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How to contact Instagram support - things to know 19


From ordinary users who use Instagram to share with others, to influencers, brands and celebrities…. All have contributed to Instagram’s has reached the milestone of more than one billion users . We all love to engage, follow and be followed, share posts from our daily lives and more. But, there is another side to the coin. With so many users, the security issues and some other activities also grow at the same time. There can be many instances when you want to contact Instagram support. Be it a hacked account, irrelevant content, spam or other issues, going to support is what comes to mind. But given the high number of users, it is almost impossible for Instagram to reach user complaints with a human touch.

According to reports, almost every user tends to contact Instagram support once a year. That number seems pretty easy to manage, right? Well, it isn’t! Assume that Instagram has a fixed user count of one billion over the course of the year, although there are far more than that. Now, if each user checks in once a year, the number is 2,73,726 requests per day.

So how do you contact Instagram support? Well, Instagram has successfully created robust support solutions that can answer almost any query posed. Let’s take a look at how you can resolve your query. But before we proceed, there is one thing you would like to know. That is, if you are an influencer or have a verified account on Instagram, chances are you will get a faster response. Now let’s take a look at the ways that can help you!

Contact Instagram Support – Quick and Easy


Consider submitting a support ticket on Instagram using the steps below.

  • Visit help.instagram.com
  • Search for Privacy and Safety Center on the left side
  • Click Report Something
  • You will find a list of issues. Select the one you are experiencing.
  • Then click on the „Report“ option.
  • You will be prompted to fill out a form and then click Submit.

Alternatively, you can perform this process directly from your mobile application. However, the options there will be fewer. The steps to contact Instagram support from the mobile app are listed below.

  • Open your profile in the mobile app
  • Click Settings in the top right corner
  • Scroll down and press Support
  • Then select the „Report Problem“ option.
  • From here, you will get step-by-step instructions. Proceed accordingly and submit your request.

Be aware that it may take a very long time to receive a response to your request. One of the reasons is, as mentioned above, the huge user base. On the other hand, tickets of a new profile are not considered a priority issue by Instagram. Unfortunately, it can be said that Instagram is known for its alluring photos, but not for its support.

How to find quick help?

Well, you tried to contact Instagram support but didn’t get a response? Don’t worry about it! Instead, there are other ways that can help you resolve or answer your query much easier and faster.

Instagram doesn’t have a great support system via online chats or one-on-one conversations, though, and that’s understandable. But they are aware of the issues their users might face and have set up a help portal, i.e. help.instagram.com. Contact this portal, type your problem above, and hopefully you will find an answer that will satisfy you.

Alternatively, you can try your luck by notifying Instagram’s Facebook or Twitter page. In addition, you can also post a question on Reddit @ r/Instagram.

Contacting people via Facebook Ads account – A quick-witted solution


If you are someone who spends handsome amounts of money on ads, you surely have an active Facebook Ads account manager. Consider submitting your request through this portal. You’re more likely to get a quick response, as it’s in Facebook’s best interest to keep its users happy so they spend more money.

Contact Instagram support – do email and contact number work?

Well, there used to be an email support from Instagram, which was [email protected]. However, it is no longer there as it returns with a message telling you to visit the help center as this channel is no longer supported.

650-543-4800 is the contact number for Instagram. However, you will not receive a human response as the system is fully automated


Types of issues that can be reported on Instagram


The following are the points you can proceed with to request support


  • Impersonation accounts
  • Accounts hate
  • Hacked accounts
  • Minor children
  • Private information exposed
  • Abuse & spam
  • Exploitation
  • Self harm
  • Other ( If your issue happens to be something other than those listed, you can choose this option to proceed)

Secret Instagram support that many don’t know about


Instagram has a hidden feature to help those searching for posts with words or hashtags like #depression, #anxiety and #suicide. The social network, once considered the most damaging to young people’s mental health, offers tips from psychologists on how to calm minds to a direct channel to contact volunteers at the Center for Valuing Life (CVV).

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The app warns that this type of content often encourages behaviors that can harm the person and even lead to death. „If you’re going through a difficult situation, we want to help,“ the social network explains. You can access the feature through both the app and the web version of Instagram.

You can access this help by opening Instagram, then clicking on the magnifying glass and searching for the hashtags #anxiety, #depression, or #suicide.

I hope this post helps you contact Instagram support and resolve your query. In the meantime, you can also check websites like Quora to interact with users and find a solution to your Instagram problem.

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