noticing that Discord is completely free to use.

You can use it for free. When you set up an account on Discord, you must make use of a very strong password and set up two-factor authentication for protecting your account so that no one else can use it. Discord offers an in-detail guide about setting up two-factor authentication for the application. 

After logging into your Discord account, you can get access to a varied range of various options from the settings menu. Tap on the cog symbol towards the bottom-left side of the screen and all settings can be changed. This also includes options such as authorized apps, privacy settings, video and voice settings, key bindings etc.

If you want to remain secure online, it is recommended for you to look at privacy settings first. Then, Discord can be used for scanning direct messages and stopping anything inappropriate from entering your device. 

Those who use public servers can also get an option of disabling the settings that enable the members of the server to send unnecessary messages or include you in their friend list. 

What are Discord Servers? 

Discord servers are places that can be used for free by people to chat regarding games or make use of voice channels to talk amongst friends while they play their desired games. You will find a wide range of servers on this platform.

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For example, the game developers mostly have their servers functioning four games so that gamers with similar interests can need together to discuss the game while making new friends. You can find several clans, groups and communities of people who have a Discord server of their own. Now, you must be willing to know are Discord servers free or not. 

Is creating a Discord Server free?

It is free for the users to create a server on Discord. If you get the option of creating a server of your own you can also invite your friends to your server. You need to follow the steps mentioned below to create a server on Discord: 

  1. Sign in to your Discord account.
  2. Click on the symbol showing a green plus located towards the left side and select the creative server option.
  3. After creating the server you may click on the plus icon located beside text channels as well as voice channels for adding new channels.
  4. You can also see a drop-down menu towards the top under the name of the server where you are allowed to access all server related settings.

Server settings allow you to perform many actions. You can also create different roles for the group members, such as setting up different admin controls for reliable friends.

Different moderation levels can also be set for stopping new users from spamming by text chat or sharing inappropriate texts. Many customized emojis can be added apart from creating a widget on the server that can be shared anywhere else.

are Discord servers free
Are Discord Servers Free? 5

After you create your Discord server, just make a right-click on voice channel and click on invite to send it to your friends by creating a link to help other users who join the server you have created.

Tick the expiration date, the highest number of users and also the membership agreement to ensure you know who is joining your server. 

Text channels on Discord 

The text channels on Discord can be used for different kinds of things. You can use them for any general purpose, for discussing particular games, organizing gaming sessions with family and friends or just sharing the things you find online. 

Voice channels on Discord 

Voice channels are the chat rooms used for purposes of VOIP. Dropping in a channel and talking with friends with the headset and enjoying a good time is worth remembering the fact that the server can give you different controls based on whether or not you created that server.

Simple things can also be done such as increasing or decreasing the volume of another user in the voice channels just by making a right-click on their name and making adjustments in the volume slider.

There are different options for muting, kicking, banning and other options if the option is set up and there are suitable privileges.

When you are on the server, there are options for muting and deafening yourself to avoid being heard or hearing other users whenever you need silence. As an alternative option, it also has an AFK channel when needed. 

Go through the rules 

To create a Discord server you must be wanting people to show a particular behaviour and to ensure this, you must create a channel for rules. It is possible to make sure that new members go through all the rules before doing anything more. 

By now, you must be sure of the fact that Discord servers are free. Are Discord servers free is a question asked by so many regular users on Discord. It is completely free for a user to create a channel of their own or join a channel created by some other user. 

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